Looking for Best Digital Camera under $100? Here They Are!

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Taking pictures has become an eminent part of our lives, isn’t it?

With the surge of social media services like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr dedicated only for pictures and images, it has become practically important to capture high resolution and color rich pictures.

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In such situations, our smartphone does the work of capturing pictures immediately; without any hassles…

…however no matter what smartphone you use, its image quality doesn't have a chance against the clarity and color depth of an entry level digital camera too.

Equipped with a better lens and good amount of features, a smartphone camera is no match to an actual entry level digital camera.

Though we’ve witnessed major drop in Compact cameras and DSLR sales in the past two years… however owning a digital camera has benefits of its own.

Smartphone Camera v/s Compact Cameras

  • Camera lens featured in entry level smartphones are pathetic and fail to offer a better looking image. To get a better smartphone camera; you need to invest in a smartphone that costs well over $500. Whereas you get the same image quality from a Point-and-Shoot Camera that costs 5 times less.
  • Since most smartphones have poor battery life when it comes to taking pictures and videos, you are bound to lose lot of juice when you’re on a picture-clicking spree. In such scenario having a dedicated compact camera helps.
  • Since pictures happen to take considerable amount of space on your smartphone, you are bound to run out of memory very quickly. This tends to be a problem when you’re out on holidays with your family and you keep on loosing battery and memory space on your smartphone. With a dedicated digital camera, you don’t have to worry about storage as you can carry two-three memory at any given time.
  • Most smartphones have an average lens and are up scaled to take larger resolution image via software. This results in blurry and noisy pictures. For a point-and-shoot camera you have a larger lens that can capture images at 20MP resolution that too under price range of $100.
  • No optical zoom whatsoever in a smartphone. No matter how clear a smartphone can take pictures, lack of true optical zoom will always keep digital camera a step ahead compared to smartphone camera. Optical Zoom allows lens inside your point and shoot camera to move and take high resolution picture rather than cropping the digital image as what smartphone cameras do.

No matter what; smartphone camera is quick when you want to take selfies or click pictures of an adorable cat on the sidewalk; however when you’re on a holiday spree or travelling to your favorite destination, Compact cameras helps to capture those memories in high resolution.

Top 3 Best Digital Camera under $100

#3: Nikon Coolpix S33

The Coolpix S33 may not win any design award or take everybody by storm with its toy like look, however it packs a punch.

Marketed as a Waterproof, Shockproof and Freezeproof camera, it is targeted at kids who happen to be careless while clicking pictures using your expensive smartphone.

Best Digital Camera under $100 - Nikon Coolpix S33

Though meant to be used by everyone, the toy like look and curvy design makes them ideal for kids.

Specifications wise it comes with a 13.2 MP CMOS sensor and 3x Wide-angle Nikkor Zoom Lens.

It happens to have oversized button, making it easy to use underwater and allowing kids to press right buttons without fidgeting much.

It comes in two colors: White and Blue.

Best Digital Camera under $100 - Nikon Coolpix S33 back

At the top you have two shutter buttons: One to click pictures and other to start recording videos instantly. The flash module too is situated right above the lens, this helps the kids to not accidently keep their finger on flash while firing it.

Nikon claims it to be waterproof up to 33 feet, Shockproof up to 5 feet and freezeproof up to 14 F. Check full review of Nikon Coolpix S33.

You also have an underwater face detection mode, that detects face underwater and automatically clicks pictures.

“With cheeky looking user interface, Nikon Coolpix S33 isn’t the ideal compact camera for you; if you’re an adult. However if you have young kids and are planning for a holiday trip, it happens to be the worthwhile gift for your offsprings.”


#2: Canon Powershot Elph 160

Personally I’m a big fan of Canon’s Powershot range of cameras. They happen to be class apart; when it comes to point and shoot cameras.

Let’s find out if Canon Powershot Elph 160 happens to be the best digital camera under $100 price range.

If the above mentioned compact camera was for your kids, then this one is definitely for everyone out there.

Best Digital Camera under $100 - Canon Powershot Elph 160

Available in four colors: Red, Black, Silver and White; the Silver edition happens to look sleek and total bang for the buck.

Design wise you have a practical compact camera that’s easy to hold and at the same time lightweight too.

You get a big 3 inches LCD at the back with regular set of buttons like the D-pad, Video Record, Help and View Pictures.

Best Digital Camera under $100 - Canon Powershot Elph 160 back

Technical Specifications wise you get a whooping 20 MP lens combined with Canon’s own home grown DIGIC 4+ Image Processor.

It allows shooting 720p HD Videos at 30fps and offers 8x of optical zoom.

Unlike most recent entry level compact cameras, you don’t get viewfinder and hence the LCD is your best bet while taking pictures.

Having used Canon’s Powershot range of cameras, I can assure you that they happen to stay in one piece even when accidentally dropped off from waist height. Do check out its full review by clicking here.

However you might want to invest in a good Carrying pouch to avoid damaging its plastic body and getting scratches on the lens. ​

“Canon Powershot Elph 160 is an incredible example for an entry level point and shoot camera. Even being priced under $100, you don’t have to compromise on important features. You definitely get what you pay for.”


#1: Samsung DV180F

Last month (December, 2015) I went for holidays with my friends and found myself only clicking selfies. Very few moments I found taking pictures via the primary camera.

It made me realize how important the front camera on a smartphone has become, and selfies allow you to be in the pictures that you click.

Though most front cameras within budget phone have terrible image quality, hence why not buy a compact camera that solves this issue and helps you take breathtaking selfies.

Best Digital Camera under $100 - Samsung DV180F

The camera I’m talking about is Samsung’s DV180F that has realized the current trend and now allows us to take selfies easily.

Though having specification of every other compact cameras like 16MP lens, 5x Optical Zoom, it also offers two exciting features like Wi-Fi connectivity and a small 1.5 inch LCD screen right next to the camera lens.

Launched back in June, 2015; Samsung DV180F offers you two screens, a large screen at the back and small screen at the front, this makes it easy to take 16MP resolution images at an instant.

At the top you have a small physical button that allows you to instantly switch from back to front LCD.

Best Digital Camera under $100 - Samsung DV180F back

With the inclusion of Wi-Fi, one can easily share images on your social networking sites at an instant.

With Samsung’s SMART App you can synchronize your camera to display pictures that you’ve taken on your smartphone.

There are definitely tons of filter and other features that this camera is offering that you should definitely check on its product page.

“Going with the current trend, Samsung definitely has the right kind of compact camera for the masses. This won’t hinder their love for selfies and make holiday season great fun.”



Compact Cameras are still a brilliant way to take high resolution images at any given time.

With an easy to use interface, they happen to be a fierce competition for poorly made smartphone cameras.

$100 is an ideal price, if you’ve been using smartphone camera for a very long time and need to taste the clarity of a real camera.

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