10 Best Ice Cream Makers 2018: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Best Ice Cream Makers: Going out and paying a few bucks for an ice cream is easy, but let’s face it, quality ice cream is an expensive affair. Especially if you are one of those with a palate for gourmet flavors. For many of us, homemade desserts are the way to go when we want something truly decadent and fulfilling, be it something as simple as baking a fresh batch of cookies or whipping up delicious cakes from scratch. But ice cream is the word we have on our minds when we think about what everyone, from elders totots, loves to eat the most to beat away the blues. Here in this masterpiece we will have a look on 10 best Ice Cream Makers 2016 which are available for sale.

Making your own ice cream requires time, skill, and patience. While the store-bought stuff may seem to be the easier bet, quality ice cream can be made from scratch in your very kitchen. What’s best is that you can tweak the texture and flavour combinations according to your own liking. Making your own ice cream is also a pretty impressive feat, and you can wow your guests when they come over for dinner expecting a dessert that feels more like an afterthought. In short, ice cream is fun, and the perfect platform to showcase your creative talent. And here lies the importance of the ice cream maker, a nifty machine that helps you make the perfect ice cream.

But it is important to pick out the best ice cream maker for your home from among the loads available on the market. Some of the machines take up a lot of space in your kitchen (the best ice cream makers are usually bulky, thanks to all that tech going on), and some may be priced reasonably but don’t deliver in terms of the final result. So here we have compiled a list of the best ice cream makers that can aid you in your perfect frozen dessert endeavour.

Best Ice Cream Makers Reviews

Best Ice Cream Makers Reviews 2018

We have listed some of the very best ice cream makers 2018 below after considering these factors thoroughly. Think about your budget and requirements to make up your mind and read on.


Ice Cream Depot Automatic Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

One of the best ice cream machines on the market, this restaurant quality machine does not require users to pre-freeze the bowl before use, which means you just have to prepare your mixture to get commercial quality ice cream with your own choice of flavour combinations. Additionally, it sports a build that is less bulky than most other ice cream makers that promise quality processing. The Ice Cream Depot Automatic Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker also takes very less time to make a batch, and it is super easy to clean. Additionally, it requires minimum upkeep for the ice cream that has already been made as it has the capacity to keep things cold for hours afterwards. A completely automatic machine, it allows you to make soft-serve ice cream, frozen yoghurt, smoothies, slushes and more.

  • Can make up to 10 servings in as little as 15 to 20 minutes. Harder consistencies can be achieved by freezing the product further.
  • Easy to assemble and get started with your own ice cream within minutes. Includes a 20 pack starter kit of various flavours to get started.
  • At just 12 inches in width and 15 inches in height, it can fit on your counter with ease

  • Can only produce a fairly small quantity in a single batch

All in all, the Ice Cream Depot Automatic Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker is a great choice for those who like their desserts quick and cold.

Espressione Gran Gelato Metal Ice Cream Maker

Another favourite with users, the Espressione Gran Gelato Metal Ice Cream Maker is perfect for those who love their gelato. Gelato is different from regular ice cream in that it contains less air than the former, and the mixture consists of more milk than cream. This particular ice cream maker has an “autorefrigerante feature” that allows users to prepare amazing home-made ice creams within a span of 40 to 50 minutes. Its powerful compressor can reach temperatures up to – 35 degrees, which means you can pourin your mixture even while it is hot, thus saving valuable time.

  • Comes equipped with a digital LCD display to indicate the temperature and time
  • Large 1-litre capacity
  • Has a built-in compressor with ozone-safe R134A refrigerant which can reach temperatures up to – 35 degrees
  • Can make sorbets, ice creams and frozen yoghurts besides gelato

  • Requires more time than most other models

The versatility of the Espressione Gran Gelato Metal Ice Cream Maker makes it a hit with those who have used it. The relatively affordable price is an added bonus.

Polar Swirl Compact Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Being a commercial grade product, this one is on the expensive side. But the Polar Swirl Compact Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine is a hit with homes too. Its large capacity makes it a great performer during bigger gatherings and parties. Moreover, it is extremely easy to handle. The high-powered compressor lets you servesmooth and delicious dessert of your choice, be it gelato, soft serve, or frozen yoghurt, to your guests in less than 20 minutes. The machine is sturdy and comes with a 3-year warranty on the compressor and 2-year warranty on all other parts. It is one of the fastest and best ice cream makers for sure.

  • Large, 7 quart capacity for big gatherings
  • Super easy to operate
  • Makes different kinds of frozen desserts in just 20 minutes
  • Can continue to produce about 17 quarts of product per hour
  • Easier to store in your kitchen than most other commercial ice cream makers

  • Steep pricing
  • Not portable

The Polar Swirl Compact Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine is for those who like experimenting with different flavours and treat their guests with them.

4 White Mountain Electric Ice Cream Maker

The White Mountain range of wooden ice cream makersare for those who like to make ice cream theold fashioned way. Not only will this one add a vintage appeal to your kitchen due to its wooden exterior, but it will also let you choose from a variety of ice creams, gelatos, and frozen yoghurts to make. Its sturdy build and ease of usemakes it a worthy investment for your home. It is ideal for large gatherings and parties thanks to its fairly large capacity. Keep in mind that this model needs to be treated with rock salt and ice before putting in your mixture, so added preparation is a must. It is arguably the best ice cream makers to buy right now.

  • Prepares fresh, homemade ice cream in about 30 minutes
  • Powerful motor (12,000 rpm) that does not threaten to fail.
  • Stainless steel canister for longevity and ease of cleaning; dishwasher friendly parts.
  • Beautifully rustic design with durable wooden blades

  • May require extra freezing for better consistency
  • Needs preparation before hand.

The White Mountain Electric Ice Cream Maker is for those who like to combine functionality with a touch of old world charm. It’s great to show off at parties too.


Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

The Breville Ice Cream Maker is one of the best on the market, simply because of its powerful motor and the varied hardness settings. This machine is capable of automatically sensing the desired hardness of the finished product. All you have to do is choose exatcly how you want your ice cream to turn out by selecting from 12 different settings divided among sorbet, frozenyogurt, gelato, and ice cream. You can even choose to mix in manual mode. The self-freezing compressor takes about 10 minutes to chill before putting in your mixture and its powerful motor can churn out the perfect frozen dessert in about 40 to 50 minutes. It is also capable of making a few batches one after the other without facing any issues. Just make sure to follow the instructions well to ensure your favourite ice cream turns out in the best way.

  • Extremely easy to use with just a push of a button.
  • Powerful motor that does not fail after a few uses; also very quiet.
  • 12 different hardness settings to choose from.
  • Can perform in manual mode.

  • Makes smaller batches (upto 1.5 quarts), so can not be used for gatherings.

The Breville Ice Cream Maker combines commercial grade settings with the ease of use of a simple household machine. The end result? Perfect, delicious, ice cream in your favourite flavour.


Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

Cuisinart is a trusted name when it comes to ice cream makers. The ICE-100 is one of the best on the market due to its fully automatic nature and upgraded features that seem to be well-thought out. The Cuisinart ICE-100, like all the other machines listed above, is very versatile; so it is easy to choose from a variety of frozen desserts. The compressor is of commercial strength, which means you can churn out two or more batches one after the other without running into problems or motor failures. It also comes with two different paddles, one for gelato and another for ice creams. When the countdown timer expires, the Keep Cool feature begins automatically to ensure continued perfectionin consistency. For these features it deserves to be added in this exclusive list of best ice cream makers 2016.

  • Fully automatic ice cream maker.
  • Countdown timer can be set between 10-minutes to 60-minutes.
  • Touch Control Panel makes it easy to enter settings.
  • No need to pre-freeze the bowl before use.

  • Makes only a small batch at a time (upto 1.5 quarts)
  • May require added freezing.

A great choice for domestic purposes at a relatively lower price.

Gourmia GSI-200 SleekServe Automatic Ice Cream Maker (1.6 quarts)

TheGourmia GSI200 Stainless Steel 1.6 Qt SleekServe Automatic Ice Cream Maker is another option to go for if you want good quality ice cream with minimum effort. This ice cream maker is equipped with a built-in compressor along with a superior churning technology in order to make healthy and flavourful ice cream from fresh ingredients. But like many of the best ice cream makers listed here, your options are not just limited to ice cream. You can experiment all you want with low-fat recipes based on yoghurt or some fruits of your choice, but theGourmia GSI-200 will churn out the perfect consistency in almost no time. You can even opt for non-dairy bases to make a frozen dessert to suit your requirements. Moreover, theGourmia GSI-200 is completely automatic and requires no pre-freezing. The sleek design also makes it easier to store in your kitchen. If you want to churn out more product than its 1.6-quart capacity allows you to, then you can opt for theGourmia GSI-400 2.2 quart SleekServe Automatic Ice Cream Maker instead.

  • Enjoy perfectly full flavoured ice cream in under 50 minutes
  • Stainless steel design makes it ultra durable.
  • Really easy to clean.
  • No pre-freezing or manual mixing required.
  • Fuss-free operation.

  • Some reviewers have complained about motor failure after a few good uses.

According to some reviewers it can be beneficial to the first time users.

Whynter ICM-200LS Stainless Steel Ice Cream Maker, 2.1-Quart

This particular ice cream maker is a worthy investment if you want to make great ice cream at home with minimum fuss. Not only is it extremely easy to use, but the Whynter ICM-200LS Ice Cream Maker is a hit with seasoned ice cream makers too for its features that aid in making restaurant quality ice cream. Its large capacity means that you do not have to fall behind in terms of product turnout in the midst of hosting a party. Its powerful compressor allows you to freeze the mixture in double time without having to go through the trouble of pre-freezing. One of its most impressive features is the Motor Protection function that ensures safe functioning by stopping the possibility of overheating. As a result, your motor will last longer than most other machines of its kind. The Whynter ICM-200LS Ice Cream Maker comesin a stainless steel build and is equipped with an electronic timer and a soft touch LCD control panel.

  • Powerful compressor aids in superior cooling in minimum time.
  • Large capacity makes it ideal for gatherings or parties.
  • Motor Protection feature stops the motor from turning once the product reaches optimum consistency.
  • No pre-freezing required.

  • Comparatively larger in build, so storage may be an issue with some kitchen counters
  • Mix tends to be unevenly churned near the edge of the bucket

If you want a machine with a failsafe mechanism to protect the motor, then you can consider buying the Whynter ICM-200LS 2.1 quart Ice Cream Maker.


Knox 1.5 Quart Ice Cream and Gelato Maker with Keep Cool Feature

This is added in this list of best ice cream makers as it is the one that is equipped with most of the features that are expected from top quality machines you can buy at a budget price. It is smaller in capacity than some of the machines listed here, but that has its own benefits. Not only is it perfect for domestic use, meaning that you can make delicious homemade ice cream, frozen yoghurt, gelatos, or sorbets for your family, but a 1.5-quart capacity ensuresthta you can treat your guests as well. All you need to do is prepare the mix for your recipe, pour it into the Knox, and press a button. Its automatic timer setting allows you to set the required amount of time to prepare your ice cream, but its built-in shut down feature stops the motor fromoverchurning the product to prevent damage to the motor. The Keep Cool function activates 10 minutes after churning is complete to keep your ice cream cool and awesome forupto an hour.

  • Powerful compressor drops temperature quickly to 18F
  • Motor deactivates once product reaches its optimum state.
  • Keep cool feature allows you to retain consistency upto an hour.
  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Not ideal for large gatherings.

This ice cream maker is a good option for those who like making ice creams on a regular basis in smaller amounts.


Cuisinart ICE-60W Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker (2 Quart)

The great thing about the Cuisinart ICE-60W Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker is its hassle-free design. Being a more mid-range machine, it goes easy on some of the features seen in higher end ice cream makers. But in the end, it is all about the ice cream, and it does make the most amazing ice cream suited to your tastes in almost no time. The Cuisinart ICE-60W Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker is a compact machine, so it does not take up a whole lot of space on your counter. Coming to the functionings, this ice cream maker allows you to whip up exquisite ice cream with the help of a button in less than 30 minutes. The machine comes with three different settings for ice cream, gelato, and sorbet. However, you do have to keep an eye on your mixture to assess the right texture. Also, this particular unit requires pre-freezing for at least 10 hours, but overnight freezing is highly recommended by experts. But with the right process, you can end up with quality ice cream in really short time.

  • Small, efficient unit that does not compromise on power.
  • Makes ice cream in less than 30 minutes.
  • Large capacity allows you to make a big batch at one go.

  • Requires freezing overnight.

Ultimately, if you want a budget ice cream maker that performs well and do not mind a little bit of preparation ahead of making the product, then the Cuisinart ICE-60W Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker is for you



An ice cream maker is exactly what its name implies: it makes ice cream. But there is a lot more going on behind all that bulk. Your ice cream maker does two different things simultaneously, which is difficult to achieve when making homemade ice creams without the machine.

After you’re done preparing the custard, an electric run ice cream maker will use a motor to churn the mixture while at the same time, continuing to freeze it. This results in

This method results in a smooth texture due to the constant aeration provided by the constant churning method, which helps prevent the formation of ice crystals. The best ice cream makers achieve the right consistently quite fast due to their powerful motor and freezing technology. Due to this reason, your ice cream is ready for consumption immediately afterwards. Cheaper models may require additional freezing after the churning is complete.

There are a variety of different ice cream makers on the market, but most of them follow the above process. However, some other manufacturers make other varieties in order to suit individual needs, and they can be both lower-end or higher-end models alike.


While many of us do not feel owning an ice cream maker is necessary to make quality ice cream in its traditional form, we beg to differ. The process described above makes for the best consistency in very less time. An ice cream maker does a faster job of freezing your ice cream all the while churning and mixing it. A recipe made without an ice cream maker will seldom be able to deliver the kind of smoothness seen in the finished product from an ice cream maker.

Additionally, you do not have to stick to the same kinds ofrecipe for your ice cream with your ice cream maker. We’ll call it the best ice cream maker if it is perfect for when you want to experiment with wacky (and awesome) ice cream ideas, including low-fat recipes that usually have a tendency to turn out a little granita-ish in texture. Moreover, an ice cream maker does not limit you to simply ice cream. You can even make sorbets or frozen yoghurts with it.

So if you’re looking to create fantastic ice cream flavours on a regular basis, then an ice cream maker is the way to go. It slashes a lot of time off your regular ice cream making routine and delivers the smoothest and creamiest of ice creams for your eating pleasure. We have added our exclusive Ice Cream Maker Reviews in this article to help you choose the perfect one for you.

Best Ice Cream Makers Buying Guide 2018

Making your own ice cream has a lot of benefits, chief among which is the fact that you can control every ingredient that you’re putting into it. An ice cream maker is perfect for those who want to make small batches of ice cream for domestic purposes. If you like to experiment with different flavours and have a penchant for creating unique combinations, then an ice cream maker is the kitchen equipment for you. However, if regular ice cream making is something that you do not see yourself indulging in, then opting for more traditional methods may be more up your alley. We say this because the best ice cream makers tend to be quite large asequipments, and if you are not going to use them fairly regularly, then they might become very expensive pieces of junk in your kitchen.

Before you take the plunge and invest in an ice cream maker, there are a few things you should consider. Keeping certain factors in mind will help you zero in on the options more suited to your liking. In order to fine tune your search for the best ice cream makers, consider the points below.

Price Range: Quite obviously, this is the most important factor that we consider before we decide to invest in a particular product. This is all the more important in the case of choosing the best ice cream makers because these machines come in all kinds ofprice range. You can find the really expensive ones stacked right alongside those which are but a fraction of the cost. So sorting out how much you are willing to spend is an important bit of task. Also keep in mind that for ice cream makers, you do get what you pay for. So the more expensive models come withbetter warranty and can stand prolonged use at regular intervals without running into technical glitches.

Portion Per Batch: This one is as important as the one above, as it can essentially help you decide what kind of ice cream maker you want for yourself. Ice cream makers come in a host of different sizes (and types) to accommodate your portion preferences, so it all depends on how much ice cream you want to makein a single batch.

Model Type: This is another important factor to consider before you decide on an ice cream maker. While most ice cream makers available in the market are the freezer bowl variety, there are a number of different techniques that other best ice cream makers are equipped with. If you are not interested in the hassle of having to freeze the canister before making your ice cream (in other words, if you want the freedom to just decide and create instead of having to plan beforehand), then you can opt for other types of models. The electric machines that use a combination of rock salt and ice fall under this category. Compressor models, on the other hand, yield far superior results in terms of the finished product itself but portions will be smaller. So most models will come with their unique quirks while eliminating other kinds of difficulties, so do your research.

Final Words

An ice cream maker has a great many benefits that you can reap after investing in the right kind of machine. Not only is homemade ice cream better for your health, but there is also the option to make your own healthy, low-fat, low-sugar recipes. This means that you do not have to visit the store when someone in your family has a craving for ice creams or frozen yoghurts, which can get pretty expensive for the right quality. Delicious fruity sorbets are also on the list of never-ending possibilities.

The above list of best Ice Cream Makers considers almost all kinds of models that you can find on the market while focusing on the most efficient of their kind. So, while the White Mountain Electric Ice Cream Maker is one of the very best you can find among machines that use the old rock salt and ice trick, the Cuisinart ICE-60W Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker could easily top the list of models that require pre-freezing. Even in this day and age of fully automatic ice cream makers, these categories still remain popular as they require minimum upkeep and are easy to use. The first unit listed in our article, on the other hand (Ice Cream Depot Automatic Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker), may be ideal for soft serve ice creams, but the product can be kept in the freezer to achieve the desired texture. It is also one of the best units you can invest in, considering the ease of use.

However, if automatic ice cream makers with powerful compressors are the way to go for you, then you can weigh out from among the options we have provided. But while they all have their pros and cons, we would recommend that you go for either the Breville or the Cuisinart models. If you think we have missed some great models in this detailed list of best ice cream makers 2018, let us know in the comments below what they are and why you love them.

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