5 Best Men’s Watches under $200 with Expensive Looks

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If you look back for the past few years...

...it was next to impossible to get a decent men’s watch under $200.

However by 2016 things have changed a lot...

...and $200 can get you the ultimate watch of your choice.

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Not everyone can afford a Mont Blanc, Rolex, Omega, or Hublot; however you can get a good looking and performing watch for a slight fraction of that price for what these luxury brands sell for.

Hence why I’ve written this exclusive guide about best men's watches under $200 just for you; so that you can walk around with a timepiece that’s brilliantly made, and adds a sense of style too.

Are you ready for it?

Here we go!

But before that...

Things to Consider before buying Best Mens Watches under $200

To be completely honest, $200 is hefty price for you to pay for a timepiece.

Reliable wrist watches range starts from as low as $20, however if you want to own a piece of excellence, $200 is still a considerate amount to throw on the shelf.

Hence why I want to educate you about choosing the right watch if you’re going to shell $200 on it.

Here’s a list of certain things to consider when buying the best watches under $200.

1. Watch Belt – Stainless Steel or Leather?

Over my couple of years in experience about watches, I’ve come to realize that this the most highly ignored factor when it comes to choosing expensive wrist watches.

Most people look at watch’s style, brand, dial, chronograph, design and so but completely forget about the thing that is going to keep the watch tied them to their hands.

If you’re not one of those: Excellent!

But you tend to ignore it, then let me explain you here’s why it matters.

A leather belt and a stainless steel are two choices in which a wrist watch is available. Both of them have their set of pros and cons.

Go for a leather band; if you like the feel, if you like the way it sticks to your hands and makes the dial sit in one place throughout the day.

Watches with leather belt gives your personality a sharp look and helps the other person notice your punctuality.

Mostly leather bands come in Brown, Tan, Black and Blue colors and compliment your dressing if you’re wearing belt, shoes, shirt or jeans/trouser of similar color.

Now coming to stainless steel band watches or watches that come with metal bracelets, I personally love going with them over a leather belt and here’s why.

I usually tend to sweat a lot, and I don’t like the feeling of something strapped tightly around my hand. Hence I’m more comfortable with a stainless steel belt compared to leather one.

Metal bracelet watches are easy to remove, and easy to wear as well, and your skin doesn’t gasp for fresh air even if you keep them worn for a full day as they sit lightly on your hand.

However that doesn’t mean I totally despise leather bands, it still makes a good wear if I’m on my formal dressing and a leather band watch helps to give a professional look and feel.

2. With or Without Chronograph

All watches mentioned in the list below have chronograph dials, however I know people that refrain from choosing a chronograph watch and love watch dials with a clean face.

If you’re one those, going with something you personally feel is good for you is an added advantage.

Brands like Daniel Wellington, Nixon, Skagen and more have great collection of watches that look extremely premium sans the chronograph feature, and I’m sure you’re bound to love them.

3. Water Resistance

If you’re a swimmer and constantly find yourself diving into waters, this one factor might be highly important for you.

Most of watches under $200 segment come with a max of 100meters water resistance.

This kind of resistance will guard the watch against water splashes, shallow swimming, snorkelling but same cannot be said if you’re into scuba diving or deep sea swimming.

You might want to look at higher priced watches.

4. Case Diameter

If you’re the kind of guy who wouldn’t buy a watch if the case diameter is 44mm instead of 45mm then this thing should be on your important considerate list.

Majority of watches come with a dial of 42-45mm diameter and happens to be of appropriate size for regular wear.

However if you have bigger built and large hands, you’ll find yourself comfortable with dial diameter of around 48-50mm.

You’re such needs will be easily satisfied with watches from brands like Diesel, Fossil, Casio, Invicta and so on.

5. Battery Powered, Solar Powered or Automatic Self-Wind

Under the price of $200, you’re going to get watches in all three types.

If you look at from a third-person point of view, this is the least important thing to consider when buying a watch, however if you’re highly obsessed with a particular watch power source... you can find watches in that segment.

However to add to the glamour I’d recommend going with Solar Powered or Automatic Self Wind watches as they’re much cheaper than they used to be and also gives you a bragging right over your other friends who live with a battery powered watch.

Seiko is a brand that is highly synonym with exquisite solar powered watches and I’d recommend getting one from them if you want to harness the sun’s power...

...whereas Invicta, Stuhrling, Bulova, and so on; are a prime example if you’re looking for affordable automatic watches.

Top 5 Best Watches for Men under $200

#5: Invicta 21389

Invicta watches are mostly known for ripping off the design of Rolex watches, hence happen to be a great buy for someone who can’t purchase the real deal but loves its design.

Invicta 21389 - Mens watches under 200

This is the reason why I’m not including the watches that have design similar to Rolex.

However the company is responsible for building some of the most exquisite watch design that hugely get sidelined and hence why I want to include one of those.

Invicta 21389 is basic looking Chronograph mens watch that has no frills involved. It happens to be a extremely cool looking men’s watch for the men who need a decent chronograph watch.

It has dial diameter of 48mm, case depth of 13mm and band width of 24mm. The closure has Fold over clasp with safety lock.

At first glance it may look like just another chronograph watch, however the one by Invicta has water resistance upto 100 meters (330 ft) and is suitable for swimming, snorkelling but not for deep sea diving.

This best inexpensive watch has 3 chronograph dials and small a date window, with the date window color contrasting with dial color, one can easily see the date without much struggle.

It comes with a 1 year warranty from the company and is also available in gold and silver color combination, in case you’re inclined towards gold color watches.

Invicta 21389 - best watches for men under 200

Since it comes with quartz movement, you’re bound to lose some time during a period of 30 days and it isn’t complain-able at all as all Quartz movement watches happen to lose time.

Being cheap and priced very close to $100, I’m surprised to see almost accurate marking on the tachymeter and there’s very less chance in finding any flaws in this nice mens watch under $200.

“Invicta 21289 is a decent looking affordable watch that serves your purpose of a chronograph watch without being too showy at all. I love its watered down design but if you look closely you’ll notice it’s a piece of excellence.”


#4: Fossil Nate JR1499

I personally love watches from Fossil, whether be it leather watches or stainless steel watches. Fossil watches are made to stand out.

It's very hard to find good watches under $200 and Fossil Nate is one of the precious gem.

Fossil Nate - Best Chronograph watches under 200

This being very close to the $100 mark makes for a good buy if you’re looking for a best chronograph watch under $200 that feels extremely premium.

Before I talk more about the watch, I’d like to mention that this watch isn’t meant for small hands, and if you do have small hands go ahead with the list right now as Fossil Nate has a dial diameter of 50mm and depth of 13mm making it one of the heavier watches in our list

Fossil Nate comes in a premium metal sheet box with a fancy graphic on it, the graphic however depends on the watch you buy and the country you hail from.

Fossil Nate - best watches under 200

Taking it outside the box, one can really happen to feel its weight and huge dial head that happens to define this watch itself.

Though being an extremely inexpensive men's watch it comes with a military inspired design that is available in both leather and stainless steel belt. The dial happens to come in dark blue, dark brown and gun metal color.

The stainless steel band has a width of 24mm and the one I’ve mentioned here has a three link stainless steel band with deployant buckle closure.

Fossil Nate - Affordable Mens watches

Total weight of the watch is 7.05 ounces (199 grams) and happens to be heavier than your smartphone itself.

Moreover Fossil Nate can withstand 5 ATM of pressure and has water resistant depth of 165 ft that translates to 50 meters of water resistance. It is ok to take the watch for shallow swimming or use it during rain or water splash, however don’t use it for diving, snorkelling or other deep water sports.

One problem that most users have with this watch is date window which is very small and requires you to hold the watch close to read it.

“Being a Military styled Chronograph watch from a reputed brand, Fossil Nate is the kind of watch that will keep you satisfied if you have undying love for over-sized watches. If you’re looking for affordable mens watch then Fossil Nate fits the bill perfectly.”


#3: Seiko SSC081 Adventure Solar

If you’re in the market for buying the best watch under $200 and you see a watch with name Seiko on it and you like it, then without asking any question, just buy it.

Seiko SSC081 - Best Automatic Watches under 200

This Japanese timekeeper company is on the forefront of technological advancement in wrist watches and is responsible for bringing in some of the smartest watches in the market.

Seiko is well known for manufacturing wrist watches that not only happen to be a style statement but also are well built from the ground up.

Due to its in house movement and manufacturing, the company manufactures watches that stands test of time and always happen to be a smart purchase.

Unlike the previously mentioned Fossil Nate, Seiko SSC081 has a smaller dial diameter of 42mm with thickness of 13mm and band width of 20mm.

Seiko SSC081 - Best Seiko Watch under 200

At first look the watch’s design looks extremely modern and is bound to be eye turner for anyone who catches a glimpse of this carefully crafted solar watch.

On closer look, you may notice that Seiko SSC081 has two crown, one on the right side while other on the top left corner of the dial.

The crown on right is responsible for adjusting date and time, whereas the other one rotates the compass dial, which is a neat feature to watch and show off to your friends.

I personally love tan colored leather band and this watch has it, making it extremely desirable and happens to give it a premium look and feel.

Seiko SSC081 - Best Seiko Watch under 200

Since it runs on solar power, it saves you from the hassle of adding a battery. It can recharge itself from any kind of direct light including florescent light.

With just 8 minutes of exposure to light, the watch can run for an entire day and makes it an environment friendly watch.

“With a complex but modern looking dial, highly premium leather belt, environment friendly and an exquisite design, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to go with Seiko SSC081 if you have the money to own it.”


#2: Michael Kors Pennant MK8372

With the current rage of military styled chronograph watches whose design tends to scream out loud. It’s hard to find a chronograph watch that looks decent and goes well for corporate use.

Michael Kors Pennant - Mens watches under 200

This where Michael Kors Pennant MK8372 steps in and announces itself as a possible contender.

With looks to die for, Michael Kors Pennant happens to be a great watch that will go down well with your formal dressing needs.

It comes with a 43mm dial that has thickness of 12mm and band width of 21mm and is suitable for any kind of hands, whether be it big or medium sized.

Michaek Kors Pennant - Best Chronograph watches under 200

Michael Kors Pennant has buckle type clasp and the brown colored genuine leather band looks extremely superior and will go down well if you wear it with white shirt and beige or tan colored trousers.

One thing I liked a lot about this watch is its gold accented hands, time markings, chronograph and date window outline. This kind of subtle touch takes its looks to another level.

Moreover this watch is water resistant up to 165 feet (50 meters) and suitable only for shallow swimming.

Michael Kors Pennant - Best dress watches under 200

With inclusion of luminous hands, it happens to be a good mate when you need to watch the time during night or in shadowy areas.

“Words aren’t enough to describe this extremely sexy watch and if you love it at first glance, do not give a second thought to buy it.”


#1: Seiko SSC138 Excelsior

If you’re really the manly kind of guy with a big built and height over 6 feet, and need a watch that looks pricier than it really is...

Seiko SSC132 Excelsior - Best Mens Watches under 200

...then Seiko SSC138 Excelsior happens to be a an excellent purchase.

Its design is highly exquisite and unique, it would be hard to find another man wearing a watch with similar design any time soon; giving it an exclusive feel.

With combination of stainless steel and gold accents, the band's unique design makes the overall package looks extremely premium.

None of your friends would be able to make out that this watch costs just under $200, compiled with such a masculine look.

Seiko SSC132 Excelsior - best watches for men under 200

It has a dial diameter of 43mm along with Hardlex Dial window that promises a scratch less look.

I personally love the hour pins on this watch that happens to look like small bullets.

Seiko SSC138 is water resistance up to 330 ft (100 meters) and is meant for swimming and snorkeling but not scuba diving.

Since its a solar watch, it starts ticking as soon as you remove it out of the box and with a sunlight of 8 minutes, the watch can run for an entire day.

Seiko SSC132 Excelsior- Best Solar Watches under 200

However one thing that I feel doesn’t goes down well with the watch is the date window. It’s very small and since the date window color complements the dial color it’s hard to notice it at first glance.

With a list price of $450, this watch is a complete steal since its available for just under $200.

“Seiko SSC138 happens to be a smart choice if you’re looking for a time piece that represents itself to be costlier than it really is, along with a reliable brand and design to die for. It’s hard to not notice this watch once you get a glimpse of it. If you buy it be ready to get showered with complement coming out of nowhere.”



I really hope that you enjoyed reading this list.

From the bottom of my heart, I’m praying that you’d be satisfied with the list I put up after my 2 years of experience in dealing with time pieces.

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