Top 10 Best 3 Wheel Scooters in 2019


Kids having fun is never wrong

When that fun is done at the proper time and place. There is more than one way your kids can enjoy their childhood and have lots of fun. One option s for you to purchase one of the top 10 best 3 wheel scooters in 2019.

These scooters are designed to give your child hours of pleasure and look good while doing it. Manufacturers have found a way to make modern scooters light up, look good and still be safe for your children. They are made from durable materials that are strong and long-lasting.

Also, they have found a way to let the scooter grow with your child. The adjustable features allow you to raise the scooter’s handlebars higher as your child grows taller. This means your child gets to use their scooter for years

The pros and cons of owning a 3-wheel scooter

Safety is always a concern when it comes to children’s scooters. The modern world has more traffic making street fun a little less safe. But most roads have sidewalks, so children can use their scooters in almost complete safety when outside of their yard.

There are pros and cons to child scooters and here are a few of each:


  • Good construction– the modern scooters are made from durable and strong materials. Just make sure to stay within the weight capacity
  • Good exercise– scooters are a great way for your child to get the exercise they need to grow strong and healthy. They also get a lot of fresh air as they do it
  • Good training– their new scooter will help them build confidence as well as teach them how to balance. These lessons are better learned on a scooter than a bike, where a fall might injure your child
  • Flexibility– for storage and transporting, some scooters fold up and others come apart very easily.
  • Develop abilities– your child can learn to do tricks and other maneuvers. This teaches them about their abilities and gives them an example on how to develop them


  • Balance– some scooters are not made for the beginner trying to learn balance
  • Steering– it may be hard for some young children to steer and balance at the same time
  • Trick– not all scooters are designed to do tricks. Your child should be careful not to do tricks on those scooters not made for that activity
  • Weight capacities– if your child wants to get the most fun out of their scooter, they need to stay under the weight limit. Not every child will fit ever scooter
  • Breakage– while the modern scooters are made stronger and tougher, they still may not stand up to rough treatment and break at the wrong time. Your child may be injured if they are too rough on their scooters

Dos and Don’ts of scooters

  1. Do get a helmet for your child. Protecting their heads is important
  2. Do provide elbow and knee protection
  3. Don’t skimp on their clothing. Good clothes help protect your child’s limbs and body. Make sure the clothes have reflective material
  4. Do follow your local laws governing scooter use and where scooters can be used
  5. Don’t forget the goggles. Protecting your child’s eyes is must
  6. Do have your child ride on smooth surfaces. This cuts down on falls, injuries and tears
  7. Do bring your child with you to the store so you can fit the scooter to your child
  8. Don’t ignore the age limits. Growing into a scooter is not always the wisest move to make. Keep the scooter age appropriate
  9. Do set reasonable rules for your child’s scooter riding
  10. Don’t let your child ride near swimming pools or other dangerous areas
  11. Do good maintenance check-ups on the scooter. Finding cracks or weaknesses before they turn into a bad accident is a smart move to make
  12. Do test h brakes from time to time to make sure they are in good working order
  13. Don’t let the child ride without proper footwear
  14. Do safety checks on your child’s helmets and padding. Makes sure they still can protect your child
  15. Do teach your child safety rules for riding.
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Our 3-wheel scooter review

10. EEDAN Scooter for Kids

EEDAN Scooter for Kids 3 Wheel T-bar Adjustable Height

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Made from metal and nylon, this 3-wheel scooter sports an adjustable handle. This allows the scooter to grow with your child and lets them use it for years. The removable handle has 3 adjustable positions.

The 3 wheels provide balance and easier riding. Then the wheel slight up and get brighter when your child goes faster. The wide deck provides plenty of standing room. Braking is easy with the aluminum rear brake.

What we liked: the lights in the wheels

9. Allek Kick Scooter

 Allek Kick Scooter, 3 Wheel Adjustable Height PU Flashing 3 Wheels Scooter for Kids

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Drivers will not miss your child as they scoot down the street. The bright neon colors and lighted wheels make sure your child remains visible to traffic.

The removable aluminum T-bar steering pipe can adjust to 4 different positions. Plus, the deck has anti-slip materials to help keep your child safe. The front wheels’ lights will get brighter as your child speeds up.  The rear brake is easy to use and slows the scooter quickly.

What we liked: the neon colors

8. Allek 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

 Allek Kick Scooter, 3 Wheel Adjustable Height PU Flashing 3 Wheels Scooter for Kids

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The front wheels are easily turned by the aluminum T-bar steering pipe. They also provide bright lights and stability as your child scoots around the neighborhood. The T-bar steering is removable and adjusts to 4 different positions.

Also, the 3 wheels provide your child with riding stability and balance. The rear brake is easy to use and helps control the scooter for safe riding. The scooter folds up for easy transportation and storage.

What we liked: the easy to use a braking system

7. YBIKE GLX Pro Scooter

 YBIKE GLX Pro Scooter, Black

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The wide no-slip deck provides great security for your child. All they have to do is step on kick their start and then lean to steer. The adjustable handlebar goes from 28 to 32 ½ inches in height.

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The front hard plastic wheels come with spokes for added strength and durability. This scooter will hold up to 110 pounds of weight and sports a simple braking system that helps control the scooter.

What we liked: the weight capacity

6. Razor DeltaWing Scooter

Razor DeltaWing Scooter

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This uniquely designed Y shaped scooter sports a large front wheel and uses a hand brake for stopping. The two no-slip decks provide room for each foot with ease while having a wheel under each foot.

This design should give your child more control over their scooter. Also, the steel frame keeps the scooter strong and very durable.  This scooter will hold up to 143 pounds of weight with ease.

What we liked: the handbrake and large front wheel

5. Den Haven Scooter for kids

 OxGord Scooter for Kids - Deluxe Aluminum 3 Wheel Glider with Kick n Go

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When it says it is for kids, it means the scooter is for little children, not big adult kids. The adjustable handlebars will extend 14 ½ to 24 inches in height. Plus, the 3 wheels make sure your child doesn’t fall that often.

Made from aluminum and carbon steel you can expect this scooter to last for years. Also, the standard rear foot brake is part of the scooter’s ensemble.

What we liked: The large handlebar adjustment range

4. Razor Jr. Folding Kick Scooter

 Razor Jr. Folding Kiddie Kick Scooter

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The folding feature on this little scooter helps make transportation and storage simple and easy. Its small size means it is for extremely small kids who weigh up to 44 pounds.

Made from hard plastic and aluminum, the scooter measures approx. 22 x 10 x 25 inches. The foam handles are also easy on your child’s hands. Easy to assemble, your child will be able to have fun the same day you open the box.

What we liked: the easy to assemble feature

3. Globber Primo Adjustable Height Scooter

 Globber 3 Wheel Adjustable Height Scooter

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To help your child learn to balance themselves, this scooter comes with a secure lock button. When pressed the scooter will go in a straight line only. When your child learns that lesson, you can then unlock the button and help them learn to steer.

The adjustable handlebars move from 26.5 to 31 inches, with an extra-long brake to help control the speed. The scooter will hold up to 110 pounds.

What we liked: the secure lock button

2. Globber 3 Wheel Kick Scooter

 Globber 3 Wheel Kick Scooter with Patented Steering Lock

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The patented secure lock system helps your child learn how to balance themselves. Once they have mastered that, you can unlock the steering and teach them how to steer their scooter.

The T-shaped handlebar is not adjustable but locked in at 27 inches high. But you can get 110 pounds of weight on the no-slip deck. Abec-5 bearings help make your child’s scooter riding smooth and comfortable.

What we liked: Abec bearings

1. LaScoota scooter for kids

 LaScoota scooter for kids scooters 3 wheeled scooter 3 wheel scooter for kids ages 6-12ឥ3 Wheel Scooters

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The unique feature on this 3-wheel scooter is that you can add a seat. Your child does not have to stand as the scoot around the street. The seat has 2 settings and will hold about 10 pounds.

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The T shaped handlebar has 4 different settings to grow with your child. For added fun, LED lights are located in the wheels and they light as your child scoots.

What we liked: the seat option

What to look for when shopping for a new scooter

To find one of the top 10 best 3 wheel scooters in 2019, a few helpful hints come in handy. There are a lot of scooters for sale in the stress right now, but not all make the top ten categories.

Here are a few helpful hints on what to look for when you search for a new scooter for your child:

  1. Age– your child’s age is an important factor. You really shouldn’t start them out to early or too small with a scooter.
  2. Options– is the scooter adjustable, foldable and doe sit come with a removable seat
  3. Features– do the wheels light up? Are the hand grips soft yet stable? Is the scooter able to provide a lot of fun to your child
  4. Safety– what is the scooter made of? How strong are those materials?  Will they last under rough but not too rough treatment? What kind of brake comes with the scooter? A heel or handbrake?
  5. Wheels– are they PU strong and come with ball bearings that will last a long time? Are they solid plastic or do they have spokes for better strength and rolling? What size are the wheels
  6. Use- is the scooter a standard kick and roll type or can your child do tricks with it? Is the scooter good for long rides or just short ones around the driveway or street?
  7. Warranty-make sure the scooter comes with a good warranty. Read the fine print to make sure your child’s a are covered when something goes wrong. Understand how the manufacturer defines normal use.
  8. Price– these scooters usually are very affordable. Inexpensive does not always mean cheaply made and expensive does not always mean top quality Get the one that fits your child’s personality and your budget

Some final words

A 3-wheel scooter can bring lots of fun to your child’s early years.  They can learn to balance themselves and even race their friends. Turning to one of the top 10 best 3 wheel scooters in 2019 is a great way to contribute to your child’s fun-filled days.

One thing, though. When you get your child one of the best of the best scooters, teach them how to ride it safely and take care of it. Keeping the scooter in top shape s one way to ensure our child has years of fun riding their scooter.