Top 13 Best 8-Person Tents in 2019


A tent is a must when you go camping. If you have a lot of people in your group, instead of carrying multiple tents, you can opt for a large tent and carry in limited space. There are large tents available like 8person tent, and it is always better to accommodate everyone in one place when you are camping. You can have quality time chatting and having food together in one place. The following top 13 best 8person tents in 2019 below.

List of Top 13 Best 8-Person Tents in 2019 Review on Amazon.Com

#13 Eureka ThreeSeason Camping Tent

 Eureka! Copper Canyon

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Now enjoy a great outdoor with this tent in cabin style along with 9 poles. It features in a fiberglass frame, with pole sleeves, clips, and a ring and pin system. It is also easy to assemble. Moreover, it offers you 10 feet by 10 feet floor plan with 7 feet vertical walls that gives you enough interior space.

Furthermore, you can bring an electrical power cord inside the tent through a power port. You can use the maximum space of the interior as well. It is also durable and light in weight. It is 23 pounds only, so you can carry it easily along with your outdoor luggage.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Vertical walls and storage pockets.
  • Easy to assemble and weather protection.
  • Comes in a complete set and durable.

#12 OZARK Family Cabin Tent

OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent

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You can use this tent in any weather as it has maximum weather protection. Moreover, it is durable and lightweight also, so you can pack it in your backpack easily and it takes a small space in your bag. This tent provides sufficient space for ten people, and three air mattresses in queensize can fit inside the tent easily.

Furthermore, the dividers can divide the interior space into three separate rooms. There is one center door and two side doors to offer separate entrances for privacy. Also, it has six mess windows to increase ventilation inside the tent, and it allows you to view the panoramic views of your camping area.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Different color and sizing option.
  • Full coverage and maximum weather protection.
  • Easy to set up and taped fly seams.

#11 Coleman Instant Tent Brown

 Coleman Instant Tent Rainfly, 14 x 10-Feet

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You can set up this easy to handle tent within 10 to 20 minutes. This product has some preattached color coded hubs and poles to help you in setting up your tent up to 50% faster. Moreover, it hides some needle holes inside the tent to increase its weather resistance power.

Furthermore, it has fabric zipper protection which has enough weather resistant power to add more protection from the elements that come to the door. It also has a wind strong frame with the guy out triangles and redesigned poles those make it stronger. It offers 14 feet by 10 feet floor size that is enough for fitting up to 8 people.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Large space and good protection from rain.
  • Simple design and highly functional.
  • Easy setup and fast pitch.

#10 NTK Cherokee Family Camping Tent

 NTK Cherokee GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 12 Foot Outdoor Dome Family Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm

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This outdoor family camping tent offers you 10 by 12foot floor size that is enough to fit 9 people inside the tent. This waterproof tent floor has the construction of a durable antifungus seamless polyethylene with a silver-coated layer to ensure you in staying dry and protected at the same time. Moreover, it has the construction of ultraslim polyester which is a micromesh material. It protects you from mosquitoes and other insects.

Furthermore, it uses 2 poles to build up the inner tent and a small pole to extend the overhang on the door and back area. There is also a quick, simple and high quality pin and ring system to make the setup simple and fast. It is lightweight and durable enough at the same time.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Easy assembling, durable, and waterproof.
  • Micro mosquito mesh and antifungus.
  • High performance and UV protection.

#9 Coleman 8Person Lighted Tent

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Lighted Tent

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This camping tent has a cabinlike design with various outdoor technologies to give you a nice experience on any camping trip. Three queen size air beds can fit easily inside this large outdoor tent that is enough for 8 persons. Moreover, it has 6 inbuilt LED lights that provide 100 lumens of illumination to make your camping easy at night. The lighting system gets power supply from four D batteries.

Furthermore, there are some auto roll windows to let in the sunlight and air. There is an extended door that creates a dry space for you to store your gear and entrance to the tent. It is absolutely lightweight to carry in your backpack and has a durable and wind strong frame structure that makes it stronger. Its weather resistant material ensures you to stay dry and safe during rain.

Reasons To Buy 

  • LED light and modified dome design.
  • Hinged door and quick setup.
  • Spacious and adjustable light settings.

#8 CORE 9Person Dome Tent

 CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

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This extended dome tent is of durable 68D Polyester with CORE H20 Block technology that keeps you dry, safe and comfortable during heavy rain. Its stitches are heat sealed with the rainfly fabric that ensures the rain flies down to the floor, not inside the tent. The zippered windows and covered vents also stay water out. It has enough space to sleep 9 adults in this bag inside the tents. Moreover, the floor material is of durable 115gsm P.E that keeps you safe from insects and damp of the soil.

Furthermore, it has a strong frame and fiberglass tent poles that make the tent stronger and holds in heavy wind or storm. There are some advanced vents that let the cool air in and allows hot air to escape through a large ceiling. You can bring an extension cord into your tent through the Export and can get a power supply from an outside source. Inside the tent, you can find some hooks or loops strips for holding your gear or lantern and pockets to keep your items organized. This tent package comes in only 20 pounds weight so you can easily carry it.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Cord access port and easy setup.
  • Adjustable ground vent and complete set.
  • Gear loft and lantern hook.

#7 CORE Instant Cabin Tent

 CORE 9P Instant Cabin

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This instant cabin tent has a specialty that it has an instant set up features that save your times. You can set up this tent within 60 sec because the poles come in preattached to the structure, so your tent sets up in just a few short steps. Moreover, it has a floor where 9 persons can sleep comfortably. It has a side Tdoor that makes in or out access to your tent easy and allows a great airflow in the tent. It also has a detachable divider that provides more privacy, and you can divide the interior space between 2 or 3 rooms.

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Furthermore, it uses CORE H20 Block Technology and a ground vent that is adjustable to keep you dry and safe inside the tent when it is raining outside. You can bring an extension cord for power supply inside the tent through the electrical cord access port which is fully closable when it not in use. This tent is the construction of a high quality, durable waterproof material also. It is extremely lightweight and takes a small storage place in your backpack. So pack this tent in your bag and have a nice outdoor experience.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Sets up in 60 seconds and includes a room divider.
  • Cord access port and comes in a complete set.
  • Large and wall storage pockets.

#6 Coleman 8Person Camping Tent

Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent with Built-in Closet

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This cabin style camping tent is suitable for 9 persons and has enough space to fit 2 queen size air beds. It has 6 foot and 8inch center height that helps you to stand up straight and makes you comfortable inside the tent. Moreover, it has the superwind strong frame and zipper protection those keep you safe during heavy rain and wind or storm. It has a waterproof floor also.

Furthermore, it includes rainfly that offers extra protection in wet weather and allows a better airflow inside the tent. This text has a unique design with an attractive color, hinged door, inbuilt closet, and pocket. The hanging door offers easy access to your tent, and the closet or pocket helps you to keep your clothes and gear organized. You can set up the tent easily and quickly as it uses preattached color-coded hubs and pole, and enjoys your outdoor freely.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Quick setup and hinged door for easy access.
  • Built-in closet and welded floors.
  • Inverted seams with WeatherTec System.

#5 Wenzel 8Person Klondike Tent

 Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

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This tent offers you 16 by 11 feet floor plan and 98 square feet interior space that is enough for 8 persons. With this sleeping room, it offers a screen room that allows you to store your gear. Moreover, it has two mesh windows and a mesh roof that helps you to enjoy the scenery and keeps you safe from insects. These windows and mesh vents let the cool air in.

It is of a polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating that makes the tent waterproof. Furthermore, the lap-felled seams and double-stitched on the body of the tent keep you dry and safe during rain. The large front overhang offers you sun protection and weather protection as well. This tent camp gives you a feeling like home.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Wide front awning and protection from the weather.
  • Zippered windows and mesh roof vents.
  • Spacious and multiple uses.

#4 Coleman Dome Tent with ScreenedIn Porch

 Coleman 8-Person Dome Tent

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This tent has a unique design with a sleeping room and screen room. Its floor plan gives you enough space to sleep for 8 persons. 2 queen size air beds fit easily inside the tent. It is of weather-resistant polyester. Moreover, its weatherTec system and material keep you safe inside the tent.

Furthermore, the welded floors, rainfly and seams keep the water out. This advanced tent makes you safe from insects. You can set up the tent within 10 to 15 minutes for its pre-attached poles and hubs. This tent also has a screen room that gives you more ventilation inside the tent and offers you storage space for your luggage.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Polyester fabric and added durability.
  • Easy to set up and keeps water out.
  • Separate screen to keep bugs out.
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#3 Coleman 8Person Elite Montana Tent

Coleman 8-Person Tent for Camping

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This camping tent comes with easy set up with high-quality ring and pin system and pole sleeves. It offers enough space to fit 3 queen size air beds for 8 persons. Moreover, it has a comfortable design that offers you a standard floor size. There is a hanging door also that makes it easy for goings and comings and offers great airflow.

Furthermore, this tent is the construction of waterproof polyester. Its clear mesh roof keeps you safe from insects inside the tent and allows the sunlight to let in. It has the weatherTec system and inverted seams to make it suitable for wet weather. You can set up this tent quickly, and it is absolutely light in weight so you can carry it easily.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Spacious design and quick set up.
  • Large door for easy access.
  • Keeps water out with WeatherTec system.

#2 Coleman 8Person Instant Family Tent

Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent

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You can set up this tent within a minute which is 50% faster than other tents available in the market as is uses preattached hubs and poles. Moreover, it has weather Tec features with water protected stitch, zipper protection of water-resistant fabric to keep you safe and dry during rain and wet weather. It has a waterproof floor also.

Furthermore, the wind strong frame makes it strong and holds up the tent during heavy wind or storm. It also has a double thick poly guard that makes you safe from insects. It offers you interior space for 8 persons. You can also choose this because of its longevity and easy to handle features.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Durable, thick fabric and reliable.
  • Spacious and easy setup.
  • WeatherTec system and inverted seams.

#1 Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

 Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent-8-Person Tents

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This tent has a standard floor size to let 8 persons sleep comfortably. Moreover, it has a divider that allows you to create up to 3 separate rooms. You can easily set up this tent within a minute and also pack away quickly. It is extremely light in weight so you can carry it in your backpack within a small storage place also.

Furthermore, its water resistant power keeps you safe in wet weather. It has a wind responsive frame that holds up the tent during the storm and heavy wind. A weather resistant fabric zipper and waterproof stitches on the body of this tent keeps you dry. The floor of this tent protects you from an insect. This item is also waterproof to keep you away from the raindrops. Inside the tent, you can feel safe and comfortable as well as you feel in your home.

Reasons To Buy

  • Wide space and three color options.
  • Easy setup and complete set.
  • Inverted seams and conventional pitch.


Carrying too many tents when you go camping is never a good item. Going for an 8person tent makes the best sense when you are in a group of 58 people. You can be all together and make the time memorable together. Moreover, it is w wise move to stay together and guard your tent. There are various constructional features available to make staying inside the tent comfortable and convenient. Go through them and choose the best one that you can afford.