Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Warmers in 2019 Reviews


While there is no law that says you have to warm your baby’s bottle, many parents do it. Some warm their baby’s bottle because they feel it matches up with breast milk and is easier for their baby to drink. One way to warm your baby’s bottle is to use a top 10 best baby bottle warmer in 2019.

When it comes to your baby, you want nothing but the best for it. That is why an inferior baby bottle warmer just won’t do. Your baby depends on you so use one of the best of the best. These baby bottle warmers are made to help your baby feel better.

If you are not sure which bottle warmer made our top 10 list. Just continue to read our review. It highlights those we feel are the best 10 on the market today. When in doubt which one to use, go with the best.

List of Our Baby Bottle Warmers Review on

10. Bellababy Fast Bottle Warmer

Bellababy Fast Bottle Wamer 3 Levels of Heating BPA Free Light and Compact

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When it comes to feeding your baby, you do not want to pass any germ son to it. This BPA free bottle warmer makes sure you have a bacteria-free bottle. Then you get 3 heat levels to make sure your baby’s milk or food is at the right temperature.

You can choose between milk warming, food heating, and steam sterilization. Also, when it comes time to clean the warmer, the Teflon coated aluminum interior is easy to clean as it fights scale. An automatic shutoff feature prevents dry boiling and shuts off the warmer when it is dry.

Measuring approx. 6 x 5.6 x 5.6 inches, this unit only uses 150 watts of power when turned on. Plus, to takes about 5 to 10 minutes to warm a bottle. There are, of course, some drawbacks. First, the bottle warmer may not be as quick as advertised.

Second, the liner may not fit securely and third, the plastic exterior may be too weak.

9. Baby Joy Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer

Baby Joy Baby Bottle Electric Steam Sterilizer, 3-in-1 Modular Electric Dryer Machine

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3 tools in one is a good deal. This bottle warmer warms bottles. But it also heats food and does steam sterilization. That is a good deal for busy moms. When turned on the unit will use between 180 to 500 watts depending on the function you use.

Its LCD touchscreen control panel lets you know where you are at in the process. Also, it allows you to operate the bottle warmer easily. You also can get a lot done with this bottle warmer. It will hold up to 10 bottles at the same time.

Made from food grade plastic there is no fear that germs or bacteria will be transferred to your baby. An automatic shutoff protects the unit from dry boiling. We did find a couple drawbacks to the unit though.

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Some shipping issues may mean there will be missing parts when it arrives at your home. Plus, it can be very fragile and break down.

8. Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer

Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer

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You can dial in one of three settings to warm your baby’s bottle or food. You get to choose which function you want. From bottle warming to food heating to steam sterilization. It is up to you to pick the right heat setting.

When turned on, the bottle warmer will heat your containers evenly and avoids hot spots. In 3 minutes, you can heat up 4 ounces of milk to the temperature you want. A special defrost cycle will defrost any baby food products you have prepared in advance.

Measuring only 7.5 x 7 x 6.5 inches in size, it is small enough to keep in the baby’s room for convenience and faster bottle warming. As usual, there are a few drawbacks.

First, there is no timer. Second, there is also no automatic shutoff feature. You really need to watch your baby’s bottles here. Third, you will have to practice to get the right timing.

7. The First Years Bottle Warmer

The First Years Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

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One thing you want in a baby bottle warmer is flexibility. You want to be able to use any bottle you have at home. This bottle warmer is flexible and is designed to work with a variety of baby bottle designs.

Then it only takes minutes to heat up your baby’s next meal. Its BPA free construction materials give you peace of mind that you are not transferring harmful chemicals or germs to your baby.  A measuring vial is included to help you get the right amount of water to use.

Once you put in the water, press the button. When the light goes out, your bottle is ready. The auto shutoff feature protects the unit from overheating.  There are a few drawbacks to this unit.

First, the heater gets brown and produces a burnt odor. Second, the water vial is not exact, and it may take practice to get the right amount of water inside. Third, you can’t heat one bottle right after another.

6. Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown's Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer

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When it is the middle of the night and you are very tired, it is great to be able to use a good control panel. This LCD control panel gives you a digital readout and it is easy to operate even when you are very sleepy.

Also, with a large water reservoir, you can heat several bottles in a row. Its memory system will remember your preferred bottle temperature and heat the next one exactly the same. You also get audio and visual alerts when the process is completed.

Plus, its adjustable bottle holder allows this baby bottle warmer to accept different types of baby bottles. An automatic shut off feature protects this baby bottle warmer. There are some drawbacks though.

Baby bottles should be 9 ounces or smaller. Some leakage may take place and some flaws in the lid design.

5. Bable Bottle Warmer

Bable Bottle Warmer, Bottle Steam Sterilizer Multipurpose Baby Bottle Warmer

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An LCD digital display lets you know the exact temperature you are using to warm your baby’s bottle. If you set it too high or the water begins to boil, an overheat feature kicks in and turns the unit off.

This 4 in one baby warmer does it all. Defrosts warms bottles, heats food and steam sterilizer. It just takes 30 seconds to brew some formula and if the bottles are smaller than 3 ½ inches in size, it will handle two at a time

When warming bottles, you do not need t put the lid on but closing the lid for steaming is necessary. One hand operation helps when you are very tired and up in the middle of the night.

A few drawbacks come with this unit as well. First, the temperature dial is very sensitive, so be careful when setting it. Second, refilling needs to happen every day, and third, there are no measure lines to let you know when you filled it up.

4. The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer

The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler

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When you do not need warm milk, you can put 2 bottles at once in the removable cooler. This feature keeps the bottles cool all night long. Or 8 hours if you need a definite time. This bottle warmer will work with just about any variety of bottle on the market today.

That makes your job a little easier as you do not have to buy special bottles. An auto shutoff system makes sure the bottle warmer is protected from overheating or forgetfulness.

A water vial measures the water for you, so you have one less worry on your hands. You can even sterilize soothers with this unit. It only takes minutes to warm a cool bottle.

One of the drawbacks to this unit is that you have no temperature control. Another is that the bottle warmer may not function as advertised. One more drawback is that the cooler may not work with all bottle sizes.

3. Babebay Baby Bottle Warmer

Bottle Warmer, Bottle Steam Sterilizer

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The LED digital display screen gives you all the information you need to about the process. It will display in real time the actual inside temperature. Then if t is too hot or cold, you can make your own adjustments by turning the temperature dial.

Your temperature range is between 98 and 194 degrees F. Plus, the touch control panel is easy to use even at night when you want to be in bed. This unit will defrost, warm milk, heat food and more.

Also, you can use a variety of bottles and bottle sizes in this baby bottle warmer. Just make sure you have about 200ml of water inside the unit. One of the disadvantages of this baby bottle warmer is that the warmer may not always function correctly.

Then it may take 20 minutes or longer to heat the bottle, the Steam feature may not work that well either.

2. BEABA Quick Baby Bottle Warmer

BEABA Quick Baby Bottle Warmer-Baby Bottle Warmers

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Get 3 in one action with this baby bottle warmer. Not only will it warm your baby’s bottle it will heat food and sterilize as well. Its BPA and lead-free construction allow this unit to heat your baby’s bottle in 2 minutes.

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Just a click of the dial gets you the temperature you want for the item you need to warm up or sterilize. It will work with a variety of bottles and bottle sizes, including the wide mouth. And it will not take up a lot of space on your kitchen counter.

Measuring just 12.5 x 6 x 6 inches approx., you should have enough room for this handy appliance. An auto shutoff feature is part of the functions of this baby bottle warmer. One drawback is that it may not last a long time.

Another is that it may be a little difficult to master and finally, the warmer may burn the milk or food.

1. Kidome Baby Bottle Warmer

Baby Bottle Warmer

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Having a touchscreen control panel and LCD digital display makes bottle warming a lot easier. You can simply press the right button and adjust the temperature with just a fingertip. Soon your baby has warm food to eat.

One good feature is that after arming your baby’s milk or food, it will keep it warm for 24 hours. 3 minutes and the bottle is warm. If you forget to look at a clock, then the timer will remind you when the milk is ready.

Its steam sterilizer feature will reach up to 212 degrees F., making sure that almost all bacteria, etc., are gone. So far there have been no complaints about this product and no drawbacks to report.

Some dos and don’ts to remember when feeding your baby

You may be in a hurry and do not think about it, so you use whatever is handy to warm your baby’s bottle. This is not always a good idea. Here are a few reminders to keep from making warming bottle mistakes:

  • Don’t use a microwave- these heat unevenly and there will be cold and hot spots.
  • Don’t use boiling water- a plastic bottle can melt or lose its shape very quickly
  • Too much heat removes nutrients
  • Do try to match bottle temperature with body temperature
  • Do use a bottle warmer- they are convenient, easy to use and take just minutes to warm a bottle

Just remember that on a cold day you like warm food and drinks. Your baby will probably enjoy warm food as well when it is cold out.

Some final words

When it is the middle of the night and you are very tired from a long day, it pays to have an easy to use the bottle warmer on hand. These save you time, work and make it easier to feed your baby.

Using one of the top 10 best baby bottle warmers in 2019 is the smart way to feed healthy food to your child. When you use the best equipment possible you know you are stopping germ and bacteria from infecting your baby.

Give your baby the best food possible by warming it up with a good baby bottle warmer.