Top 10 Best Bed Risers in 2019 Reviews


Our bed gives the feeling of peace and relaxation that nothing else could give. But what if you’ve got a bed that’s low in height? Then, you can get the help of bed risers that can certainly lift the height of your bed without spending a lot of money. So, here’s the list of the top 10 best bed risers that assures you of their superior quality and strength.

List of Top 10 Best Bed Risers in 2019 Reviews

10. iPrimio presents 5.5-inch Bed Riser with Over 9000 lbs Holding Capacity Per Leg (Pack of 4)

 iPrimio Aluminum Bed Riser - 5.5 Inch Lift

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Give some more height to your bed with a riser that won’t crack due to weight. This high-quality bed riser is made from aircraft aluminum that is known for its superior strength and resistance to bending or breaking. Each of the 4 bed risers is made to sustain over 9000lbs of weight with ease. With an inside pad that secured the legs of your bed, you can use this bed riser to give an additional 5.5-inch of lift to your bed, sofa, table, couch, and more. Have you got wooden flooring at your home? Don’t worry, this bed riser has an exclusive rubber mat that protects your precious flooring from damage. Assured quality and durability have brought appreciation for this product.

9. DuraCasa presents 8-inch Bed Risers, Heavy Duty Design with Hold Capacity 2000lbs (Black)

 DuraCasa Bed Risers - Raises Your Bed Furniture

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Known for its firm base and durable design, this is one of the best bed risers available in the market. Specially designed with 2 parts that let you either raise your bed 8-inch higher or you can take out the upper part and get a 5-inch rise. Totally, the 4 risers can hold weight worth up to 2000 lbs. The benefit of this riser is that using it creates an extra storage space below your bed that you can utilize to keep things. Tried and tested by the manufacturer for its quality, these bed risers come with a money back guarantee if they fail to hold weight up to 2000lbs.

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8. iPrimio presents Pack of 4 Heavy Duty 3.5-inch Rubber Bottom with Patent Pending Design

 iPrimio Bed and Furniture Square Risers

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If you want an assured crack-free lifter then, you should have a look at this bed riser. Known for its special patent pending design, this bed riser features a special rubber base that prevents slipping and imbalance of your bed. Designed to protect your expensive flooring from getting damaged, this bed riser is safe even to be used on wooden floors. You get a 3-inch elevation for your bed with proper stability due to the rubber coated metal plate on the placing area. Each of the pieces supports weight worth 1700 lbs thereby giving you the full advantage of using the bed riser without getting anxious about bends and cracks.

7. iPrimio presents Pack of 8 Black Bed Risers

 iPrimio Black Bed Risers

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Searching for a large quantity of heavy duty bed risers? Then this deal will surely interest you. Presenting 8 superior quality bed risers that provide 3-inch of lift to your beds. Not only can you use these risers for your bed but also for your sofa, bench, couch, table and more. Another benefit of using these risers is that you get some additional space below your bed to keep your belongings. Strong and stable square design of this riser prevents it from slipping and breaking. With a holding capacity of 1700lbs for each leg, your entire bed is secured when placing the bed leg above these risers.

6. Slipstick presents Set of 4 Furniture Risers/ Bed Risers 2-inch Height, CB654

 Slipstick CB654 2 Inch Lift Furniture Risers/Bed Risers, Adds 2

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Slipping won’t be a problem with this bed riser. This is a reasonable option for lifting up your bed a little up. Each of the 4 bed risers can sustain a weight of 500lbs so totally when you place these risers on four sides it creates a weight sustaining the capacity of 2000lbs. Placing these elevators below your bed legs not only creates some extra space but, helps you to clean the area below the bed with much ease. Attractive chocolate brown color suits the décor of modern homes. Known for its attractive price tag, this is certainly good to purchase the product.

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5. Richards Homewares presents Espresso Wood Bed Lifters 98041000, Pack of 4

Richards Homewares 98041000 Espresso Wood Bed Lifters

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For years wooden lifters are known for their strength and this set of 4 bed risers is made from high-quality wooden block. Made to handle hundreds of pounds without cracking, this riser provides stability to your bed and rises your bed 3.5-inch above. You can rest square or round shaped bed legs on this riser. Placing a riser above a riser gives you the extra elevation of total 7-inch and more space to keep your things below the bed. Rich brown espresso color infuses a luxurious look in your bed.

4. Simplify presents Pack of 4 Bed Risers with Silicon Bottom Grip and Wheel Caster Indent 6-inch Rise

 Simplify #1 4-Count 6 inch Bed Riser

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Featuring a patented design, this is one of the most versatile bed risers. With the benefit of rising your bed 6-inch above the normal height gives you the convenience to clean the area below with ease. Silicon bottom of this riser maintains a firm grip over the surface and avoids slipping. You can also use just 2 risers to give incline to your bed for treating Acid Reflux. Not only can you use this bed riser to lift your bed but other things like table, couch, chair and more.

3. DuraCasa presents Set of 4 Heavy Duty 3-inch Bed Risers

 DuraCasa Bed Risers - Raises Your Bed

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Known for its ultimate design and large weight sustenance these 4 bed risers can be used to give an elevation of 3-inch to your bed. Heavy-duty structure of this bed riser can sustain a weight of over 2000lbs assuring you to use it without hesitance. You can raise the height of your bed even more by placing a riser above a riser. It’s safe to use these risers on hardwood floors as the bottom won’t leave a scratch or dent on them. Covered with 100% money back guarantee you can purchase this product with confidence.

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2. Home-it presents Super Quality Pack of 4 Bed Risers 6-inch, Black

 Home-it 5 to 6-inch SUPER QUALITY Black bed risers, helps you storage under the bed 4-pack

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When normal bed risers won’t provide you the expected height and quality then this premium quality product would be the end of your search. Place your bed legs on this risers to get a superb elevation of 6-inch. Made from high-quality composite plastic polymer which is impact resistant you need not fear to shake and to crack of this bed riser. Convenient for almost all kinds of beds this is a durable and lasting solution to lift your bed. You can use these risers for other objects without any hesitance. A loud voice of satisfied customers echoes the fact of its pristine quality.

1. Utopia Bedding presents Premium Quality Adjustable Height 8 Piece Bed Riser, Black

 Utopia Bedding Premium Adjustable Furniture Risers - 5 to 9 Inch Bed Riser, Table Riser-Bed Risers

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This is certainly the best set of bed risers available in the market. With an option to choose from 2 heights you can lift your bed either 5-inch or 9-inch. When placed below your bed legs, these risers can sustain a weight of 1300lbs to give you consistent service for years. All these risers are made from heavy-duty unbreakable plastic so you won’t have to worry about getting cracked or bend. Stable bottom prevents shaking the legs of your bed and extended height creates storage space below your bed. Trusted by customers for its durable and strong quality, this is certainly the best product you can buy.

Lifting Above the Ground

It’s the small things in our life that makes a big difference. This is very true with bed risers that are very resourceful for the sake to elevate the height of your bed while providing stability at the same time. Our list features the best of the products from the market that are worth the money and time you spend to purchase them.