Top 10 Best Camera Cranes in 2019 Reviews


You always want to say lights! Camera! Action! when the topic of cameras and camera equipment come up. It is the natural thing to say, even when you are making a joke. But getting that right angle for that perfect photo or shot is no laughing matter. That is why you need one of the top 10 best camera cranes in 2108.

These vital pieces of equipment for any serious photographer are a great aid when one makes their living at filming events, movies or taking still photos. To get the right shot you need the right equipment and the top 10 best camera cranes in 2019 are the right equipment.

If you want to know which camera crane made our top 10 list, just continue to read our review. It is filled with interesting information. A few minutes of reading time may help you find the elusive camera crane that will get you that award-winning shot.

The benefits of using a camera crane

Every photographer should know the benefit that comes with using a camera crane instead of a camera lower to the ground. If you don’t here are a few of the benefits that come from elevating your camera:

  • Better photographic shots- you get a better angle and view of what you are shooting. The angle may help the plot of a film or just capture the surrounding scenery a lot better
  • Protects the equipment- elevating your camera helps protect it from any possible accident that may happen when you are filming a scene or trying to capture animals in action
  • Helps actors focus- with the camera out of sight, the actors can focus better and relax. They do not think about a camera that is not in front of their eyes.
  • More natural shots- especially if you are filming wild animals in their natural habitat. You see the animals as they normally are and undistracted by the weird object near them
  • Better creativity- you can apply all our creative talent editing the angled shots into the scene or film. Or when you add them to a still photo shoot.

Our camera crane review

10. ProAm USA Orion Video Camera Jib Crane

 ProAm USA Orion DVC200 DSLR Video Camera Jib Crane Tilt

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This particular camera crane is designed to handle medium sized video cameras only. Its lightweight and simple features allow one person to assemble it quickly and get it into place without too much trouble.

A second rail hands the tilt function while providing a lot of stability to the unit. Then, once set up, you get an extra 5-foot reach when the crane is fully extended. A 4foot extension can be added to this crane if needed.

Made from aluminum and steel all bearings, this crane keeps the weight don but still remains strong and durable. Every feature on this crane is annually operated which keeps you in better control in case something goes wrong.

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No tools are needed to assemble this unit and the powder coating helps fight rust and corrosion.

9. ProAm USA Orion Jr Video Camera Crane

 ProAm USA Orion Jr DVC50 Compact DSLR Video Camera Jib Crane Tilt

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You can get up to 4 feet of tilt with this camera crane unit. Its compact size attaches to a tripod easily and without too much hassle. No tools are needed to assemble this unit or attach it to the tripod.

Then, the automatic tilt function moves smoothly so you won’t ruin your shot when you need a better angle. This feature also keeps the camera level at all times no matter what angle or extension you place the crane at.

The camera crane will only hold up to 8 pounds, so be careful of the equipment you attach to it. Also, it is the steel ball bearings that help keep the motion of the crane smooth. The standard powder coating adds good looks and protects the crane against rust.

8. ProAm USA Orion DVC60 Compact DSLR Video Camera Crane

 ProAm USA Orion Jr DVC60 Compact DSLR Video Camera Jib Crane Tilt

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You may only get up to 3 feet of extension with this compact camera crane but that may be all you need. Using the right equipment for any task makes the task a lot easier to do. Also, this camera crane will hold up to 12 pounds of weight. You have options when attaching a camera to this unit.

You also have flexibility when mounting this crane to a tripod. You can use either ¼ or 3/8-inch screws. Another good feature is that you can use a crane stand and get up to 9 extra feet of viewing angles.

A heavy-duty counterweight and auto-leveling function ensure that your camera is safe and getting the right shots you need. The operation is all manual keeping you in control of the angle and extension.

7. Papaler Aluminum Camera Mini Jib Crane

 Papaler VM-301A 82.7"/210cm Aluminum Camera Mini Jib Crane

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You can pan your scenery up to a full 360 degrees when you attach your camera to this camera crane. Besides extending vertically, you can also get a horizontal extension with this unit.

The full extension measures 82 ½ inches approx. and the camera crane can hold up to about 17 pounds. Two screw size allows you a little choice when attaching the crane to a tripod it will work with either ¼ or 3/8” screws. The tripod head should measure between 75 to 100 mm.

The manual adjustments are easy to use and are marked to make sure you get the angle you want. Its heavy-duty counterweight makes sure your camera and angle are safe from accidents.

Made from magnesium and aluminum you know this unit is lightweight and tough.

6. Heron Equipment Desk Mount Camera Crane

 5ft Articulating Arm Camera Mount

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No one said that when you are shooting indoors and very tight shots that you can’t use a camera crane to enhance the imagery. This camera crane will attach to a desk and handle all the duties a tripod mounted camera crane will do.

You get 5 feet of extra reach and a 360-degree horizontal movement to make sure all those close-ups are done just right. The arm and its joints are made from either steel or aluminum providing you with lightweight and strength.

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The only drawback to this unit is its weight capacity. It is not designed to hold large or heavy cameras. You only get about 2 pounds of weight support with this camera crane. A solid rotating arm and screw attach this camera crane to the desk.

5. Zhiyun Crane

 Zhiyun Crane V2 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Mirrorless Camera

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Another camera crane that does not handle large cameras or cameras with large lenses. Yet it will hold mirrorless cameras weighing up to roughly 4 pounds. The electronic controls are operated by a joystick and provide you with 360-degree movement.

Its motor is so quiet you can continue to film and still move the camera. You also do not get any jerky motion as the crane will move the camera smoothly. The wireless remote control allows you to do time-lapse photography, low angle filming, and long exposures without readjusting the camera manually.

It only takes about 1 minute to attach this crane to a tripod or stand. Then the batteries will give you about 12 hours of life on a single charge. A 1-year warranty covers this equipment.

4. Zhiyun Crane 2 3-Axis

 Zhiyun Crane 2 (Gets Free Servo Follow

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One of the great features of this unit is its carrying case. You can keep the camera crane protected when not in use. Another great feature is that the push button controls. You get the height and horizontal angles with the touch of a button.

When setting up, this camera crane will hold up to 7 pounds and it is designed to hold mirrorless cameras. The camera perch leveled and locked into place manually.  To get that perfect focus, just attach a cable to the camera and the thumbwheel. You can then turn the thumbwheel to make sure your shot is in focus.

A small display screen and simple to use buttons help you get the camera exactly where you want it to be. The 3 AA batteries provide you with about 18 hours of power.

3. ePhotoInc DSLR Mini Jib Crane

 ePhotoInc New Portable DSLR Mini Jib Crane Video Camera Jib Video Jib Arm with 2 QR Plates EA-500A

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When you put this camera crane into action, you get up to 4 more feet of extension and angles to choose from. Plus, it will hold up to 5 kilograms or approx. 11 pounds. You will 3/8-inch screws on a 75mm tripod head to attach this crane correctly.

A quick release system is standard with this camera crane. You can detach it quickly when you are in hurry. It shouldn’t be too difficult to move the crane to its next position. The camera crane is lightweight and not hard to handle.

Its pan and tilt functions are built into the camera crane, so you do not need extra equipment to get the movement you want. A second arm is added to provide you with the stability you want from a camera crane.

2. Andoer VS-200 Camera Crane

 Andoer VS-200 6.4ft Camera Crane Jib Arm Foldable Extendable Mini Video DV -Camera Cranes

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This camera crane comes with an almost 6 ½ foot extension reach. Made with aluminum, it is strong enough to hold up to 11 pounds of weight.  As with many other camera cranes you have flexibility in how you mount it to a tripod.

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All that is needed is a ¼” screw or a 3/8” screw to hold the crane securely to the tripod. Its foldable design makes transporting and storage convenient and very easy. A padded bag is included with our purchase. You can keep the camera crane protected when you do not require its services.

When used correctly, you can get those perfect sots you always wanted to get. Your photography reputation will be enhanced, and you should hopefully get more photography work using this camera crane.

1. IMORDEN Foldable and Extendable Mini Camera Crane

 IMORDEN 5.7ft/1.7m Foldable

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This camera crane holds up to about 8 pounds and is great with mirrorless cameras. When properly assembled you will get roughly 6 feet of extra reach and angles to work with. Its carbon fiber construction material keeps the crane lightweight and strong.

A sandbag counterweight is included with your purchase, but it is empty. You will have to add your weight to counterbalance your camera. You can attach this crane to a tripod whose head measures 75 to 100 mm in size.

Then an environmentally friendly protective carrying case makes sure no damage happens to your camera crane when it is not in use. Also, when it is not in use, you can fold up the crane for easier storage and transportation to a new locale.

What to look for

When you want to get one of the top 10 best camera cranes in 2019, it pays to know what to look for. Here are a few guiding hints to make sure you et one of the best of the best and the camera crane that is best for you:

  • Extension- depending on where you are using the crane, the longer the reach the better. Make sure the crane is very adjustable and can meet those short distance requirements that arise.
  • Range- vertical is great but if you can get 360 degrees horizontal as well, then the two together are much better.
  • Flexibility- being able to use different screw sizes to meet your tripod needs is essential
  • Power- we prefer the manual operating camera cranes as they provide better control and less can go wrong.
  • Warranty- make sure you know what is covered, how long it is covered and what the return policy is. Read the details in the fine print before buying
  • Price- make sure you do not break your budget when getting a camera crane.

Some final words

With stiff competition in the photo taking and film industry, it pays to have an edge. You can get that edge by using better equipment than the other guy. Using one of the top 10 best camera cranes in 018 is finding that edge.

These units will help you take better shots, at better angles and some even help you focus. Upgrade your camera equipment and give yourself that edge you need.