Top 10 Best Camping Shovels in 2019 Reviews


A suitable collection of tools is required to take care of your yard or garden in the best possible ways. When you own a garden or yard, you may need to dig a pit, excavate sand, clear debris, and bury vegetation waste and many more. These types of activities, when carried out on a regular basis, would guarantee a clean look of the garden. However, such activities are laborious and cannot be performed manually just by hands. For that, the camping shovel is a perfect apparatus to use. Their wide popularity adheres to the fact that they are simple to use, compact in size, lightweight in structure, and easy to carry along with. While you decide to pack accessories for next camping trip or wish to maintain your garden, go through the best camping shovels discussed below:

List of Top 10 Best Camping Shovels in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

 10. Schrade SCHSH1 Stainless Steel Telescoping Shovel:

 Schrade SCHSH1 16.6in Stainless Steel Telescoping Shovel

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The primary aspect responsible to boost your confidence while using this telescoping shovel is its blade. Its blade ensures secure scooping without creating any issues of slip. The users will be benefitted with the optimal leverage along with the tactically designed handle. Due to the included sharpened edges, it presents high efficiency during work. Moreover, when not in use, you may collapse down this tool for convenient storage and transport. The included sheath would protect the blade while not in use. This sheath even fits while shovel is collapsed down into its compact position. High reliability is conveyed through its instant and easy access.


  • The polypropylene made handle is designed in T shape to allow users to gain convenient fit while using. Moreover, this uniquely shaped handle would guarantee sturdy and balanced contact whenever used.
  • Its blade is prepared from 3cr13 S.S. with a black, PP, T-shaped handle. This combination of handle and blade guarantees high efficiency.
  • he included telescoping handle comes with the maximum length of up to 19″, so it is easy to access far places without any problems.

9. Oara Camping Shovels:

 Oara Camping Shovels, Military Portable Folding Shovel

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The functioning of this Oara made camping shovel is not limited for a single application because it is essentially a multipurpose tool. Basically, it is engineered and manufactured based on the self-driving experiences of seasoned sports enthusiasts. Anyone can use this shovel tool for a variety of purposes like backpacking, tent camping, RV camping, etc. Different types of people like scouts, hikers, gardeners, fisherman, motorcyclists, military personnel, etc. utilize this tool for their applications. It is this folding shovel that represents the ideal combination of security, practicality, and functionality. For light work at home or for heavy work at the garden, this shovel proves to be extremely handy.


  • The multipurpose nature of this Oara shovel allows it to be used in the form of a saw blade, hoe, bottle opener, screwdriver, etc.
  • Its built-in shovel blade and handle are prepared out of high-carbon steel. This steel material is extremely sturdy and resistant to wear & tear.
  • This camping tool can be effortlessly folded up and accommodated inside a carrying pouch.
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 8. SOG Elite E Tool Folding Camping Shovel:

SOG Folding Shovel

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The present model of the folding, multi-tool shovel comes with the extended length of up to 26 inches. So, you may dig pits or clear debris in the garden with high efficiency. Its versatility allows it to be used in the form of an emergency shovel, survival tool, and hiking shovel. You may use it in the form of hoe, wood saw or bottle opener. For instance, you just need to lock this hand shovel in a fixed place in order to use it as a hoe. Subsequently, fasten the saw to the handle for trimming purposes and pop a bottle top while the digging shovel is completed.

Its package contains a ballistic nylon E shovel case. This case is capable to safely stow your car emergency shovel, backpacking shovel or hunting shovel. According to your need, you may pack to use or may secure it to your belt. Generally, different people belonging to different backgrounds utilize this E tool for hoeing, sawing digging, and other important survival tasks.


  • For easy carrying, its portable shovel blade can be collapsed down to 10.2 inches.
  • It feels great comfort while holding this shovel since its telescoping handle is made with tough 1075 carbon steel.
  • You will find comfort while using because it comes with the contoured grip.
  • When you are not in need of this shovel, you may suspend it from your belt by utilizing the incorporated ballistic nylon sheath.

7. Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel:

 Gerber Gorge Folding Shovel

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Gerber Gorge prepared this portable shovel with outstanding versatility to convey efficient performance whether used in the home or outdoors. In most cases, this folding shovel is widely used for a broad range of tasks. They highlight light snow shoveling about tires or constructing trails during mountain biking. Its digging abilities are found excellent for any gardening based tasks. Besides, you may execute the tool in hammer mode, so that you may accomplish hammering in tent stakes.

Any home tool kit or car emergency kit can be made complete with this folding shovel. Weighing just 28 ounces, this portable shovel is compact enough to accommodate inside a bag or backpack. To perceive extra convenience, a nylon drawstring bag is included in the pack. This bag indicates neat storage and outstanding portability.


  • For fulfilling chores at home or for outdoor excursions, this shovel’s easy push-button slide system proves to be highly functional.
  • To present a comfortable, secure hold, its handle is ergonomically designed. It is made up of fiberglass along with rubberized grip.
  • Its configuration boasts telescoping joint on the handle so that you may fold it down to a compact size.

6. Ultimate Survival Technologies U-DIG-IT Stainless Steel Shovel:

 UST U-Dig-It Stainless Steel Folding Shovel with Pouch

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The durability, longevity and resistant to corrosion can be perceived if the shovel is made up of stainless steel. From the Ultimate Survival Technologies, this U-Dig-It tool is versatile in nature. Various applications for which this durable shovel is used are cooking, excavating for shellfish, finding water, heating meat over a pit, constructing shelters and so on.

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Its important qualities like the compact size and excellent durability are highly beneficial for a number of tasks in the garden. They may include clearing rocks and dust, excavating waste, surplus plant removal, excavating fire pits, and many more. Being extremely versatile, this U-Dig-It tool is helpful for a wide range of camping, survival, or backpacking activities. Looking at the functionalities offered, this stainless steel shovel is an affordable tool.


  • The incorporated blade and folding handle are prepared from stainless steel, so there is no compromise in durability. This helps to successfully perform even severe outdoor excursions.
  • A black nylon sheath is included for easy storage and transportation.
  • When extended, its measurements are 8.9 x 2.5 x .75 inches and when folded down, its measurements are 5.75 x 2.5 x 1 inch.
  • No transportation hassles because it just weighs 5.2 ounces.

5. Zune Lotoo Annihilate Tactical Shovel:

 Zune Lotoo Annihilate Tactical Shovel Camping

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The tactical shovel in the present discussion is a perfect tool to prepare fire and snow excavators, saws, scoops, axes, bottle opener, rescue whistle, mulberry, fish knife, magnesia rod, hammer, hammer, nail pullover, wrench, etc. Unlike other camping shovels that just emphasize on the build quality, this tactical shovel focused uniquely on the aesthetic design. Therefore, it will appear exquisite in your home or garden.


  • The requirement to attune the face of this shovel can be fulfilled by the simple press of the shift key. Doing this allows you to transit the tool to the desired angle.
  • In its body, the military grade high-tensile steel beneath the unibody casting provides corrosion resistance and protection against deformation. Henceforth, this tactical shovel is capable to withstand up to 881 pounds pressure on the shovel back ridge.

4. IUNIO Military Portable Folding Shovel:

 Iunio Military Portable Folding Shovel

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IUNIO devised the present version of the folding shovel to be multifunctional in nature. This allows the user to use it for hiking, camping, backpacking, self-defense, hunting, fishing, and gardening activities. It proves to be a perfect entrenchment tool for truck driver, field survivalists, and disaster recovery personnel. For convenient carrying, this military shovel can be folded up and accommodated inside tactical waist pack equipped with a belt loop. Furthermore, it is extremely simple to suspend it on your belt for hassle-free carry.


  • The corresponding handle and shovel blade and handle are devised from high-carbon steel. This steel material is exceptionally sturdy and resistant to wear.
  • It packs in essential features like shovel board, bottle opener, saw, hoe, nail extractor, fish scaler tool, fire bar, emergency whistle, and hammer.
  • For efficient digging, you may extend its length to the desired level. The length can be chosen by adding more or fewer extensions as per your height.

3. Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade:

Gerber E-Tool Folding Spade, Serrated Edge

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Those looking for a durably constructed folding spade can try this E-Tool from Gerber. The construction is successfully done using superior quality and reliable materials. To showcase excellent portability, the E-Tool is made lightweight and compact. Weighing approximately 2 pounds and with the length being 9.37 inches when closed, this E-Tool is convenient to carry. So, you may easily haul it to campsites or hunting sites. When not in need, one may store it in the shed. Even if your home is in short of space, its compact size would enable convenient fit.

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  • For heavy-duty use, its construction is made durable using a powder finished boron carbon steel spade. This sturdy construction indicates its potential to withstand wide-ranging use in a wide range of environments.
  • Implementation of open design can be seen in its glass-filled nylon handle. This unique design offers sufficient space for enhanced control and benefits you with a firm grip.
  • Presence of a serrated edge employs extra digging power to convey high efficiency.

2. Lifeline 4004 One Size Aluminum Sport Utility:

 Lifeline 4004 One Size Aluminum Sport Utility

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The aluminum body and compact size of this multipurpose shovel will let you find its use in a variety of applications. Being superbly portable and lightweight, this sport utility shovel is an impeccable tool for any gardening tasks. This utility tool’s versatility enables you to use it in the form of a backpacking shovel or camping shovel. Using its lightweight benefits, you can conveniently accommodate this collapsible shovel inside a car, RV, SUV, or snowmobile. For the purpose of easy storage, the utility tool can be disseminated into three pieces. In case you are in need of any road emergency, this aluminum based shovel is perfect.


  • During the situations of emergency due to unpredictable weather, this shovel proves to be a lifesaver for inclusion in the winter weather preparation accessories.
  • The size of this 4004 shovel can be adjusted from 26” to 32” in order to employ the finest control. The setting of control will be based on your prevailing needs.
  • Since it just weighs 1.6 pounds, it becomes easy to haul and use.

1. NACATIN Portable Folding Shovels:

 NACATIN Portable Folding Shovels-Camping Shovels

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For any outdoor excursion or indoor tasks, this portable shovel from NACATIN is made compact in size and durably constructed. Through its multi-functional design, great reliability, functionality, and practicality are conveyed. It efficiently functions as a pickaxe, hoe, saw, and many more. During any outdoor emergency or car emergency, just include this spade in your tool collection.

Essentially, it is a tri-fold shovel that is made lightweight due to its nominal weight of 1.33.


  • Reduced labour and high efficiency are conveyed through its triangle handle.
  • Its sharp blade is prepared from sturdy carbon steel material whereas the handle possesses non-slip grip for a comfortable hold.
  • To store or hang in the corner, a nylon carrying case is offered along with gear loops.

Concluding Note:

It is actually a piece of cake to use such shovels because all you need to do is push it the desired site and finally scoop. For any indoor, outdoor or emergency needs, these camping shovels or spades resemble the lifesaving benefits. Now your garden can be maintained neatly with the effective removal of unwanted matters.