Best Cat Food Containers in 2019 Reviews


For any pet animal, playful activities and food habits shape their daily regime. Any pet owner carefully contemplates when it comes to the choice of pet food. The type of pet food container is equally important as the pet food itself. This is because it is not a feasible idea to feed pets a stale food or food with any harm. When you own a furry companion in your home –cat, you need to make a special arrangement for its food containers. The present market is full of different cat food containers to allow the pet owners to feed their cat in a healthy manner. The nutritious content of the cat food products will be aptly preserved within such containers due to their tight sealing. Deter any chances of confusion when deciding to have a cat food container; just go through the below section:

List of Best Cat Food Containers in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

10. Van Ness 5 Pound Food Container:

Van Ness 5 Pound Food Container

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Those pet owners who own a small cat, this food container product is ideal. It is capable to store a total of 5 pounds of pet foods. The availability of fresh-tite seal would make sure the cat’s food will stay fresh for a long time. Thus, it would indirectly deter the issues of spoilage due to moisture and pests. To retain the freshness of cat food and to avoid moisture, this container’s design boasts an airtight seal. In the majority of the incidences, there would be no troubles to open and close. All such qualities mentioned above would aptly suffice the need of any cat owners. For small to medium-sized cats, this Van Ness container is spacious enough.


  • This 5 pound container would perfectly in your cabinets or in any compact spaces.
  • Your cabinet would stay organized and the food will be easily accessible to cat.
  • The freshness and nutritious content in the food will be retained for a long period.

9. PISSION Pet Food Storage Container:

 PISSION Pet Food Storage Container with Graduated Cup and Seal Buckles Food Dispenser for Dogs Cats

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PISSION is a prevalent name when you decide to purchase pet accessories. One of the great pet accessories from this decent brand is this storage container. Basically, it is a pet food dispenser furnished with seal buckles. So, the tight seal would deter moisture and would retain freshness in the food. Use of the recyclable safe plastic materials indicates that it is completely safe to store food for pets. In addition to cat food, pet owners can also store seed or bedding material. Using this storage container will eliminate the conventional practice of feeding cats from a bag. Also, there is no need of using scoops or any other utensils.


  • Implementation of the translucent design enables the cat owners to easily monitor food levels by using the measuring cup possessing a scale. In this manner, they can satiate the appetite of their pet.
  • The included food storage bottle accepts groove design to let you grasp the cat food easily.
  • It is easy to clean when used indoors or outdoors.
  • There is no complexity to use it –once it is filled, pick it up, pour the food and shut down the lid.
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8. Buddy’s Line Treat Jar, 16 oz:

 Buddy's Line Hammered Stainless Steel & Copper Top Treat Jar

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Belonging to the Buddy’s Line, this stainless steel based copper top treat jar is practical for storing cat food in the best way. The overall appearance seems great and the structure is well-made. Being versatile, this container can double in the form of a wine cooling ice bucket. There is the presence of the knob on the top and it screwed to prevent breakage issues. The decent tight seal would preserve the freshness of treats kept inside.


  • There will be no breakage issues even if you drop it on the floor. Also, this treat jar is resistant to chipping.
  • This 16 oz jar comes with a seal on the inner lid to hold on the food’s freshness for long.
  • Its overall design is made adorable so that cat would be enticed to consume the stored food.

7. The Leonardo Collection LP22218 Cat Food Storage Tin:

 The Leonardo Collection LP22218 Sweet Home Cream Cat Food Storage Tin with Scoop

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The Leonardo Collection is a famed name in the field of pet supplies. The cat food storage tin is showcased in the retro style to make the entire appearance beautiful. Some cat owners worry about the flimsy structure of cat food containers prior to purchasing.  However, such concerns are completely discarded when you go for this storage tin. It is a well-made tin and offered in the perfect size. It owns potential to hold a tad more than your average sized cat food bag. The prime benefit of using the LP22218 storage tin is cats cannot penetrate inside.  To let cats enjoy the healthy scoop of food, this tin is sturdily built and its size is too perfect.


  • The overall dimensions are 7 x 6.29 x 9.84 (inches) and this size is adequate for typical sized cats.
  • It owns the capability to hold a tiny bag of cat food.
  • For accommodating the cat food in bulk, the container can be refilled for convenient access. The scoop simplifies the process to separate out the food.
  • To convey ease of access, there are handles attached to each side and there is a lid available to tightly seal the food.

 6. Paw Prints Plastic Pet Food Bin:

 Paw Prints Plastic Pet Food Bin

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The cat food will retain its dryness and freshness for a long period due to the airtight, gasket-sealed lid tin this food bin. The delicious odors of cat food will be preserved inside. Based on the opinions of users who have already tried it, there are easy-to-use benefits and it would not occupy much space Due to its flat-backed design, this plastic bin would mount flush against the wall.


  • The paw prints 37910 cat food container is prepared out of BPA-free polypropylene plastic. This plastic material is highly durable and simple to clean.
  • The overall measurements being 12.5 x 9.75 x 13.38 inches, it will be not a difficult process to access the stored food.
  • It contains a scoop with the measurements of 1 cup and it would firmly lock into the lid.
  • Maximum content packed inside the bin is up to 15 pounds of food, litter or seed.
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5. Incredible Solutions 95300 Pet Food:

 Incredible Solutions 95300 Pet Food

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The functionality of this pet food container aptly resembles the brand name –‘incredible’. Equipped with the incredible functionalities, the Incredible Solutions prepared this container in an airtight manner. So, the moisture, dryness, and freshness will be retained inside. Presence of the airtight seal makes sure the cat food would stay fresh, dry and free from pest. Incredible Solutions took into account the multi-purpose functionalities while designing this container. Adhering to this aspect, the food bin can be used for many diverse applications. For instance, the container can be used to store cat food, cat litter, bird seed, potting soil, ice melt, etc.


  • The see-through configuration of the container allows you to see the inside content at a glance. This assists the cat owners to get an idea of when to purchase the cat food.
  • Its built-in lid would stay on – simply sustain it against the wall. Alternatively, you may fold it back on its hinge to access the food contents.
  • At the base, the wheels are firmly tucked so that they facilitate effortless rolling. This allows you to shift bin wherever you require.

4. Vittles Vault 4318 Pet Food Storage Container:

 Vittles Vault 4318 Home Stackable Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

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A stackable version of cat food storage container from Vittles Vault, this product is prepared in an airtight manner. This guarantees complete retention of freshness and moisture of the cat food. Glancing at the construction of this 18 lb pet food container, it utilizes superior quality, food-grade plastic that is BPA-free. This kind of plastic based construction is found to be safe for pet food and also for human food.

Now taking a closer look at its design, this container showcases contemporary design to match the decor of stylish kitchens. So, it is definite that this cat food storage container would appear superb on any kitchen countertop. Besides, it perfectly fits in cupboards and pantries. The incorporated espresso brown bib & lid offers an alluring contrast to aptly match the decor of the kitchen’s aesthetic.


  • Use of the airtight seal retains the freshness of cat food for a longer span. Besides, it would deter the accumulation of bad odor in cupboards and home.
  • Execution of the patented sealing mechanism would prolong the overall life of cat’s food. Also, it retains the nutritional integrity for long period. It is this sealing system that guarantees that the storage container is waterproof and pest-proof.
  • Its complete design is made stackable for the efficient utilization of storage space.

3. Vittles Vault Stackable:

 Vittles Vault Outback 50 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

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For serving petite batches, snacks, and treats, this stackable container would offer great portability and convenience. Generally, the Vittles Vault food grade buckets prove to be a lifesaver during the situation when need arise to transport food safely. The availability of the 30 lb, 50 lb, and 80 lb sizes seem perfect for storing pet food fresh for prolonged span.


  • The cat food contents can be easily accessed through the simple twist of the lid.
  • Execution of the patented sealing system functions efficiently to lock out air, pests, bugs, and water.
  • Presence of the GAMMA seal lid assists to securely seal the inside food.
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2. TBMax Pet Food Container for Cat:

 TBMax Pet Food Container for Dogs Cat Food Container with Pour Spout

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When there is a need to transport cat food container for indoor use, outdoor use or for traveling, the TBMax container is the best one. The included handles and grooves assist easy transportation through the one-handed grips. In order to use this, first of all, measure the cup lid to pour spout. Next, rotate the measuring cup clockwise. It is found that the box and measuring cup are tightly bonded collectively via the silicone strip.  A small yet convenient fit is exhibited for neat pantry organization. With the assistance of the 2 silicone seal, the entire configuration is made airtight to retain dryness of food. Furthermore, this airtight structure deters the entry of rats, insects, or other pests.


  • In this cat food holder, execution of the double sealing performance successfully deters foreign substance from penetrating inside.
  • The tank’s lid and the Pour Spout are equipped with decent quality sealing rings. These rings would enhance preservation performance.
  • Through the implementation of the groove design, it becomes easy to hold the foodstuff.
  • For use during traveling, its easy to clean feature is highly beneficial to save time.

1. IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Containers:

 IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container, 12.5-Pounds-Cat Food Containers

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Recognized as a premium airtight food container, the product is made up of plastic to showcase flexibility. An availability of airtight seal and effective snap lock latch retains moisture and keeps pest away. Since the plastic used is BPA free, it is completely safe to use the container. The corresponding see-through structure helps the cat owners to gauge the amount of cat food.

With adequate capacity and simplicity of use, it is a highly recommended container and therefore secures the top position. If you need to carry it outside during travel trips, the inside food would not leak or damp. Also, it is easy to clean while used outdoors. Due to its versatility, it can be used as wood chip storage or as a charcoal container.


  • The maximum food content held is up to 15 quarts of dry pet food.
  • Its corresponding airtight storage bins are pointed so there are no cleaning hassles; also, food scooping is simplified.
  • Use of the snap-tight latch makes sure that the lid is firmly shut. Besides, the wide lid provides convenient access for scooping dry cat food.

Concluding Note:

The requirement to feed fresh food to cats is seamlessly fulfilled by any of the discussed cat food containers. It is the airtight lids assisting them to retain the freshness of inside food. Such containers would make sure that the cat food is not rendered in the open air and it would not be influenced by degradation.