3 Best Digital Camera Under $300: For DSLR like Image Quality


Handheld digital point-and-shoot cameras are definitely a boon for people, who’d like to get great quality images without going through complex settings. Usually the cheaper ones offer much better image quality compared to your pricey Smartphone.

However they do fail to offer necessary features like Blur Reduction and larger battery life.These problems are definitely rectified by mid-range digital cameras that cost under $300 and offer great portability along with DSLR like image quality.

Hence to solve your problem we have handpicked 3 of the best digital camera under 300 dollars that have compact size, tremendous image quality & crispiness similar to any costly DSLR along with huge range of zooming allowing you to capture subjects even at very long distance.

These cameras would mean a great option if you travel a lot and want to take some of the best pictures but hate the complexity and non-compactness of DSLR cameras.

3 Best Digital Cameras under $300: Detailed List

#1 Olympus SH-1

Olympus SH-1 - Best Digital Camera under 300 Dollars

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If you’re looking for a great compact camera that offers ton of zoom at affordable price, Olympus SH-1 fits the package completely. Though lacklustre in terms of design, the camera is definitely nice when compared to other cameras in terms of features.

Inside this small plastic body weighing 0.6 pounds, you have almost everything you’d expect from any best digital camera under 300 Dollars. It comes in two variants: Black and Silver, however if you ask me… go for the black version as it looks much cooler and uber than the silver.

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One important feature that Olympus added to the SH-1 is its 5-axis Image Stabilization feature which allows you to capture blur-free images even at 1/15 shutter speed and super smooth handheld videos by removing vibrations.

Hence if you’ve zoomed to the max, image stabilization helps you capture sharp images which most entry level point-and-shoot cameras fail to do.

For its price under $300, you get 16MP sensor that can extend its range upto 24x; which is equivalent to 24-600mm in terms of DSLR.

VerdictAll in all the Olympus is definitely one of the best digital camera under 300 Dollars offering tons of great features. It’s 5-axis image stabilization is one of the best you can find in any camera that amazed me by capturing clean shot even at full zoom. If you’re always travelling and love taking photos from trains, buses or while you’re moving around then Olympus SH-1 is your best buddy!

#2 Nikon Coolpix S9900

Nikon Coolpix S9900 - Best Digital Camera under 300 Dollars

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Nikon’s Coolpix S9900 is one of the best digital camera under 300 Dollar range sporting optical zoom of 30x that is equivalent to 25mm at widest and 750mm at longest allowing you to capture subjects at great distance with optimum clarity.

Within package of $300, you get GPS along with Wi-Fi and NFC for instant sharing.

  • Nikon Coolpix S9900 package comes with:
  • An Informative User
  • Power Charger
  • Micro-USB to USB cable
  • 1050mAh Li-ion Battery

At first look the design of Nikon Coolpix S9900 looks extremely old school with touch of modern elegance.

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S9900 comes with a variable angle 3” swivel screen with 921,000 dots that display crisp pictures with best quality. The swivel features allows you to take high quality selfies or group photo without having to fidget a lot.

The camera is very comfortable to hold and weighs at 0.64 pounds, it comes in two colors: Black and Silver. The flash module on this one is mechanical and rather pops out after releasing the Flash lock that also tilts little backward for dynamic flashing.


With a 30x Optical Zoom lens, Nikon’s Vibration Reduction technology, lightweight, tons of filters and flagship model in Coolpix range… the Nikon Coolpix S9900 is definitely the best digital camera under 300 Dollars that will easily fit in your pocket; and its price under your wallet.

#3 Canon Powershot SX530

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I’ve always been a fan of Canon’s Powershot range of Point-and-Shoot cameras. Since they come in a DSLR like body, this bridge camera confuses a lot of people and tricks them to assume they’re actually DSLR cameras.

In our list of Best Digital Camera under 300 Dollars, Canon Powershot SX530 has highest level of Optical Zoom i.e. 50x which is equivalent to 24-1200mm. You even have a 16MP High Sensitivity CMOS sensor along with Canon’s own DIGIC 4+ Image processor.

It’s got a big ridge toward the shutter button placement making it look like a DSLR… however the overall weight is still less at 0.97 pounds.

The screen however on Canon Powershot SX530 is pretty average compared to Nikon S9900 and Olympus SH-1 with just 3” 461,000 dots and the camera’s battery lasts for only 210 photos which is still less compared to other two models in our list. Backside of camera looks clean with minimal buttons, however it still feels crowded with button placed very close to each other. If you have big thumb like me, very often you’d press the wrong button instead.


Even due to its shortcomings, Canon Powershot SX530 delivers what it’s intended to do and that is capture great quality pictures. You’d be amazed with the amount of sharpness and crispness this package from canon Powershot series offers without being too loud or pricey and hence is featured in our list of Best Digital Camera under 300 Dollars..


I’m hoping that this list of Best Cameras under 300 Dollars helped you in choosing your next digital camera. If it did, do let me know which one you chose to buy in the comment section.

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If it did not, ask me in the comments section what are the things you are looking for and what is your intended purpose.I’ll definitely reply and get back to your query as quick as possible.