Top 10 Best Dog Carrier Slings in 2019 Reviews


When you contemplate moving out with your pet dog, you may generally speculate about its safety. Though being an excellent companion dog has the propensity to move around haphazardly and this may pose security threats. You may get involved in hours of hassles if your pet dog gets misplaced. It is not a feasible solution to carry pet crates or kennels along with you. Therefore, a suitable solution for the same is to use the dog carrier slings.  Whenever you approach any crowded places or any travel destinations, your dog would be conveniently accommodated inside such slings. With the facility of pocket and strap being provided, it is extremely flexible to use them when you are outdoors. Even though being close to your body, these slings still allow you to move freely without any hassles. The in-depth details of the finest dog carrier slings are available below:

List of Top 10 Best Dog Carrier Slings in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

10. OWNPETS Pet Sling Carrier:

 OWNPETS Pet Sling Carrier, Pet Sling Carrier Bag Safe, Comfortable

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Utilizing the soft, comfortable materials in this pet sling carrier, OWNPETS made this carrier easy to use. Being soft, breathable, and durable, the cloth material of this sling carrier is extremely convenient to wash and dry quickly. Actually, the oxford cloth is used in the making and this material feels extremely comfortable to pets. Moreover, the pet owners can use it frequently for long-term without any abrasion. It is assured that the lining is constitutive of cotton fabric. This fabric material is of decent quality, durable, and breathable. Henceforth, it presents a comfortable user experience.


  • There is a plastic side-release buckle over its surface. It is exclusively designed to handle high impacts and stay safe.  It is this buckle which is tough enough to sustain the severity of weather conditions.
  • Availability of the adjustable shoulder strap seamlessly accommodates dogs of different sizes.
  • The included shoulder strap is capable to adjust so that it can meet the diverse need of dogs in terms of size.  Its length can be varied in a convenient manner.

9. AutoWT Dog Padded Papoose Sling:

 AutoWT Dog Padded Papoose Sling

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Important traits of this padded papoose sling are its safety and comfortable feel. This model of the AutoWT dog carrier boasts an adjustable safety hook that seamlessly links to the collar of your pet. It is due to the mounting of two buttons on the bag’s mouth that protects the dog from falling off abruptly. The reason behind the comfortable feel is the soft breathable cotton; this material is skin-friendly and always stays in a fixed place. Now there will be no obstructions to take this carrier sling to parks, stores, trip, etc.


  • Being soft padded, this sling carrier for a dog could be effortlessly attuned to the height of your dog.
  • The shoulder straps width is 3.15 inch and it is prepared out of dense sponge capable to alleviate shoulder aches. So, it is ideal for taking your dog to walk yet keeping your hands free.
  • Generally, it is observed suitable for petite pets who weigh up to 13lbs.
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8. RETRO PUG Travel Mate Pet Carrier Sling Bag:

 RETRO PUG Travel Mate Pet Carrier Sling Bag

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For hassle-free and convenient transportation of pets of different sizes, this adjustable dog sling proves to be the finest solution.  There are zero doubts regarding its safety and the accommodated dogs would not fall off. Generally, this version of RETRO PUG sling bag works superbly for small and medium dogs. Arrangement of the 3-second strap enables the pet owners to adjust the bag’s length. In this way, comprehensive comfort and superb flexibility are promised.

Being a double safety device, it is certain that the dog would be protected against popping out of the bag. It is possible for the pet owners to include multiple dog accessories inside the available pockets. Moreover, the universal ring promises enhanced practicality.


  • In spite of carrying the bulky weight of your dog, you would feel pain-free. The appreciation for the same goes to the included strap set that possesses exceptional ergonomic design. This implemented design is found convenient and lightweight.
  • The corresponding front pack possesses a premium quality waterproof material. It is this material that maintains dryness in the body of the dog even during damp weather or rain.

7. Inviktus Oxford Cloth Sling:

 Inviktus Black Oxford Cloth Sling Pet Dog Cat Carrier Bag

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Are you the one who desires to keep your tiny companion –dog to stay safe wherever you go? If yes then this Inviktus carrier sling is an ideal choice. It will simplify the hassles easy to carry them conveniently and safely. It is the oxford cloth material that keeps this dog carrier sling comfortable for dogs. Now pet owners can travel outside in a hands-free manner yet stay close to the body of the dog. Excellent dog safety is guaranteed with the help of the safety leash.

The implemented design is exceptional to guarantee the complete security of the dog. Your dog would be able to see the outside world and enjoy the trip along with you. The spacious carrier sling is showcased in 3 varied sizes. Furthermore, it can flawlessly accommodate dogs up to 13 lbs., so you may opt for a custom length based on the size of your dog.


  • The built-in adjustable strap works superbly with the most size; henceforth, it is convenient to carry your pup with you wherever you head on.
  • Its multipurpose functionality allows your kids to include their toys and carry them to picnics.
  • The included oxford cloth is made extremely durable and feels breathable to your pet. This comfortable material is simple to clean and maintenance-free.

6. CISNO Small Pet Dog Cat Kitty Carry Carrier:

 CISNO Small Pet Dog Cat Kitty Carry Carrier Outdoor Travel Oxford Single Shoulder Bag Sling

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An ideal carry carrier for hauling your little companion along with you, the carrier sling is highly suitable for petite dogs. Use of the breathable material gives assurance that the dog feels superior comfort throughout the use. In order to guarantee comprehensive safety, its bottom is prepared from leather. To remove the carry hassles, its design is done using the premium shoulder strap.

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It is made wide in size to make sure your shoulder feels comfortable even after hours of carrying. Therefore, you would experience great comfort without feeling bulky.  In most cases, this kitty carrier is an impeccable solution for taking your dog to travel, walk, hang out, shopping and many more.


  • The extreme weight sustained is 5 lbs.
  • The sling bag is made breathable with the presence of the air mesh material.
  • There is the availability of PU leather below the bottom. This material is specially incorporated to obstruct the urine from a dog.

5. Alfie Chico Reversible Pet Sling Carrier:

 Alfie Pet - Chico 2.0 Revisible Pet Sling Carrier

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The combination of style and convenience is occasionally seen in the sling carriers, and this reversible bag is one among them. Its design is made unique to convey your pet to your travel trips without compromising safety. You will be pleased to observe how your pet cuddles with the plush cotton material. Also, it gives unique emotional feelings since your dog would stay close to your heart and so you can communicate with them anytime.

With a view to strengthening the security, it comes with a safety collar hook. Now your dog would not be left lonely and you can carry it along with you regardless of the place you go.


  • The length of the adjustable shoulder strap diverges from 14 to 35 inches.
  • Equipped with the soft cotton cloth material, this carrier sling bag would keep your dog relaxed and let it feels lightweight.
  • Without much effort and pain on your shoulder, it is highly convenient to carry your dog even to long distance trip.

4. FurryFido Adjustable Pet Sling Carrier:

 FurryFido Reversible Pet Sling Carrier for Cats Dogs up to 13+ lbs

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The classically designed pet sling from Furry Fido is essentially a reversible carrier bag that let you travel in a hands-free manner. Keeping in mind comfort, the preparation is accomplished using the perforated fabric. Its relevant lightweight design is highly safe and powerful enough to withstand the wear & tear. The credit of the comfortable feel goes to its soft cotton cloth material that delivers great feelings of relaxation all through the day. Furthermore, its hands-free design proves to be a cherry on the cake.


  • This adjustable dog carrier bag would effortlessly hold your pet wherever you head on.
  • A safety collar hook is included to guarantee complete security.
  • Through the implementation of a reversible design, the overall appearance is magnificent from inside to outside.
  • Since it is a machine washable pet sling carrier, it would appear new when you subject it to a simple cold wash in the washing machine.

3. iPrimio Dog and Cat Sling Carrier:

 iPrimio Dog and Cat Sling Carrier

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There would no commotions while moving outside with your furry friend when you include them inside this iPrimio sling carrier. It is a reversible carrier sling that is highly admired by pet owners for their dogs of different sizes.  Unlike the other cheap quality sling carriers that are difficult to carry, this one is prepared with the convenient hands-free design. Henceforth, carrying your furry friend to your trips is now simplified like never before.


  • The width and depth of this carrier sling are 20″ and 14″ respectively. Furthermore, the length of the shoulder strap is 26″ and it is furnished with a security clasp to make sure the dog does not fall off.
  • Keeping in mind the effortless cleaning, the incorporated breathable material that is easily washable. So, your dog could be transported in a fresh looking manner without any mess.
  • There would be no issues to hold maximum of 12 pounds weight of pet. So, it is ideal for hauling small breed dog without any complexity.
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2. SlowTon Pet Carrier, Hand Free Sling:

 SlowTon Pet Carrier, Hand Free Sling Adjustable Padded Strap Tote Bag Breathable Cotton Shoulder Bag Front Pocket Safety Belt Carrying Small Dog Cat Puppy

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One of the recent additions to the line of sling carriers from SlowTon, this pet carrier benefit the pet owners with its hands-free design. It is its cushioned and adjustable shoulder strap that enables the users to conveniently adjust based on the pet’s height. Presence of a simple buckle effortlessly fastens the included dog. It is due to its dense sponge that this strap could alleviate shoulder aches successfully. Now any dog owners could perfectly haul their dogs to a daily walk, trips or adventures.

A highly safe and comfortable to use accessory for pets, it is this shoulder bag that secures the dog perfectly.  Presence of an adjustable safety hook associates the collar of pet and the 2 included buttons on the bag’s mouth. So, your pet would be prevented from falling out abruptly.


  • SlowTon utilized soft breathable cotton material to enhance comfort during use. Besides, this material is found extremely skin-friendly to stay in place without any concerns.
  • On the surface, you will observe the availability of the zipped pocket to securely hold all your personal belongings. These may include your wallet, keys, cellphone, poo bags, and many more.

1. TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling:

 TOMKAS Small Dog Cat Carrier Sling Hands Free Pet Puppy Outdoor Travel Bag Tote Reversible-Dog Carrier Slings

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It is the presence of the soft, perforated fabric material that seems superbly comfortable to the skin of your dog. This material is found adequately thick to guarantee supreme softness and let your pet feel the warmth. Being secure enough, this petite carrier sling is capable to easily hold your furry animal.

There are no much hassles to use this sling from TOMKAS as you only need to place your pet within the bag. Subsequently, you just need to fasten the security lock to the collar’s ring. The incorporated belt could be conveniently moved to alter the size of the opening. So, it would ideally fit dogs of different sizes.


  • The maximum pet load withstanding capacity is 10 lbs.
  • Its corresponding reversible design seems highly convenient for exhibiting a multipurpose two-way look.
  • Any chances of falling off or accidents will not be observed.

Concluding Note:

The comfortable pet carrier slings discussed above prove to the impeccable solution to experience hands-free hauling of dogs. It is assured that your little companion would stay secure and feel relaxed wherever you head on. Regardless of the external weather conditions, these comfortable dog carrier slings are versatile and easy to use.