Top 10 Best Dog Ramps For Car in 2019


Your best friend needs a little help jumping in and out of cars is not easy on their legs. As willing as your canine friend is to get in and out of your vehicle, they do need help as they get older or become injured. That is where one of the top 10 best dog ramps for car in 2019 come in handy.

These ramps work with you and your dog so that they can enter and exit your ar without stress or possible injury. Each ramp gives your dog a lift and allows them to walk in or out of your vehicle.

Using one of the best dog ramps in 2019 is one way to give a little back to your friend who gives you so much each day. They are worth the expense and extra effort.

List of Our Top 10 Best Dog Ramps for Car Review On

10. Solvit Deluxe TriScope Ramp

Solvit Deluxe Tri-Scope Ramp

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After purchasing this ramp, you will find that its telescoping capabilities make this ramp a universal fit for most vehicles. Just hook up the ramp, then extend it between 28 and 70 inches until you get to the height of your car and then let your dog walk up or down.

Also, the 16-inch width ensures that your dog has plenty of room to walk on its new ramp. There is a 300-pound weight limit on the ramp, but you shouldn’t ever come close to that limit with your pet.

The ramp comes with its own traction layer, so your dog won’t slip as they walk on the ramp. The first drawback is that it may not be compatible with raised trucks. Second, the traction layer may not have a lot of traction to it. Finally, the snap strap may break.

9. Pet Gear Stramp Stair and Ramp

Pet Gear Step and Ramp Combination with supertraX

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This dog ramp is versatile. You can use it to get your dog in and out of your vehicle. Or you can put inside so he or she can crawl up to your furniture. The soft traction coating should not be hard on your dog’s paws.

Assembling the 150-pound capacity dog ramp does not require tools and its lightweight allows you to move it easily. After assembling, the rubber feet make sure the ramp stays nice and still when your dog is on it. The ramp measures 28 by 16 by 16 inches in size.

Unfortunately, there are no replacement parts available. A second drawback is that it is made of plastic.  This means that it may not be as durable and long lasting as it should be. Finally, the traction mat may be a little slippery for some dogs to handle.

8. Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Ramp

 Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Ramp for Cats

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A good dog ramp is one that can fold up nice and small when not in use. This ramp does just that and makes storage and moving it a lot simpler and easier. Then the ramp measures 42 by 16 inches in size and provides your dog with a lot of leg room.

After unfolding the ramp, rubber feet hold it securely in place. The top hook system should contribute to this stability as well. Also, the pressure activated paw floor allows your dog’s claws to get a firm grip on the ramp.

One drawback is that it may be too short for some vehicles. Also, its top hook system limits its use. It may not hook up to truck beds, SUV doors, and other similar situations. Pus, it may take a little training to get your dog to use it.

7.  Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Pets

 Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp for Pets

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The fake grass mat should provide your dog with the traction he or she needs to get up and down the ramp safely. With the soft fake grass, your dog’s claws can get a good grip to help them ascend the ramp easily.

The 72-inch bifold ramp comes with a hook strap to hold it in place. All you have to do is grab the carrying handle and unfold the ramp. After you put it in place, your dog just walks up or down. Very simple to use. The ramp should hold up to 250 pounds of dog weight.

One drawback is the unnecessary clip lock that holds the folded halves together. Second, is that it may be too long for most vehicles. Third, it is not designed well for fingers. You may get pinched more than once.

6. Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp

 Pet Gear Travel Lite Ramp with supertraX Surface

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Your dog is your best friend. When they get older it may be harder to see them struggle. That is why this dog ramp is so special. Its 42-inch length and 200-pound weight limit allow your dog to get in and out of your vehicle easily.

With the top hook system and rubber feet, this dog ramp should stay in place when your dog is walking on it. Plus, the lightweight ramp comes with a carry handle. Once your dog is off, just fold it up and carry it to its next destination by the handle.

The first drawback is that the carpet may be too smooth and slippery for your dog. Next, it has no sides which allow your dog to slip off or get off when they want. Finally, the mat may not feel good to your dog’s paws.

5. PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

 PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp, Standard

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With its telescoping prowess, you can extend this ramp from 39 to 72 inches in length. This allows you to use this ramp for a variety of vehicles. Then its 13-pound weight keep sit light enough for most people to move from storage to their car and back again.

After setting up the dog ramp, you can get up to 400 pounds of dog on top of the ramp. Before your dog gets scared, the textured surface should provide him or her with all the traction they need to go up or down the ramp.

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Unfortunately, the small guide rails are a little too small to provide your dog with security. Second, the rap may not be durable and strong enough. Third, fingers can get pinched quite easily when using this ramp. Not a fun event to have to happen to you.

4. Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp

 Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp 71 Inch Long Extra Wide Portable Pet Ramp for Dogs

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The tri-fold design of this 71-inch dog ramp makes it simple to use. Just unfold it, have your dog walk it, then fold it back up again till next time. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to operate this dog ramp. Also, the skid-resistant ramp holds up to 200 pounds of weight.

Plus, the top hook system connects to your trunk latch for better security and stability. Rubber feet also contribute to the stability of this ramp when your dog is using it. With its soft padded mat, your dog should be able to dig its claws in and get a could solid grip as they walk.

Unfortunately, this dog ramp may not be long enough for most vehicles. Another drawback is that it may bend in the middle as your dog walks up or down the ramp.

3. Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp

 Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp for Cats and Dogs

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Locking legs provide your dog and the ramp with the strength and stability both need. The independent legs do not hook on your car, it just stands there waiting for your dog to get up or down. Its free-standing nature means you do not scratch your car when you use this ramp.

Measuring 56 by 16 inches, your under 200-pound dog should have plenty of room to walk the ramp. Plus, the ramp reaches roughly 23 inches high and allows your dog to easily get in and out of your vehicle.

The first drawback is that the mat material may feel like rough sandpaper on your dog’s paws. Next, it may be a little steeper than it looks in the pictures. The steep incline may not be good for your dog. Finally, the mat is very thin and does not offer to cushion to your pet.

2. Pet Gear Free-Standing Ramp

 Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp for Cats and Dogs

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This pet ramp offers a stair instead of a ramp design. Your dog can climb the two stairs easily and maintain their balance in doing so. Also, the rubber feet help keep the stairs stable and still as your dog uses the ramp.

Plus, the 60 by 23 by 19-inch ramp should work with most vehicles. It will hold up to 350 pounds of weight. Additional support legs work to keep your dog safe and the stair in place when in use. After your dog is finished with the stair, you just fold it up and put it way till you need it again.

One drawback is that the walking mat may not be as slip-proof or as comfortable as it should be. Next, it may be too long for adequate use in some situations. Finally, the platform may be too small for most dogs.

1. Solvit Ultralite Bifold Pet Ramp

PetSafe-Solvit-UltraLite-Bi-Fold-Pet-Ramp-Dog Ramps For Car

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It may be lightweight, weighing only 10 pounds, but it will hold up to 150 pounds of dog any day of the week. When you unfold it to its full 62-inch size, your dog has lots of room to walk up and down the ramp with confidence.

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Also, its safety release latch lets you open the ramp when you are ready. It won’t surprise you and open too soon. In addition to all of this, you get 4 rubber feet to make sure the ramp doesn’t move when in use. Pus, the ramp is easy to keep clean in case your dog has an accident.

A drawback to this ramp is, of course, the sandpaper type traction. It does not hold very well. Another is that the ramp may slip off your vehicle without notice. Finally, your dog can trip n the edges if they are not careful.

The benefits of using a dog ramps for car

As your best friend ages, they are not as spry as they once were. They need a little help getting in and out of your vehicle. That is where the benefits of one of the top 10 best dog ramps for the car in 2019 help you out.

These benefits make it easier for you and your dog. Here are a few of them:

  • No real lifting involved- as the dog ages you want to help them by picking them up and putting them in or out of your vehicle. A dog ramp spares your back from aches and pains.
    They are easy to use- just unfold or telescope them out and the dog ramp is ready to do its duty.
  • Saves your dog- a good dog ramp protects your dog from injury. It also helps cut down on their aches and pains as they do not have to use their limbs in a strenuous manner.
  • Less stress- using a dog ramp puts less stress on your dog’s joints. This means your dog’s legs should last longer before age catches up with your friend.
  • Universal use- you can use one dog ramp on a variety of vehicles. This will save you money as well as time.
  • Easier access- your dog can get in and out of your car quickly. Saving you time the hassle of coaxing him or her out or in your vehicle.
  • Saves on your furniture- a good ramp will protect your furniture as your dog won’t need to use its claws to get up or down.

Some final words

Sometimes it is hard to find ways to give back to your dog all the love and compassion they bring to our home. Using one of the top 10 best dog ramps for cars in 2019 is a small way to thank your pet for their unconditional love.

Not only do you repay their kindness, but you also get to protect their joints and limbs from injuries. This is a good thing as you want your dog in the best of health for a long time. Helping them stay healthy is rewarding and gives you extra time with your best friend.