Top 10 Best Electronic Scales in 2019


When you need to weigh items

It pays to have a good electronic scale on hand to help you get an accurate measurement. Whether you are measuring food to meet a recipe’s requirements or your body to meet your doctor’s orders, a good electronic scale is the best item to use.

To help you get that accurate measurement you need one of the top 10 best electronic scale in 2019. These scales are made to make sure you know exactly how much you or your item weighs.

Knowing how much something weighs is important as there are a lot of regulations governing weight. For example, if your parcels are overweight, you have to pay more postage. If you are overweight, you may have to pay for an extra airline seat.

Keeping within weight limits helps you save money. This is an important reason why you should use one of the top 10 best electronic scales in 2019.

When to use an electronic scale

Electronic scales have their place in society. They are accurate, easy to use and make sure what is being weighed is being weighed fairly and honestly. These facts help personal and business relationships. We have found 8 most common uses for an electronic scale in 2019:

  1. Food preparation – if there is one place you need consistency it is in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you are baking or making your family favorite meal, getting the ingredients right makes the difference.
  2. Buying & storing food- a lot of food is sold in bulk these days, so you need to know how much your food items cost. Then to make sure everything fits in your storage weighing out these food items help.
  3. Meal portions- to help keep you and your family from overeating and becoming unhealthy you can measure out their meal portions with a scale
  4. Nutrition tracking- scales help you make sure everyone gets all their daily nutrients when they eat
  5. Weight health- a good electronic scale helps you lose weight and keep track of any weight gain.
  6. Children’s weight health- these scales help you ensure that your children are gaining the weight they should be healthy and strong
  7. Postage- a good electronic scale can help you determine how much it will cost you t send a letter, or package. This will save you a lot of money.
  8. Luggage weight- airlines are strict now and are quick to add weight charges. To avoid paying more travel expenses a good electronic scale will make sure you meet airline regulations

Our electronic scale review

10. Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology, 400 Pounds

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This decorative black and white electronic scale will handle weight up to 400 pounds. Its minimum requirement is 11 pounds. It’s 4 precision sensors work together to make sure you get the most accurate readout possible.

The glass surface is 6mm thick, should be anti-slip and measures 12 inches by 12 inches in size. The auto shut off, auto zero makes sure the measurement starts off on the right foot. Then the LED display allows you to read the results clearly.

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You also get an overload indicator light letting you know when you have placed too much weight on the scale. A low battery indicator light will tell you when it is time to change the batteries.

2 AAA batteries are included with your purchase.

9. Rhenphosmart bathroom scale

Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale by RENPHO

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This is a scale for those who are really concerned about their body weight and if they meet the BMI standard. Its Bluetooth feature helps you analysis 11 different weight concerns. The scale tracks body age, metabolism, body fat, and water percentage and even tell you your weight.

You can use the included USB cable to recharge the lithium battery and if the scale doesn’t work the first time you turn it on, just hit the reset button. The auto-calibration and weight sensors make sure you get an accurate weight measurement up to 396 pounds.

This scale will work with Android 4.3 and iOS 7 and above, as well as Bluetooth 4.0. You can get a free app from the different app stores. The scale will work without being connected to your phone.

The anti-slip tempered glass is 5 mm thick.

8. Etekcity Digital Bathroom Scale

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale With Body Tape Measure, Tempered Glass

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The auto-calibration feature makes sure that when you step on this tempered glass bathroom scale you get an accurate weight measurement. There is no fudging with this digital LCD display. The glass is 8 mm thick, so you know that the scale will last a long time.

It’s 4 precision sensors provide a very accurate reading. You can get within 0.2 pounds of your weight which is more than close enough. Light indicators let you know when you have placed too much weight on the scale and when the battery is getting low.

2 AAA batteries make sure you do not put more than 400 pounds on top of the scale and handle all the other features with ease. The batteries are included with your purchase. The digital display has a large readout, so you should not be able to make a mistake when you read the results.

7. GreaterGoods Bathroom Scale

Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale by GreaterGoods, Large Glass Top, Backlit Display

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Its slim features give you more motivation to lose weight on your diet. If the scale can do it so can you. This scale will handle up to 400 pounds with ease and needs to have at least 11 pounds to begin registering any weight.

Its 4 precision sensors calculate your weight, then provide you with the results clearly on the large LCD display screen. Then the tempered glass surface should not be slippery when you step on it.

The overall measurement of the scale is approx. 12 inches by 12 inches giving you a large platform to step on. Powered by 2 lithium batteries this scale is designed to be accurate and a good friend to you.

A memory function reminds you of your last weight measurement if you are within .55 pounds of that last weight. If the scale is not level, you may need to factor in a pound or two in the measurement it gives you.

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6. My Weigh Kitchen Scale

Kitchen Scale - Bakers Math Kitchen Scale

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When you are measuring your food to watch your meal portions, this electronic kitchen scale is one of the best to use. Its 8,000-gram capacity gives you enough room to measure your food accurately.

Plus, the scale can change measurements. Besides grams, you can get measurements in pounds, ounces, and kilograms. The 5-button control panel is easy to use and just a push of your finger gets you the measurement you are looking for.

Then the stainless-steel deck is easy to clean and keep bacteria off. This ensures that no germs are transferred from the scale to your food. 3 AAA batteries, (included), bring all the power the scale needs to give you a precise measurement.

An auto shutoff feature will turn the scale off when, not in use and save the battery power.

5. INEVIFIT Digital Kitchen Scale


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Two buttons are all that it takes for you t get an accurate readout on your food portions or ingredients. Its auto-off function makes sure you do not run out of battery power when you need it most. Then the auto -tare ensures you start from zero and get an accurate reading.

Its 13-pound weight capacity is more than enough to handle your food preparation duties. If you need to grams instead of ounces, the unit conversion feature will change the units to meet your needs. The scale is also accurate to within 0.04 ounces.

The platform is made from brushed stainless-steel so not only is it easy to clean, the scale looks good as well. Also, the LCD digital readout uses large numbers making reading the results simple and easy.

A 5-year warranty protects your investment in this kitchen scale.

4. EatSmart Elite Digital Kitchen Scale

 EatSmart EES1011 Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale - 15 lb

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The easy to clean and good-looking stainless-steel platform will hold up to 15 pounds of weight. That is more than enough weight for most meal preparation duties. You can zero out the scale with a simple touch of a button. Then the auto-shutoff feature kicks in after 3 minutes of non-use.

4 AAA batteries, (included), bring the power to this scale and its digital display. The LCD display uses large numbers to make sure you can see the results without any difficulty. The measurement can go up in ½ ounce increments.

Measuring roughly 7 ½ inches by 10 inches in size, it does not take up that much room on your kitchen counter. The platform doe not detach but it is still easy to keep clean and germ-free.

The built-in sensors are very accurate and can reach within 1 gram of the actual weight of the item being weighed.

3. Safstar Price Computing Scale

Safstar Electronic Price Computing Scale LCD Digital Commercial Food Meat

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Getting the right weight so you can calculate the exact cost of postage and other expenses is vital. This electronic scale can handle food eight, postage weight, and other shipping weight costs. Its weight capacity is 66 pounds which will handle most letters and packages with ease.

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The control panel is easy to use, and the LCD digital display keeps the readout and results very clearly. Made from strong, durable and impact resistant materials, this electronic scale should last you a long time.

Also, the scale can convert between pounds and kilograms with a touch of a button. The stainless steel platform is easy to keep clean and germ-free. The built-in battery is rechargeable, and an automatic lock feature keeps the last readout available for you.

A zero key and tare buttons make sure you get the most accurate result possible.

2. TORREY Price Computing Scale

 TORREY LPC40L Electronic Price Computing Scale, Rechargeable Battery

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Powered by the built-in rechargeable battery you get up to 100 memory function. This feature can bring back the last 100 results just in case you need to double check your figures.

If you need to print out those 100 results or other information, then this electronic scale has a print function. Also, the battery will last for about 100 hours on a single charge, while weighing up to 40 pounds at one time.

All the buttons you need to use are on the easy to use and easy to access control panel. Plus, the LCD digital display prints out all the results in large easy to read numbers. Then the approx. 9 by the 12-inch platform is large enough to handle most items you need to be weighed.

Unfortunately, it does not convert the units. The electronic scale measures in pounds only.

1. Nutri Fit Kitchen Scale

 Digital Kitchen Scale with Dough Scraper, NUTRI FIT High Accuracy Multifunction Food Scale-Electronic Scales

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You get very good precision and high accuracy with this 11-pound weight capacity digital kitchen scale. Then it will make its measurements in 1-ounce or 1-gram increments. Besides food, you can weigh herbs, liquids, jewelry and much more on the stainless-steel platform.

2 buttons and a large LCD digital display provides you with the results you need. Then the anti-fingerprint design also protects against dust and corrosion. It is easy to keep clean and free from germs.

Its multifunction capability allows you to read measures in ounces, grams, fluid ounces, milliliters, and pounds. You will get an accurate measurement in all units. Plus, you get indicators letting you know when you put too much weight on top of the scale, and when the battery is getting low on power.

The auto-shutoff feature kicks in after 1 minute of non-use.

Some final words

No matter what you are weighing there is an electronic scale ready to handle the weighing duties. The best way to get precision and the most accurate measurement is to use one of the top 10 best electronic scales in 2019.

These scales have the power, the technology, the tools to make sure you know the weight of your body, food and luggage or postage. They are designed to keep you healthy and save you money.