Top 10 Best Floor Standing Tower Speakers in 2019 Reviews


You can’t get enough of your music you listen to it all the time. Yet, your smartphone speakers, your blue tooth speakers just aren’t providing the sound you like. The way to resolve that is for you to try one of the top 10 best floor standing tower speakers in 2019.

These speakers are designed to produce your music the way you want to hear it. Also, they can bring in the highest high notes and the lowest low notes with ease. They also have the power to pump out the volume. They have what it takes to produce top quality sound.

If you are not sure which tower speakers made our top 10 best floor standing tower speakers in 2019 list. Just continue to read our review. It is filled with the information you need to make an intelligent choice.

You are just a few minutes of reading time away from knowing which tower speakers are the best.

List of Our Floor Standing Tower Speaker Review on

10. Dayton Audio 2-Way Tower Speaker

Dayton Audio T652 Dual 6-1/2" 2-Way Tower Speaker Pair

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The 6 ½” woofers produce a great bass line sound. You can hear the lowest low notes without any trouble. The technology included in these tower speakers produces a bass sound down to 45 Hz.

Then the polycarbonate tweeter uses ferrofluid cooling to make sure your high notes are clear and easy to listen to.  Measuring only 17 x 11.7 x 30.6 inches approx., these speakers should not dominate the room they are placed in.

Another bonus is that they work on any channel and can be made part of a surround sound system. They are also flexible enough to work with any receiver or amp. The only drawback to these speakers is the overall sound quality. You may need to make a few adjustments to get the sound you like.

9. Pioneer Andrew Jones Designed Floor standing Tower speakers

 Pioneer SP-FS52 Andrew Jones Designed Floor standing Loudspeaker

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Its curved cabinet provides a decorative touch to the speaker and works to help reduce any internal standing wave issues. The designer placed 3 5 ¼” woofers inside to make sure you can get that bass sounds you enjoy.

Working with the woofers are oversized magnetics and vented poles. Then a 1” tweeter fights against distortion as you jack up the volume to meet your sound level needs. Plus, an 8-element crossover combines the high and low notes to make sure you are getting the sound you want to hear

This speaker stands quite tall coming in at 10.7 x 9 x 35 inches approx. Its tall size shouldn’t detract from the décor of the room and blend in nicely.

Some of the drawbacks include not being compatible with welding, when you need more wires, you have to buy them separately and some quality control issues.

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8. Echo Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal Fabric

Smart speaker with Alexa

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This speaker may not be very tall, measuring only 5.8” x 3.4” x 3.4”, but it produces a great sound with its 2 ½ inch woofer and under 1” tweeter. It also gives you Dolby quality and a great bass line. Plus, it can send sound out in all directions at the same time.

But what makes this speaker stand out and worthy to be on this list is its smart features. It is compatible with Alexis and you no longer have to get up from the sofa to make any adjustments.

Alexis will play music, fine-tune the audio, check the weather and sports reports and more. All with the sound of your voice. Its 7 noise canceling microphones lets Alexis hear you from anywhere in the room and when the music is playing.

You can even order pizza through your speaker. One drawback is that there may be some lag time between command and Alexis’ response. You also need wifi and an Amazon account.

7. Sylvania Bluetooth Floor Standing Tower Speaker

 Sylvania SP269-Silver Bluetooth Floor Standing Tower Speaker

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Enhance your music listening by adding this Bluetooth compatible speaker to your current speaker line-up. If you have a device that is not Bluetooth equipped, that is okay. You can hook it up to this speaker with the included power cord. Just plug the cord into the provided jack on the control panel.

The easy to use control panel sits on top of this 7 x 7 x 18-inch tower speaker and you can operate it in two ways. You can either get up and push the buttons or use the remote control that comes with the unit.

The speaker comes in a variety of colors, so you do not have to clash with your room’s décor to get this speaker in your home. Some of the drawbacks are that it is not a wireless speaker. It must be plugged into its adapter to work Also, there may be some skipping issues when listening to your smartphone through this speaker system.

6. NAXA Electronics Tower Speaker System

 NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Dancing Water Light Tower Speaker System Bluetooth

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What is better than just listening to your favorite music over a great speaker? Having dancing lights help set the mood for you and your lover. This speaker not only is Bluetooth compatible, but it also brings dancing lights to lift your spirits or settle your excitement.

Along with the Bluetooth and dancing light features, you get 2 top quality drivers, 3.5mm AUX jack and cable, remote control and FM capability. The power adapter provides the power you need to have this speaker function correctly.

Measuring 4.3 x 4.3 x 21.6 inches, this dancing light speaker will get you the sound quality you are looking for in a good tower speaker. As with any product, there are some drawbacks.

One drawback for this speaker is that it comes in a plastic case. Another is that there are a few glitches with the overall operation and the dancing light feature.

5. SYKIK Wireless 2.1 tower speaker

 SYKIK TSME24 49W RMS Wireless 2.1 Tower Speaker with Bluetooth

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If you are up on the latest technology, then you will welcome this tower speaker into your home. You get a lot more than the 5 ¼” subwoofer and 2 3” drivers when you purchase this unit.

The control panel has LED readout, touch screen flexibility and has ports for both an Sd card and USB connection. Along with those features you also get RCA AUX jacks and FM radio compatibility.

With the remote control, you can separately control both the bass and treble sounds. Plus, you can wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth equipped device. You will find a couple of drawbacks that come with this 8 x 6.5 x 30-inch tower speaker.

One is that the Bluetooth range is only about 15 feet. Another is that the bass may hit full volume when you make a connection. Also, there may be some issues with the low battery alert system.

4. Sony 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker

 Sony 3-Way 4-Driver Floor-Standing Speaker System

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Sony packs in the drivers in these speakers to make sure you are getting the sound quality you are looking for. They want you to be satisfied with their product and have gone to great lengths to accomplish that goal.

Its volume control will reach up to 145 watts. Plus, you get a super tweeter and 6 Ohm impedance. Along with those features Sony has included a 3-way speaker design, a solid cabinet to resonate the sound and 50 kHz or sound quality.

These tower speakers stand at 5 x 9.1 x 36.3-inch dimensions making them narrow enough to fit in small corners of your room. They should work with multiple receivers as well. A couple of drawbacks to this system are, one, they are note. They need to be plugged in at all times.

A second drawback is that they are not Bluetooth compatible. They will work with multi-channel receivers tough.

3. Pure Acoustics SUPERNOVA 6 Front Tower Speaker

Pure Acoustics SUPERNOVA 6 Front Tower 220 Watt Speaker

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You get life-like sound quality when you attach these tower speakers to your sound system. The 6” woofers make it seem like you are there as the music or movie plays. Its 220 watts of power bring you lots of volumes while keeping you in control of how loud you play your music.

To get those very high notes, this system uses 1” tweeters with a cooling system. Their 38 x 15.5 x 11.5-inch packs in the sound punch so you can have a great listening experience. The ported speaker system makes sure you do not suffer from distortion or other side effects that come with playing loud music.

While these speakers sound great, there are a couple of drawbacks to the system. First, they have to be connected to a receiver to work. They are not wireless equipped. Second, their size may not allow them to fit in all living situations. They just may be a little big for some apartments or rooms.

2. Polk Audio Signature Home Theater Tower Speaker

Polk Audio Signature S55 American HiFi Home Theater Tower Speaker

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This tower speaker does a lot more than produce great sounding music. It works well for television shows, movies and other audio performances. The secret to its success is the 2 6 ½” woofers and the little 1” tweeter. These speakers make sure you hear all the noted.

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The other technological positives are the 8 Ohm impedance and the 2500 Hz crossover. You also get 5-way gold plated binding posts for multiple wire and amp connections. Then its power port system brings out the bass to its richest and fullest sound.

The speaker stands at 12.5 x 11.7 x 41.5 inches and should fit comfortably in any room. One of the drawbacks to this speaker is that its sound levels may not match up or surpass its competitors. Another is that it is not Bluetooth compatible.

A third is that shipping issues arise, and you may not get what you ordered.

1. Sylvania RED Bluetooth Floor Standing Tower Speaker

 Sylvania SP269-Black Bluetooth Floor Standing Tower Speaker-Floor Standing Tower Speakers

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Like its other colored tower speakers, this unique speaker system comes with a lot of extras that make it a worthwhile tower speaker to own. Its push-button control panel is easy to use and is located at the top of the speaker for easy access.

But if you do not want to get up to make adjustments, then you can just turn to the included remote control and make the adjustments you need. Plus, it is Bluetooth compatible, with easy connection to other Bluetooth equipped devices.

You also can hook up to non-Bluetooth compatible devices through the AUX jack option. The unit stands 20.5 x 6 x 6 in size and is small enough to fit in all rooms needing a sound boost.

The drawback to this unit is that it is not a new product. It has been refurbished to make it like new. You can take your chances with this one if you want.

Some advantages of using tower speakers

Depending on your situation, there are some definite advantages of using tower speakers over other types of speaker systems. Here are a few of those advantages:

  1. You get a contemporary look- this depends on your preference. Some people like to hide their speakers. But these tower speakers make it seem like you are more modern in style
  2. Better sound- tower speakers hold better woofer tweeters and other components to provide you with the best sound possible
  3. They are versatile- you can use them alone or hook them into your current sound system to create a better sound for you
  4. They fit- their narrow design allows them to fit in the smallest of rooms

Some final words

No matter if you are a music lover or a movie supporter, one of the top 10 best floor standing tower speakers in 2019 will enhance your listening experience. You get great quality speakers, woofers, and tweeters to make sure that you hear every note possible.

Another thing that is good about these tower speakers is that they will fit in almost any room possible, with few exceptions. If you have a small apartment you do not have to miss out on great sound.

Upgrading to the best makes sure you are getting what you want.