Top 10 Best Folding Beds in 2019


There are those times when you have an uninvited guest that needs to stay the night. Or you have lots of families over for the holidays. In these situations, it pays to have one of the top 10 best folding beds in 2019 on hand.

These folding beds are strong, durable and will help you when your other beds are taken. Your guests will have a nice comfortable place to sleep and you can relax knowing you have been a great host or hostess.

If you are not sure which folding bed made our top 10 best list, then just continue to read our review. You can learn a lot about the 10 folding beds we have highlighted here. Having the right bed on hand can save friendships and enhance your reputation

When you need an extra bed, it pays to use one that is durable, strong and comfortable.

List of Our Folding Bed Review on

10. BestMassage Guest Folding Bed

 BestMassage Guest Folding Bed Camping Bed

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Your guest will get to lay on 3 inches of foam while sleeping through the night. The breathable fabric will allow your guest’s body to stay cool and comfortable even when it is hot outside.

Made from top quality steel, this bed will hold up to 270 pounds It is also ready to use right out of the box. No assembly is required. Just unfold it and have a good nap. Then the skid-proof feet help keep this twin-size bed still even when the user is a wild sleeper.

One word of warning. It is not safe for the kids to be jumping n this bed. It is no t made for rough and tumbles play that kids do. One drawback is that the mattress or bed may sag a bit after some use. It is not rust resistant and some shipping issues ruin some beds.

9. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed

Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Twin Size

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This twin size folding bed comes with a memory foam mattress to make sleeping on it even better. 4 strong steel legs provide the strength and support you need. Plus, a locking brace makes sure you are safe when lying on top of it.

Measuring 75 by 38 inches, the bed has 4 wheels to make sure you can roll it in or out of storage with ease. A steel bar on each end of the bed makes sure the mattress stays where you put it.

The bed is easy to assemble and all the tools you need are included in the box. Once assembled, just wheel it to the closet or room you want it in. The bed will hold between 250 to 300pounds.

One drawback is that the mattress is not waterproof. Another is that the locking clasp may not be strong enough to hold the bed. Finally, the mattress may be too firm for some people.

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8. Olee Sleep Tri-Folding Memory Foam

 Olee Sleep OLR04TM01S Topper Tri-Folding Memory Foam

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Sleeping on the floor is not all that bad. Especially when you have a tri-fold memory foam mattress between you and the floor. When the cover gets dirty, the zipper system allows you to remove it and throw the cover in the washing machine.

The 4-inch thick mattress measures 75 x 25 inches and can hold approx. 200 pounds or more at one time.  Its supportive foam construction works to make sure you do not suffer any back or neck pain.

Easy to fold up when no tin use or use it as an extra couch when no one is sleeping on it. Its versatility will give you plenty of useful options. One drawback is that it is twin length but too narrow for twin sized sheets.

Then you might experience some odor issues when you unpack it. Finally, 4 inches may not be enough thickness for some people.

7. Jay-BE Visitor Folding Guest Bed

 Jay-BE Visitor Folding Guest Bed with Pocket Spring Mattress

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What makes this folding bed stand out is its headboard. A nice wood-like headboard to make sure your pillows stay on the bed at night. Then a steel foot bar holds the mattress secure.  Everything you need for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Also, the legs fold up automatically saving you the trouble. 4 hidden castor wheels make moving this bed to and from its storage position easy and quick. Measuring 20 x 30.7 x 77.6 inches approx., you can get twin sized sheets on the mattress with little difficulty.

The luxury pocket designed mattress provides the extra comfort your guest needs each night. The steel frame comes with a lifetime guarantee and it should hold up to 350 pounds.

One drawback to this folding bed is that the mattress may not be as firm as you like. Another is that the springs may not hold up over time.

6. Zinus Folding Foam Guest Bed

 Zinus OLB-GB-S Folding Foam Guest Bed Frame Wheels, Single

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When you like simple things, you may want a simple folding bed to meet a simple need. This bed is simple to use and simple in design. It unfolds, you get on it and go to sleep. Simple. It is a good bed for those times you have unexpected overnight guests.

Measuring 75 by 26 inches, you are lifted 14 inches off the floor. Another 3 inches when you put the foam mattress down on top. The foam mattress is designed to relieve pressure and give you a comfortable resting spot.

Your floors are protected by plastic slip resistant feet and the castor wheels make it easy to roll into position. Its weight capacity is roughly 200 pounds. One drawback concerns the wheel placement. They might not be in a good position for easy moving.

Another is that not everyone can use this bed. It is not made for overweight or heavy people. A final drawback is that the mattress may be too thin.

5. Zinus Traveler Elite Guest Bed Frame

 Zinus Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed Frame with Comfort Foam Mattress

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The 3-inch foam mattress provides you with comfort and pressure relieving support. E frame lifts you 14 inches off the floor and can handle your guest if they fit in the 75 by 31 dimensions. They also must weigh under 250 pounds.

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The plastic feet may be non-skid, but they do protect your floor from any movement of the bed. It folds up nice and easy and can be rolled away with ease. Moving it on the castor wheels should not be difficult.

It is a simple, basic guest bed when you need an extra ed for the holidays. A 1-year warranty covers the usual problems that arise with folding beds. Also, it will fold up to 8 inches thick.

A few drawbacks are that it may be too soft for some people. There are some shipping issues as well. It is not for large people.

4. Zinus Weekender Elite Folding Guest Bed

 Zinus Weekender Elite Folding Guest Bed with Bonus Storage Bag

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The 4-inch mattress should provide you with all the comfort you need for a good night’s sleep. A 1-inch top layer of fiber padding combines with 3 inches of comfort foam should help anyone’s back.

Plastic feet protect your floors from scratches and the castor wheels make moving it in and out of storage quick and easy. The wheels are designed to stay out of the way while the bed is open.

Its steel 75 x 31-inch frame lifts you about 18 inches off the floor and should hold 200+ pounds of weight. It is designed to be used as a temporary guest bed only and it folds up to about 8- 9 inches thick.

One drawback is that it may be too narrow for most people and twin sheets. Another is the carrying case may not be stitched right. Finally, you may have some latching problems when trying to close it.

3. InnerSpace Standard Folding Bed

InnerSpace Standard Folding Bed

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You get flame watch protection when you use the mattress on this folding bed. That helps give you a nice relaxing sleep. The mattress itself is about 4 inches thick and the mesh support system provides the support and strength.

Measuring 75 by 31 inches, the bed will lift you up about 15 inches from the floor. It will roughly hold up to 200 +/- pounds but check the instructions to make sure of the weight limit. The steel frame has 4 castor wheels for easy moving.

Made from steel you should get a lot of use out of this folding bed. It is made to handle those unexpected guests or family members that just drop in for a visit. One drawback is that it may be a bit difficult to assemble.

Another is that it may not work for adults and it wiggles a lot when used.

2. Milliard Folding Bed

 Milliard Folding Bed Ottoman Single Size with Grey Suede Cover

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When you have temporary guests, you do not need to invest in luxurious beds. A simple folding bed like this one will meet your need with ease. Measuring 78 by 30 inches in size, it will give you about 16 inches of clearance from the floor.

When not being used as a bed, you can turn this unit int an ottoman and give your feet some rest and comfort. No assembly is required which makes this folding bed easy to use. 6 legs provide the user with all the support they need for a good night’s rest.

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You can only get about 200 pounds maximum on top of this bed, so it is not good for heavy guests that stop by. As you can see, one drawback is that it is not for all people.

Another is that the mattress may be too hard and firm. Finally, the mattress does not stay together but separates.

1. LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed

LUCID Rollaway Guest Bed-Folding Beds

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4 good wheels move this folding bed in and out from storage. The plastic wheels work in a metal frame to handle the bed’s weight and transportation. The 4-inch mattress uses 1-inch of memory foam and 3 inches of support foam. This helps you or your guest get a good night’s sleep.

4 legs also provide the strength and support you need when using this bed. A spring supported fabric base holds the weight and mattress. You can probably get around 200 pounds and less on this folding bed.

Plus, you can get this folding bed in 3 sizes, all depending on your needs. It comes in cot size, twin size and xl twin size. One drawback is that missing parts when shipped. Another is the mattress may not be as flexible as advertised. Finally, there are some sharp edges.

What to look for in a folding bed

When shopping for a folding bed you do not want to get stuck with a cheap imitation. Getting to one of the top 10 best folding beds in 2019 will take some work and a little research. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Mattress thickness- memory foam is good but you want as thick as possible.
  • Mattress firmness- you do not want too firm or too soft. Like Goldilocks, you want the mattress to be just right. Test the mattress first before buying.
  • Frame- depending on your needs you want it made from steel or have it sit directly on the floor.  The stronger the better
  • Weight capacity- unless you have room for more than one folding bed, the more eight it holds, the better.
  • Warranty- make sure you read the fine print and know what is or isn’t covered. Also, check how long you have coverage and know the return policy of the store.
  • Price- these are affordable and usually fit in with your budget

Some final words

Unexpected guests are not a problem when you have one of the top 10 best folding beds in 2019 on hand. These beds can roll out easily and quickly. Their wheels are made to not scratch your floors and the feet are designed to do the same.

One thing to remember you are only solving a sleep arrangement problem. These beds do not have to be luxurious. They just have to be able to hold your guest and rived a little sleeping comfort.

When you buy the best, you know that your sleeping arrangement issues will be solved for a few years.