Top 10 Best Hidden Spy Cameras in 2019 Reviews


When you have small kids it may be a wise move to have some hidden cameras around to check up on nannies, babysitters, and their visitors. Given the horror stories that have been reported by the media one of the top 10 best-hidden spy cameras in 2019 may be the way to go.

These cameras do not make their presence known and you can find them just about in any object you can think of. They are a great tool to double check on your home and your kids. They are also very affordable.

If you are not sure which hidden camera to buy, just continue to read our review. Not only is it full of good information you need to know about hidden cameras, but we also highlight the best of the best to save you time and money.

Getting a little help to protect your kids is not wrong.

List of Our Hidden Camera Review on

10. QUANDU WiFi Hidden Camera Clock

 QUANDU WiFi Hidden Camera Clock Hidden Spy Clock Camera Night Vision Nanny Cam Mini Alarm Clock DVR

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A clock look s innocent. After all it only tells time and sometimes provides some music to listen to. Who would think that clock would reveal secrets in your house. This unit can be used during the day and with its night vision technology, when the lights are out.

The camera uses motion sensor technology to turn on and off and the rechargeable battery works for 4 hours at a time. Also, the camera will record while charging giving you extra recording time.

With the right phone, you can use the wifi connection to view your house during real time. If you want to keep an eye on your house all day every day, then make sure you keep the clock and camera plugged in.

A few drawbacks do come with this clock and hidden camera. First, it only works with 2.4 wifi systems only. Second, you need to charge it first before using This can take 4 to 6 hours. Third, picture quality may not be great.

9. Aobo WiFi Hidden Camera

 Mini Spy Camera WiFi Hidden Camera AOBO Wireless HD 1080P Indoor Home Small Spy Cam Security Cameras

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This hidden camera will keep an eye on your babysitters, their friends, your children and their friends. It works on the wifi 2.4 GHz frequency and you can live stream what is taking place while you are away.

The operation is simple. Just insert a micro SD card and turn it on. That’s it. Of course, you need a great place to hide it as well. It uses a magnet to keep it in place. When turned on it produces 1920 by 1080p with 30 frames per second at HD quality.

LED infrared lights do all the filming and the night vision technology covers a room up to 15 feet or so. Also, the lens will give you about 150 degrees viewing angle, which captures a wide-angle picture. Motion detectors turn the camera on and off.

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But this system is not without its drawbacks. The wifi frequency limits compatibility and the night vision does not reach far enough. Then to record and save you do need the Sd card inserted

8. Pelay Hidden Camera

WiFi Hidden Camera Spy Camera Smoke Detector

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The smoke detector is another great place to hide a hidden spy camera. Most people do not give it a second look. In this case, the camera is in a fake smoke detector and cannot detect smoke. It will keep an eye on your house and children though.

Through its motion detection system, the camera will turn on an off on its own.  The motion detection system is good up to 16 feet away. 64 GB SD card can do all the recording for you. It is compatible with wifi equipped iOS and smartphones.

A single 4-hour charge will provide you with 4 hours of uptime. If you need more time keep the camera plugged in at all times. Then the drawbacks that come with this system discourage a few people

First, there may be some technical difficulties. Some inferior models do slip by quality control inspectors. Second, the motion detection is a straight-line trigger only. Third, some issues with the battery may come up.

7. Lizvie Hidden Spy Nanny Camera

LIZVIE HD Wireless Spy Clock Camera

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Keeping an eye on employees and strangers is not a new idea. Hidden cameras have been used by employers for decades. But when it is your home and your kids, then you need to stay protected. Using a good hidden camera is a smart move to make.

In what looks like a book holder, a hidden lens remains invisible to the naked eye. You can spy without being found out. Turning on is easy as the motion detection system does it for you. Plus, the hidden lens will produce top quality images at 1280 by 720p.

This system will send you alerts through your phone. Then if you need to record what the lens sees, make sure to insert an SD card. As usual, technology is not perfect. Here are a few drawbacks.

First, there may be trouble with the iPhone app. Second, depending on your connection the image quality may not be as good as expected. Third, low light situations may not come through very well.

6. FabQuality Gadgets Hidden Camera Pen

 FabQuality Gadgets 1080p HD Hidden Camera Pen Bundle 16GB SD Micro Card + USB Card Reader + 7 Ink Fills + Updated Battery + USB Plug

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A pen can be a creative place to hide a camera. With no software to download, you can just plug and play with this hidden camera. When in use, the pen camera will produce images at 1280 by 1080p with 30 frames per second speed.

Just like a real pen, one click turns it on and one click turns the recording off. Being discreet will be your only challenge. To disguise the true intentions of this pen, it uses real ink cartridges and you get 7 free with your purchase.

A blue indicator light lets you know when you are recording. One battery charge will produce about 6 hours of recordings. Also, it hooks up to your computer through the included USB cable.

What are the drawbacks? Not good with low light conditions. Switching to film mode means taking the pen apart. Long charge tie for only 45 minutes of use.

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5. KIMUVIN Spy Pen Camera


 KIMUVIN Spy Pen Camera,16GB 1080P Full HD Mini Hidden Camera Pen Video Photo Recorder Dvr

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16Gb SD card and the pinhole camera takes images in 1920 by 1080p quality. The lens angle is set at 95 degrees and you get roughly 30 frames per second recording speed. The camera also uses AVI video formatting.

With a single charge, you get about 60 minutes of use. You can use an SD card that ranges from 4 to 32 Gb in size. One click turns the camera on and one click turns it off. Trying to be discreet when using this camera may prove a little difficult.

An included USB cable provides the connection you need. The pin measures about 6.8 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches in size and uses real ink cartridges to hide its real purpose. There are some drawbacks to this spy camera.

One, it is not good for all situations you need to cover. Two, may not capture all videos as expected. Three, confusing instructions may hinder setup and function.

4. WENLB Rotating Lens Hidden Camera

It may be spotted right away as these devices are well known in the business world. It can look like a doorbell and with its hidden camera and rotating lens feature you can cover a large portion of a room up to 180 degrees.

This camera does loop recording, wifi streaming and uses motion detection to turn on automatically. One good thing about this camera is that it is easy to use. Just take it out of the box, plug it in and you are covering your home.

No SD card is needed to record what has taken place while you are away. The camera will record directly to your smartphone. You get alert when the camera detects suspicious activity.

A few drawbacks have been detected with this system. First, it does not have night vision. Second, the rotation is not automatic but manual. Third, no security protocols protect the camera.

3. Toffler Inc Clock Camera

 Clock Camera | Hidden Camera Clock

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To keep people at ease one of the better places to hide a spy camera is in a clock. They may get the time, but they shouldn’t see the hidden lens. The lens sits right next to the digital display.

You do need to download the app to make sure you get everything saved and recorded. The images are recorded or sent in 1080p quality. The system is compatible with your home wifi system.

The operation is simple. You get night vision and alerts while motion detection technology automatically turns the camera on and off. Since it is a clock, you can easily set this unit in any location a clock normally sits.

What are the drawbacks to this system? One is that if detected, it can be easily covered. Another is that the motion detection system may be straight line only.

2. Soospy hidden camera

 Mini Spy Hidden Camera-SOOSPY 1080P Portable Survelliance Magnetic Security Camera Nanny Cam Night

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You want to trust the people you hire. Also, you want to trust your kids. But people being who they are, sometimes you need to double check to see what is going on at home. This motion detection camera uses a memory card to record your home while you are away.

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With a 140-degree angle, you get 1920 by 1080p at 30 frames per second. This allows you to clearly see what has transpired at home. With a micro SD card, you can get up 128GB of recording with loop function. The newer recordings overwrite the old.

A single charge gives you roughly 2 or 3 hours of play time. A magnet holds the camera in its secret location. A few drawbacks plague this unit. First, it does not have wifi capability. Second, you may not be able to disable the timestamp feature and third, some image distortion due to wide lens angle.

1. Tangmi Spy Camera

 Mini Spy Camera, Tangmi Hidden Camera 1080P HD Spy Hidden Camera Portable Tiny Camera-Hidden Spy Cameras

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Clocks seem to be the popular and most logical place to hide a spy camera. That is because they can be found in almost any room in the house.  They do not raise suspicions when noticed.

This spy camera will stream via wifi when you have the right iOS and Android app. Images are taken at 150-degree angles at 1080p quality. Plus, you get a 4x zoom feature, so you can get a close look at what is happening in your home when you are not there.

When there is a problem you will be sent alerts via your phone. As an added feature, you get great night vision technology that produces good images in low light situations. Ut with imperfect technology comes a few drawbacks.

First, the instructions may not come in English. Second, there may be some difficulty connecting to the wifi. Third, the app may not always s work when you want it to.

Why use a spy camera

You may not think it is ethical to place a spy camera in your home. But if you have valuables, it might be a good idea to rethink those ethics. You do need to protect your property. Here are some good reasons why you need a spy camera:

  • Babysitters and nannies- years ago you could trust these people with your home, things, and children. Not anymore.
  • Protecting your kids- that is a very positive duty of spy cameras.
  • Protecting your property- you can help the police recover stolen items by recording who took the stuff
  • Insurance claims- spy cameras provide proof that your items were taken not hidden.
  • Peace of mind- when you know what is happening when you are away you can relax and lose some stress.

Some final words

Using one of the top 10 best-hidden spy cameras in 2019 is a smart way to gain a little peace of mind. You can protect your kids, your valuables and your home by keeping a good eye on things through a good spy camera.

Using the best is the way to make sure you have complete coverage and protection.