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Essential to liven up any party are karaoke speakers. If you are new to the world of karaoke speakers, you have come to the right place. While you can go to any karaoke bar and sing all your favorite songs, nothing beats having your own karaoke system. We have decided to compile a list of all the best karaoke speakers so that you always get your entertainment needs fulfilled.

Many factors must be taken into account when choosing such a speaker. Before we go to them, we have listed the best such speakers in 2019. You will also find the pros and the cons of such devices that are listed here. This list will make singing along a pre-recorded track even more fun. So, whether you are looking for old-school karaoke speakers or the latest ones with Bluetooth technology, we have something for everybody.

Top 10 Best Karaoke Speakers of 2019 Review on

Preview Product Price
Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker System CD+G Player with 2 Microphone Connections, Singing Music & AUX Input for Smartphone, Tablet, MP3 Players (EAKAR300)
Portable Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker System - Audio Recording Function, 32 GB USB/SD Card Support, Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Flashing DJ Light w/ Music Streaming & Handheld Mic - Pyle  PWMA275BT
PA System with LED Party Lights, Wireless Portable Bluetooth Audio Speaker with 2 Wireless Microphones FM Radio Party Karaoke Machine Sound System MCP-75 Suono Soundstream by Pure Acoustics
$99.99$249.99 (60% off)
ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Mic, AM/FM Radio, and USB Charge Port
Singtrix Party Bundle Home Karaoke System, Includes All Colors: Orange, Pink, Red & Black, 1 size (SGTX2)
Pyle 500 Watt Outdoor Portable BT Connectivity Karaoke Speaker System - PA Stereo with 8
$130.41$145.80 (11% off)
Rockville RPG122K Dual 12
Singing Machine SML385UBK Bluetooth Karaoke System with LED Disco Lights, CD+G, USB, and Microphone, Black
Akai KS213 Portable CD&G Karaoke System with Tablet Cradle
M SANMERSEN Toys for 3-10 Year Old Girls, Kids Karaoke Machine Rechargeable Microphone Music Toy Play Set with 2 Microphones & Adjustable Stand 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Year Old Girl Gifts Toys for Kids

This list includes 10 karaoke speakers that fit all the criteria for everybody, be they amateurs or professionals. Go through this list before we bring you the criteria for choosing the best karaoke speakers.

#1 Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker System (karaoke microphone speaker)

best karaoke speakers

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Manufactured by noted brand Electrohome, this device is a lot more than just a karaoke speakers. Weighing in at 16.98 pounds and with dimensions of 9.2 x 12.5 x 13 inches, this is a perfect karaoke speaker system for both homes and offices, and for enclosed spaces as well as for open lawns. This device has at its heart a high-quality speaker system which is able to play both old-school CDs and CD+G (essentially meant for karaoke machines) besides MP3 files. The device works the best as far as enclosed spaces like a room are concerned.

To view the lyrics on a bigger screen like a TV, you will need to hook the device up to the TV or a computer. The (included) 3.5mm auxiliary input system will also be able to used to fetch online karaoke songs and lyrics so that you never miss a beat. Also, there is a brilliant blue party light which lights up the environment just like a real karaoke party. The Electrohome device also includes two microphone input areas so that you can sing duets. Note that the second microphone is sold separately.

Onboard this device is a great aid in your journey to becoming a serious karaoke player: an Auto Voice Control or AVC. Such is the AVC function that it can also back you up as your backup singer just in case you miss out on some of the words. Perhaps the best feature of the device is the Digital Echo Control, which adds a rich, full nature to your natural voice so that the sound which is ultimately recorded sounds almost professional. This is the technique that is used by the professional singers, while the AVC also adds the prerecorded vocals in case you need to catch up on your breath as it can detect when the singer can taper off.


  • Excellent for indoor use and comes with a lot of extra bells and whistles
  • The Digital Echo Control makes your singing richer, fuller, and more confident.
  • The onboard Auto Voice Control (or AVC) acts like your personal singing coach. Also fills in for you should you pause for some reason.
  • Excellent value for money device.


  • One major negative point is the absence of Bluetooth support.
  • Microphone volume can be slightly low for many users.
  • The build of the device could have been slightly better.
  • In order to use the second microphone slot, you must buy the second device separately.

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#2 Pyle Wireless PA System Bluetooth Karaoke Speaker Flashing DJ Lights (karaoke Bluetooth speaker)

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best home karaoke system 2019

Pyle is another well-known company renowned for its audio products. This lightweight product is essential for any karaoke parties that you may consider hosting. It is basically a karaoke cum music streaming speaker system, which has a rich and extremely smooth sound. The design aesthetics are decidedly ’80s and the device itself is both compact and portable.

The fact that the device has a rechargeable battery makes it extremely portable. There is a shoulder strap which can be attached should you desire. The device comes with a wireless microphone, a remote control, an audio cable, and a power adapter. Other features include the usual treble, some volume adjustment features which are very responsive, and an echo/reverb feature for the microphone.

The device has been designed keeping in mind the modern technologically advanced user. Onboard is a USB port, an audio port or line in), a very neat micro USB card reader, and a microphone jack port. The flashing lights that are arranged neatly on the front can also be changed by you. You can also record any media you want by using this system while the microphone acts as a very good PA system on the go.

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  • Very impressive bass response
  • At 7.93 pounds, the device can be used as a portable karaoke speakers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity option available, as is USB Flash support and support for SD Memory Card.
  • Very responsive microphone. Great for use as a PA system without the music.


  • The Bluetooth connectivity can at times be slightly finicky.
  • Radio reception is not too great while there is no external antenna.
  • Some users have reported that there might be some issues related to the microphone. That may vary from one unit to the other, however, and not necessarily be a model-specific issue.

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#3 Suono Soundstream PA System with LED Party Lights

Best karaoke speakers system 2019

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Manufactured by Pure Acoustics, this device has been in demand greatly by karaoke lovers as well as by those who want to have a great sound system overall. Commonly known as the MCP-75 Suono, this device works great indoors as well as outside; weighing at 13.36 pounds, it is very portable and will look and work great by your poolside as well as inside an office, where you can use the wireless microphones as a PA system too.

A handy (palm sized) remote control also comes included. There is support for USB flash drives and the device can access SD card inputs. This provides easy access to all your music files. We loved the fact that the volume bass and treble control is so responsive. It also has a very convenient 1.5” LED display. You can also record whatever you want and then store it directly on your flash drive. There is also support for an additional microphone input that comes with its own separate volume control.

One great feature of this device is that there are two wireless microphones included. Each of them has their own independent volume control. The onboard rechargeable battery can provide playback and sound recording facilities for up to 10 hours. It is easily portable and comes with its own auxiliary input where you can plug in any device that you want and then sing along.


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Two microphones with independent volume controls.
  • Remote control provided to handle most issues.
  • Auxillary input option for external devices.


  • Not too good for outdoor usage.
  • No place for CD usage, which is still preferred by some nostalgic karaoke users.

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#4 ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77)

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This is the best karaoke speakers for professionals and brings the sound to life. Comes in two sizes: medium and small and is ideal for use both indoors as well as at an office party. The Built-in rechargeable battery is able to give up to 50 hours of continuous use. It probably has the best most dynamic and powerful speaker system and also supports Bluetooth connectivity. Depending on the device you use, it also has its own iOS or Android app used for expanded control.

The wireless connectivity options of the device are superb: any type of Bluetooth or even NFC-enabled mobile device can be connected from up to a 100 feet away, thanks to the Easy Pair technology. The microphones meant for the karaoke service are great and very responsive. It boasts an extremely rugged design an can be used with ease outside your home as well.

Unlike many modern devices, the ION Audio Tailgater has a 1/8-inch auxiliary input which means that you can plug in your old CD player and play all your favorite oldies. The built-in radio controls is better than most and ideal for a lake party, should you get tired of singing along. One thing that we liked about this device is that it has a USB power bank built-in which is capable enough of charging any type of device even when you have fun.


  • Superlative sound output. The 50-watt dynamic power amplifier is perhaps the most powerful in this list.
  • Microphones work great; they are very responsive.
  • Built-in USB power bank.
  • Built for rugged outdoor use.


  • Lack wheels and so is not very portable.
  • The microphone is wired and may hamper mobility for some users. Also, only a single microphone is provided and support is also for a single microphone.

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#5 Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System

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Singtrix is a brand that has been showcased on numerous internationally syndicated shows like Shark Tank, Ellen, and The View. The manufacturer claims that it has a patented plug & play karaoke machine which is powered by live vocal effects. That sort of technology is only reserved for the pros. One great feature is that it works brilliantly with the thousands of free karaoke videos that are available on Youtube. This is where it is set apart: it will work with practically any device and any video.

Once you plug in the microphone and start singing, you and adjust it just the way that you want to. You can choose from over 300 presets meant for karaoke which includes such rare ones like 4-part harmony or choir, a reverb effect, and delay. Also, the device has an ultra-responsive and dynamic microphone which lessens the voice fatigue that usually sets in after hours of singing. It is meant for both amateurs and professionals and is an instant choice for usage where a lot of people congregate, like in a church.

Also, the device has a 40-watt 2.1 Stereo Speaker with Subwoofer which makes for amazingly clear sound. It also works very well with guitar or a keyboard. The designers at Slimtrix seem to have spent a lot of time to make sure that the ease of use factor is high: there is a pro-quality microphone stand along with a boom arm. For all your karaoke needs, it also has a device holder meant for tablets, phones, and MP3 players. Overall, a great buy, but best suited for professional users.


  • Outstanding sound quality and great professional-grade recording abilities.
  • Customizable; comes with faceplate inserts in shades of orange, black, blue, and pink.
  • 300 different vocal effects onboard.
  • Great for outdoor use as well.


  • Can be very expensive, so choose with care.
  • Singtrix has its own $20 per month plan for karaoke tracks which we recommend that you do not subscribe to. Youtube works just as great.
  • Certain small pieces in the assembly can act as a choking hazard to children.

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#6 Pyle Outdoor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke PA Loudspeaker

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Another item manufactured by Pyle technologies, this device boasts an 8-inch Subwoofer which can reproduce a full range Stereo Sound and also comes with cool DJ Lights that flash. Take these two into account and you have a device essential for pool-side karaoke parties. A retractable handle and wheels are attached for easy transport. The wired headphone has a 16.5’ ft wire which makes it usable outside your home as well.

Onboard is a built-in Bluetooth that boasts a wireless range of up to 65 feet or more. This helps in wireless audio streaming. It also works perfectly fine with our favorite Android and iOS devices and can be used as a PA system too.

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The Pyle Outdoor Portable comes with USB flash drive and SD Card Readers support. It also has an AUX 3.5mm input cable to help you connect all external devices while playing MP3 and other digital audio files with ease. It has a better-than-most FM Radio feature with its own automatic channel search and storage (maximum 60 channels simultaneously). Capable of recording audio when streamed via the speakers or even the wired handheld lavalier microphone. By the way, the mic is very responsive.


  • Excellent build quality and rich sound.
  • Extremely portable.
  • Comes with a lot of extra features and has better-than-average FM Radio support.
  • The lights are fun.


  • Can be very expensive, so choose with care.
  • Singtrix has its own $20 per month plan for karaoke tracks which we recommend that you do not subscribe to. Youtube works just as great.
  • Certain small pieces in the assembly can act as a choking hazard to children.

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#7 Rockville RPG122K Dual 12-inch Powered Speakers

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Rockville has always been good when it comes to audio products. This specific model is basically an all-in-one 12-inch PA-cum-karaoke system and is ideal for both professionals and amateurs. The speakers are outstanding and offer 1000 watts of total combined power.

Onboard is one master active speaker with a built-in amplifier besides a second passive 12-inch speaker. This second unit draws its power from the master speaker. The speaker stands in a manner on which you can mount the speakers, hook up the microphone and all the necessary paraphernalia. The device is thus easy to install unlike some of the best karaoke speakers. This makes the RPG-122K perfect for DJ applications and karaoke gigs.

The USB input and SD input features are very good and the Bluetooth integration is certified by CSR. There is also a built-in FM radio. The A-40 Cartridge Microphone is superb for PA and karaoke. There are an LCD screen and a remote control to cover all the aspects. Overall, the device is exceptionally solid given its rugged high impact ABS construction.


  • Separate Bass and Treble control for customizing karaoke output.
  • Wireless remote control available for better control.
  • Microphone sound is robust and rich.


  • The microphone is wired and the wire could have been a bit longer.
  • Even the microphone wire is made of seemingly cheap material and bends easily.
  • Can be pretty expensive

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#8 Singing Machine SML385BTBK : Best Home Karaoke Speaker

Best Karaoke Speakers 2019

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This is the best karaoke speakers for parties. Currently dominating the list of all the devices under the Karaoke Home System Packages category, the Singing Machine device also comes with the now-standard CD+G top loader. It is ideal for parties because it is easy to set up, easy to initiate, and also easy to use.

The device has two two microphone jacks which have their separate volume dials; this allows you and your partner in crime to sing along in duets. To aid in that, the device also comes with its own built-in speaker which also has its own equalizer, where you can control both the balance and the echo control. Like almost all other modern karaoke speakers, this device also has a two-digit LED track display as well as an auxiliary input. The last one helps you connect external devices to this one.

The disco light effect is actually great, better than many comparable devices. Also, it comes with Bluetooth Audio Streaming so that you can make full use of the speakers without the need to go to the microphone. Weighing in at a mere 7 pounds, this is one device that will hardly disappoint. The SML385BTBK has better sound amplification than some of the other devices on this list of the best karaoke speakers. Like the first entry on this list, the Electrohome Karaoke Machine Speaker, this one too has Auto Voice Control or AVC to help karaoke beginners.


  • Easy to set up
  • Dual microphones for you and your buddy to sing along.
  • Auto Voice Control or AVC present
  • Adjustable lighting.


  • When in karaoke mode, the lyrics (on the TV etc) do not always match up.
  • The customer service is not that great.
  • Some users have dismissed the build as being ‘flimsy.’

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#9 Akai KS213 Portable CD+G Karaoke System with Tablet Cradle : Best Portable Karaoke speaker

Best Karaoke System 2019-Karaoke Speakers

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This Akai device is the best karaoke speakers for tablets and mobile devices. Nowadays, as we have already mentioned, the CD-G-based devices are going out of fashion after the advent of mobile devices and tablets. Nowadays, as more and more karaoke users switch to tablets, the Akai KS213 Portable CD+G brings with it excellent quality, CD-G support, and a portable nature. Onboard is a very handy cradle which has been designed for the user’s Android or Apple Tablet.

Do note that the cradle does not charge the tablet; instead, it simply functions as a placeholder for the same. We recommend that you charge the device before you go out to the karaoke party. Via the cradle, the auxiliary input connects the device and the tablet. Also, onboard this quietly superlative device by Akai is a Line-In Jack as well as two microphone inputs. Given that Akai has also built in the Auto Voice Control measure, as well as balance and echo control, the product is certainly suited for both the amateur and the professional alike. In case you need to operate the karaoke speakers outside your home, better carry eight “C” type batteries for the juice, else you will have to rely on an AC adapter.

On a lighter note, the LED ‘disco’ lighting system works exactly as it is advertised, which is very well.


  • Ultra-portable and lightweight at only 4.4 lbs
  • Compatible with all manners of modern tablets and mobile devices.
  • Decent build and looks good as well.


  • A wired microphone may hamper in outdoor use.
  • No direct docking system that charged the tablet.
  • Besides the auxiliary cable, no way to directly stream audio from the tablet to the karaoke device.

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#10 Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones & Adjustable Stand

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On this list of the best karaoke speakers, this is the best for kids. After all, a lot of karaoke users are children and they compose a large part of the market. The device has two microphones in bright purple which can be used by two separate kids to sing along, a feature it shares with many similar devices. This device also lets your kids become Elvis Presley for a while thanks to the stand that can extend to a full 40 inches. Besides, this device is also rather appealing to kids.

Dime & Nickle has apparently hit the nail on its head where the design is concerned. The device boasts flashing lights, foot pedals, and the dual microphones to pease your kids or your grandkids. With dimensions of 17.8 x 10.9 x 2.8 inches and weighing in at a mere 2.5 pounds, this device is ideal for small, intimate karaoke parties. There is an optional handle which you can use to carry the device anywhere you go.

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The bottom portion of the device also acts as the speaker and can be assembled very quickly and very easily. An auxiliary cable is included to stream music; however, the device does have some pre-installed sounds in the bottom module; they can be accessed via the pedals. When the right pedal is pressed, various lullaby tunes start playing; the left pedal provides an applause sound effect.

Armed with colorful LED lights, the karaoke function is immensely enjoyable.


  • Ideal for kids and very easy to use and assemble
  • With pre-set tones, the karaoke function comes alive.
  • Two mics provided for your kid and his or her friend.
  • Adjustable height ideal for the child using it.


  • Not recommended for kids under 3 years of age as small parts may constitute a choking hazard.
  • The device lacks a stabilizing weight when the kid is standing on the base, something the users complain about.
  • Price could have been a bit lower.

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As far as, the best karaoke speakers is concerned, if budget is not a constraint, the best device on this list is the Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System – #SGTX1. The best budget karaoke speakers on this list is the ION Audio Tailgater (iPA77) | Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Mic, AM/FM Radio, and USB Charge Port.

Best Karaoke Speakers Buying Guide

Now that you have an idea of the top karaoke speakers, you must go through our buying guide. A buying guide is useful in the sense that you get to know what factors must be considered when buying a karaoke speakers system without overpaying for it. Keep in mind that when it comes to the best karaoke speakers, the word ‘best’ is subjective. Which means that there cannot be a single one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to buying a karaoke system. However, this list of all the essential criteria will help you buy the best device and in the price bracket that you have set for yourself.

Portable vs non-portable devices

As you have already seen in the list of the best karaoke products, portability is something which the manufacturers pour in a lot of thought. Portable devices can be taken to any location that suits your fancy while the non-portable, fixed ones will typically grace a karaoke bar, home or an office. Such portable speakers are called “flyable” devices and they can be suspended from the ceiling with the aid of chains or wire ropes. Not all cabinets which are available are suited for this purpose, mind you. Portable speakers also rely on what is known in the commercial parlance as “SOS” or Speaker On Stand with their own 2-way cabinets. Such cabinets either have their own self-supporting stand or can also be placed atop a subwoofer cabinet and most companies design their speakers in this manner.

Portability will also increase the budget of the device:

The reason is simple. As a consequence, you will be constantly carrying around with you some very expensive equipment and they will need to be built in a very hardy manner. You may need separate storage and carrying equipment. This is why portability is an important aspect which should be kept in mind whenever making a purchase of the karaoke speakers system.

Venue Size and Acoustics Variables:

This is the second most important aspect which you must ponder on before you make a considered purchase decision. The size of the venue determines the acoustics only partially as some other factors, including the number of people in the room/arena, the geometric shape of the area, indoor vs outdoor usage, depth of the stage and the material of which it is constructed (wood vs concrete vs mixed usage and so on), and a whole host of other variables which determine the exact acoustics features. In case you want a permanent installation, you need to figure all the variables out and then proceed with the installation,

On the other hand, if you are carrying a portable rig, follow the thumb rule of “enough rig for the gig” which essentially means that you should look out for modular oversized units and these are the sorts of equipment that you should consider buying and you can always turn down the rated wattage. Besides, you can also add a lot more speakers to the same amplifiers based on the venue size and the acoustic features. As a result, this will enable you to have better sound output without necessarily having to invest in multiple independent complete power rigs.

Stage sound features:

Karaoke singing is akin to a solitary sport; the individual has to keep up the pace with the lyrics and then sing along. Besides the singer’s unamplified voice volume, there is hardly any added sound. And speaker outputs of the devices vary widely from device to device. A rock band, for example, has to fall back on the backup singers, speakers, drum sets, and guitar riffs, all the karaoke singer has is his or her voice. Hence, the karaoke speakers must have disproportionately bigger speakers which will help the audience to get what the singer is trying to convey.

Average output volume:

Since most of the karaoke backing tracks are mastered, the sound levels vary widely. Mastered tracks generally have controlled loudness levels. You must, therefore, choose a speaker system where the  “continuous” power rating is high enough for the concerned venue. Playing mastered music also causes rapid wear and tear of the speakers, a factor which you must consider when investing in one.

Professionalism and talent of the karaoke singer:

This is another factor that varies widely. In addition, karaoke is concerned and the professionalism can be nearly zero. So, the abuse which the best karaoke speakers will have to withstand is something that you must keep in mind. Therefore, it is important to buy a device which has been manufactured with a certain degree of robustness in mind. The price of the device will thus vary significantly.


Several karaoke speakers are priced over the top. Furthermore, you may have already found out in your research. So, be careful how much you actually end up spending and if you spent too much money its not-too-good a gear will be money wasted. In fact, little money spent and the microphone could come apart on you and this is a subjective decision which is best left to you, the reader, and in the end, the purchaser.

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Wrap up

This is where we wrap up the article. Remember that the old rule that good brands equal great equipment might not always be true and this is best described when buying the best karaoke speakers. As well as that, many second-rung companies actually make great products. Moreover, you can choose to browse through the other sections on our website. Comments and suggestions are also welcome.

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