Top 12 Best Laptop Keyboard Covers in 2019 Reviews


The longevity of your laptop depends on the use of several accessories of decent quality. They help to protect the laptop against scratches, wear & tear, and other damage due to t external parameters. The keyboard of a laptop is one of the most essential components and you need to contemplate about its protection. While using a laptop in a different environment, it is possible that dust, debris, and other impurities accumulate on the surface of the keyboard. Also, it may get untidy due to foodstuffs and drink spillage. It becomes tremendously difficult to remove such stuff inside the miniature keys of the keyboard. Therefore, it is a feasible idea to use laptop keyboard covers. They are renowned for providing excellent protection and also they add aesthetic appearance to the laptop. For different models and brands of laptops, different laptop keyboard covers are available; take a look at them:

List of  Top 12 Best Laptop Keyboard Covers in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

12. iBenzer Old MacBook Pro 13 Inch case:

 iBenzer Old MacBook Pro 13 Inch case A1278, Soft Touch Hard Case Shell Cover

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MacBooks are functional and beautiful; therefore, you need to invest in the purchase of its related accessories. You have obviously invested a considerable sum of money behind the purchase of MackBook Pro, so you also need to protect this expensive appliance. The 13 inches MacBook protective casing from iBenzer is dedicated to offering supreme protection. While offering protection, it also retains the aesthetics of MacBook. To suit the choice of different users, this protective casing is made available in a wide assortment of colors.


  • iBenzer prepared this MacBook Pro case utilizing sturdy yet lightweight plastic material. The laptop unit will stay protected against dings and scratches.
  • It just weighs 10 oz overall, so it would not add any substantial weight to your MacBook.
  • For hassle-free installation and removal, this protective case is equipped with micro clips. These clips would securely attach to your MacBook. Moreover, they can be snapped off with simplicity when needed.
  • The case’s base seamlessly complements the vent slots of your MacBook. Hence, appropriate ventilation is provided.

 11. KeyCover – Ultra Thin Silicone Keyboard Cover:

 KeyCover - Ultra Thin Silicone Keyboard Cover for Dell KM636 KB216 Keyboard - Gradual Purple

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A low-quality laptop keyboard cover may slip off but this one would not. The ultra-thin keyboard cover from KeyCover stays on nicely and it is extremely simple to clean off. Its corresponding mint color is elegant and bright. It would appear stylish when used on a black keyboard. The presence of the silicone material would suppress the key noise. Generally, this silicone keyboard cover would provide a perfect fit for Dell KM636 KB216 keyboard.


  • The elaborate lower key height design facilitates the user with excellent typing experience, particularly after prolonged typing.
  • For flawless typing, it is prepared from the extra thin silicone skin.
  • On the keyboard cover, the keyboard symbols are clearly printed so you would not find troubles while typing.
  • Your laptop keyboard would stay protected against water, debris, wear & tear, coffee spills, etc.
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10. Keyboard Cover Compatible Dell Inspiron 15 3000 5000 Series:

 Keyboard Cover Compatible Dell Inspiron 15 3000 5000 Series/New Inspiron 17 3000 Series/Insprion 17 7786 /Dell G3 15 17 Series/New Dell G5 15 Series/Dell G7

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Employing a perfect fit on your Dell Inspiron laptops, you just need to place it over the surface of the keyboard. Subsequently, the soft material would excellently grip the keys. Being nonslip, the cover would not fall off during use. The soft rubbery feeling seems extremely nice throughout the use. The unsurpassed typing response is showcased through the high precision molding. This is because this molding would fit closely to the original keys of the keyboard.


  • The thickness of this cover is 0.01” and it assists to deliver the original typing experience.
  • Being reusable and washable, you may use it for many years.
  • The laptop’s keyboard would stay protected against water, debris, liquid spills and wear & tear.
  • Its decent elasticity makes sure it can adapt to the keyboard of different sizes.
  • The backlighting behind the keyboard can still be seen.

9. UPPERCASE UPP-KBC-13P Keyboard Cover:

 UPPERCASE UPP-KBC-13P Ultra Thin Clear Soft TPU Keyboard Cover Skin for MacBook Pro 13 15 17 Inch

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UPPERCASE gives you the flexibility to protect your Macbook Pro keyboard from the damaging factors as per your convenience. For instance, the damage due to contaminates, spills, abrasion, etc. would not affect the keyboard of your laptop. Utilizing the premium material in the making, the UPP-KBC-13P cover employs a wide keyboard area. This area is found wider than that of the standard ultrathin keyboard cover.

It will seamlessly fit like a glove and comes in the ultra-thin design. It is made so thin that you can even feel the bumps imposed on the F & J keys. Being tad opaque, it enables you to view the symbols and letters on all keys.


  • The designing is made unique to precisely fit your Macbook keyboard (US ANSI) in absence of hindering keyboard backlight.
  • Its manufacturing is successfully accomplished using the durable premium-grade, non-toxic, thermoplastic polyurethane material. This material comes with 0.18mm thickness.

8. Keyboard Cover for HP 2018:

 Keyboard Cover for HP 2018 Premium High Performance 14 inch Chromebook | HP Chromebook 14-ak Series | HP Chromebook 14-ca Series | HP Chromebook 14 G2 G3 G4

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The important characteristics of this keyboard cover for HP laptops are dustproof and waterproof. These two characteristics assist the keyboard to stay protected against day-to-day spills, debris, and pet’s waste and other damage. This silicone cover could be easily washed using soapy water and gives a shiny look.  After cleaning, there would be no negative impacts on the overall effectiveness of the cover.

This cover is essentially an updated version and specifically made for use on different laptop models from HP. They include 2018 HP Chromebook 14-inch laptop, laptops belonging from HP Chromebook 14-ak Series, 14-ca Series and 14 G2 Utilization of the superior quality silicone material gives an indication that this cover is healthy, durable, and environmental-friendly.


  • The high precision molding allows this cover for HP laptops’ keyboard to seamlessly fit every kit. During the fit, the all-around protection is provided.
  • To restore the original typing experience, the cover comes with the 0.01″ thickness.
  • It is dustproof and spill-resistant cover, so your keyboard would appear clean.

7. Colorful Keyboard Cover for HP Stream 14 inch Laptop:

 Colorful Keyboard Cover for HP Stream 14 inch Laptop | HP Stream 14-ax Series | HP Pavilion 14-ab 14-ac 14-ad 14-al 14-an 14-cb Protective Skin, Rainbow

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The perfect fit imposed by this keyboard cover discards the typing issues. On the other hand, the vivid colors would let it appear alluring on your keyboard. It feels extremely good when touched. Those laptop users intending to brighten up their laptop should definitely try this 14 inch laptop keyboard cover. You will admire its flexibility during use; also, its effectiveness stays unaffected after washing.


  • In the making of this colorful keyboard, the high-quality silicone material is found to be durable and environment-friendly. This material feels soft when used, so there is discomfort during the use.
  • Comprehensive protection is offered against dust spills, key wear and other damage.
  • Features like dustproof and waterproof defend the keyboard from spills of liquid, debris and other polluting factors.

6. YYubao Super Stretchy Silicone Keyboard Cover:

 YYubao Super Stretchy Silicone Keyboard Cover Skin Protector

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Extreme comfort during typing is assured by YYubao due to the use of soft silicone. This silicone material is non-toxic and durable as well. So, you will not feel fatigued or discomfort while typing. Each key is principally molded and uniquely printed on this cover to present a long-lasting appearance. Being washable, it is easy to dry it.


  • The laptop’s keyboard would stay unaffected by dust mites, debris, and dander.
  • It reduces the noise of keyboard sounds, so you can operate the laptop silently.
  • Its flexible structure allows you to fit on laptop’s keyboard of bigger size too.

5. Kuzy – MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover:

 Kuzy - MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover

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Solely engineered to offer comprehensive protection for your MacBook keyboard, you can operate the keyboard comfortably. Excellent protection is offered against dust, grease, oil, dirt, and spills. Also, the problems of key wear will not be found. Basically, this keyboard protector defends the MacBook Pro from any sort of damage. Henceforth, your Mac would look even after long-term use. The included TPU comes with the minimal thickness of just 0.12mm. So, the original feel is conveyed while typing without compromising the protection. It is observed that every key is exceptionally molded on clear TPU to convey a perpetual professional look.


  • Presence of the high transparency film enables the backlight keys of MacBook to shine through.
  • Any dust spills or key wear would not severely influence your keyboard.
  • For the cleaning purpose, it is easy to remove and easy to apply back once cleaning is done.
  • Comfortable use while typing is guaranteed through the soft, ultra-thin material.

4. DELL XPS 13 Keyboard Cover:

 DELL XPS 13 Keyboard Cover Ultra Thin Clear Keyboard Skin for 2019 Dell XPS 13 9380 & 2018 DELL XPS 13 9370 & 2017 Release DELL XPS 13 9365 13.3" 2 in 1

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When you mount this DELL XPS 13 keyboard cover, the issues of screen scratches will be gone. Issues of dirt and stain accumulation on the laptop’s keyboard will be removed. To experience the hassle-free cleaning experience, you may use a microfiber cloth amid the screen and keyboard. Its manufacturing utilizes TPU material and there are various reasons to choose this material. Basically, TPU is a flexible polymer material and its popularity is wide due to its outstanding physical functions. These functions include wear-resistance, flexibility, strength, toughness, and temperature adaptability.


  • High durability is conveyed with the use of premium engineering grade TPU material.
  • It comes with supreme transparency and ultra-thin structure to retain the beauty of your laptop.
  • Its functioning enables the keyboard backlight to shine.
  • Complete protection is provided against negative aspects like key wear, spills, dust, etc.
  • Since the cover is removable and washable, its cleaning would not negatively influence its working mechanism.
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3. Premium Ultra Thin Clear Keyboard Cover Skin:

 JRC Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover Skins for Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 14" 2017/2018, ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2017 Gen, New S2, E465 E470 E470C E475 E485 E490T A475

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There are several advantages of using this transparent keyboard cover skin. Firstly, it comes with a minimum thickness of 0.18 mm to cone the original typing feeling. Next, it would reduce the key height design to offer great comfort while typing even for a long period. Being dustproof and waterproof, this TPU skin cover would defend the laptop’s keyboard against oily fingers, dust, spills, etc.


  • While you operate your keyboard, there will be a noticeable reduction in the sounds of key switches. Therefore, this cover skin benefits the noise-free operation.
  • Its anti-bacterial properties make this cover skin strong, durable and easy to apply.
  • The overall configuration would seamlessly fit every contour of the keyboard.

2. MOSISO Silicone Keyboard Cover:

 MOSISO Silicone Keyboard Cover Protective Skin Compatible MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2017 & 2016 Release A1708 Without Touch Bar, New MacBook 12 Inch A1534, Black

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Capable to offer comprehensive protection for your MacBook keyboard, there would be no severe effects due to key wear, dust spills and more. There are no issues found while applying and removing it from the keyboard. It gives comfortable typing experience due to its flexible structure.  Use of the extra slim silicone skin simplifies the typing experience. You can easily see the keys because the whole keyword is printed on the keyboard cover.


  • All the keys are individually molded and individually printed on the clear silicone material to convey a long-lasting use.
  • The screen would stay protected since the cover utilizes premium engineering grade material whose thickness is just 0.3mm.
  • A professional look is conveyed to let you solely focus on your typing.

1. UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector:

 UPPERCASE GhostCover Premium Ultra Thin Keyboard Protector for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13" and 15" (2016 2017 2018 2019, Apple Model Number A1706, A1707-Laptop Keyboard Covers

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Grabbing the top position in the list, this GhostCover for the keyboard is found to be highly compatible. It is uniquely engineered to accurately fit on the keyboard of your 2016 2017 2018 based MacBook Pro models. It is thoroughly tested for not affecting with Touch Bar operation. The premium quality, durable TPU material retains its shape to make sure the cover always perfectly fit on any keyboard of MacBook. In spite of being transparent and thin, it is made sturdy. So, the nearly invisible protection makes you overlook the fact that you have a keyboard cover.


  • With a view to reducing the typing interference, this UPPERCASE keyboard protector is furnished with the industry leading 0.12mm thickness.
  • Supreme transparency is conveyed to retain the elegance of your Macbook. Furthermore, it enables the backlight to shine appropriately.
  • This UPPERCASE keyboard cover is completely washable and can be reused for long-lasting use.

Concluding Note:

If you are cautious to protect the delicate keyboard unit of your laptop, it is feasible to apply any of these keyboard covers. With their soft feeling and unique thinness, superb feel is conveyed to enjoy the typing experience.