Top 10 Best LED Flame Bulbs in 2019


Get the feeling of fire when you switch your standard light bulbs out with one of the 10 best-LED flame bulb in 2019. These new light bulbs help you upgrade your romantic mood and let your guest relax like they would in front of the real fire.

Or you can use them to bring that old-fashioned feel to your home. You will make your house feel more like a home when you send your light bulbs back in time. There is nothing like a flame effect to make a house feel a little cozier.

Technology does come up with some good ideas for your home. These top 10 best-led flame bulb in 2019 is one of those great ideas that do not cost a lot of money to use. Upgrade our home atmosphere by using one of the best of the best flame bulbs.

List of Top 10 Best LED Flame Bulbs in 2019

10. Equantu LED Flicker Flame Effect Light Bulb

LED Flicker Flame Effect Light Bulb with Upside Down Effect

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This flame light bulb lights up your home with 4 different light modes to choose from. After installing one, you will receive up to 30,000 hours of flame life. Also, with its gravity sensor, the flame will go up no matter where your light bulb is pointed.

Plus, to give your home a cozier feel, this flame bulb uses 90 led light chips, at 320 lumens to brighten any room. Made from UV& IR radiation free materials, these light bulbs are safe to use. Besides all of this, they save on your electric bill as well.

One drawback is that this flame light bulb may make some noise when it is turned on. A second one is that it may not be as bright as you would like. Finally, constant flicker can be distracting and annoying.

9. OMK – LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs

 OMK - LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs

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This 6-watt flame bulb can provide you with up to 1400K of white light. Plus, once you install it, the bulb should burn for up to 12,000 hours. Also, the 108 LED light pieces work to make sure you get a good flame effect every time you turn the light on.

In addition to all of this, you get 4 light modes to use. When the light is turned off for 45 seconds or more, it will return to its default light mode when turned on again. The gravity mode lets you place the light bulb in any position and still have the flames reach for the sky.

One disadvantage to this flame bulb is that its flame effect may not look like a real flame.

Another is that there may be too much flashing which would distract you from other activities.

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8. Tomtoo LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

 LED Flame Effect Light Bulb,E12 2W Flickering Flame Light Bulbs

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You save n energy and money when you switch to an LED flame bulb. They use less power and still provide you with enough light to see what you are doing. With no UV or IR radiation involved, these flame bulbs are safe and easy to use. This one screw into an E12 light socket.

After installing the LED flame bulb, you get 300 lumens of 1800 amber light glowing in your home. Also, the light bulb provides 360 degrees of illumination. For best results, a frosted lamp shade is the type to use. Each LED flame bulb uses 2 watts of power.

The first negative is that these lights cannot dim themselves. It may be hard to add a dimmer switch to them as well. Finally, you need a lot of them to get enough light in your room.

7. NITOR Lighting LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

 NITOR Lighting LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

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A black matte base helps provide the contrast you need to see the fine effects of this LED flame bulb. Plus, with added air vents, the bulb stays cool to the touch even when on for a long period of time. A gravity sensor keeps the flame upright.

When you turn the flame bulb on, you should get between 1700 and 1900 K of amber light illuminating your surroundings. In addition to this, its versatility lets you use the flame bulb just about anywhere. It uses a standard E26 light socket.

Unfortunately, the main drawback is that it only has one light mode. It works in flame effect only. Another drawback is that the flicker may be too quick for a good flame feel. Finally,

some quality control issues have the LED light chips out of place and ineffective.

6. YEAHBEER LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

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Gravity and 108 LED light chips to provide you with a good flame effect every time you turn this LED flame bulb on. The flame shoots for the sky no matter how you position the lightbulb. A standard E26 light socket is all you need to see the flame effects.

Once installed, and after you turn it on, you get up to 2300K of amber to white light illuminating the room or porch area. Plus, these light bulbs can operate in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Indoor or outdoor, you can turn your house into a coy little home with this LED flame bulb.

One disadvantage to using these light bulbs is their longevity may not be as long as you would like. Another is that up close, they just look like a normal flickering light. Finally, they may be a bit tall for some lamps.

5. LedTek Led Simulation Flame Effect Bulb

 LedTek Led Simulation Flame Light Fire Flicker Effect Bulb

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One unique feature to this gravity sensor LED flame bulb is the internal switch. This switch makes sure that the flame always points to the sky no matter how you position the flame bulb. Then the standard E26 base gives you a variety of placement options.

Also, the 100 LED light chips produce up to 1800K of light while only using 3 watts of power. Plus, the 2835 LED light chips should last you a long time under normal use. You get a lot of light while saving yourself a lot of money on your energy bill.

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One drawback is its size. While it fits a standard E26 light socket, the flame bulb itself is large. Second, is that the flame effect does not appear to be realistic. Finally, a long life may not be one of its strong suits.

4. Sunco Lighting Flame Effect Light Bulb

 Sunco Lighting 4 Pack Flame Effect Light Bulb

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Light up your home with just 9 watts of power. This LED flame bulb uses a standard E26 light socket, but its low wattage does not sacrifice any light. Your rooms should still be bright enough to see what you are doing. You save money while doing your normal daily activities.

Plus, the versatile use of the flame bulb allows you to be creative in your placement. They can be used just about anywhere an E26 light socket is found. Their long life span should make these flame bulbs very efficient. The orange light s good for a romantic evening as well.
One disadvantage is that they are very fragile and can break fairly easily. Another is the flame

effect does not seem very realistic. Plus, the light may be too bright for some people to enjoy properly.

3. Hudson Lighting LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

 LED Flickering Flame Light Bulbs

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Each LED flame bulb in this set works with an E26 light socket, but they only use about 3 watts of power in doing so. You get to save money while not sacrificing any light. Plus, the gravity sensor works overtime to make sure the flame is always pointing in the right direction.

Once installed, the flame bulbs deliver up to 200 lumens of orangish light to any room they are placed. You can set the right mood with your mate when you need a romantic evening alone. Just replace your normal light bulbs with these LED flame bulbs.

One drawback is that these light bulbs may only have one light mode. Another is that they are very dim. You may not get the brightness you want once they are installed. Finally, the lights may make most rooms feel more like Halloweén is around the corner.

2. Fuxury Omicoo LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs

 Omicoo LED Flame Effect Fire Light Bulbs E26 E27 4 Modes with Upside Down Effect

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With 108 LED light chips casting off around 400k light, you should be able to see what you are doing with ease. Once installed, these LED flame bulbs should last you about 10,000 hours. 4 light modes give you a little choice in how you want your light displayed.

In addition to all of that, the upside-down mode should make sure the flames are pointing up and not down. Default light mode takes effect when the LED flame bulb s shut off for more than 45 seconds at a time. The bulb is not made from harmful materials, so they are safe to use.

One negative that comes with these light bulbs is that the orange color is over powering and the flam bulb loses its flame effect. Another is that the light mode system may wear out faster than they normally should.

1. CPPSLEE LED Flame Effect Light Bulb

 CPPSLEE - LED Flame Effect Light Bulb-LED Flame Bulbs

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4 light modes provide you with a little variety in how your rooms will be lit up. You get standard, flame, breathing and gravity modes to enhance the look of your home or rooms. With no UV rays or infrared radiation, your family can enjoy these light bulbs all day long in complete safety.

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After installing these LED flame bulbs, the 108 LED light pieces bring about 150 lumens to your surroundings. Then the 300K amber light effect should make the room light enough to see what is going on. They are great romantic mood setters when you need them to be.

One drawback is the method of how light modes need to be changed. Flicking the light switch is not efficient. Next, the flame effect does not look like a real flame and flickers very fast when turned on.

The benefits of switching to LED light bulbs

Technology has improved and upgraded the standard light bulb. Now you can get one of the top 10 best-led flame bulbs in 2019 to enhance the look of your home. Because they are LED, you also get a lot of benefits from switching.

Here are some of those benefits:

  • They last a long time- one thing about LED flame bulbs is that they will last you for years under normal use.
  • Energy friendly- when you make the switch, you are becoming more energy friendly. LED flame bulbs use less electricity than regular light bulbs.
  • Environmentally friendly- because no harmful chemicals are used in their construction, these LED flame bulbs protect the environment.
  • Quality construction materials- the strong materials keep these LED flame bulbs durable and long lasting. They can be resistant to all weather conditions and shock.
  • Safe to use- no UV rays are emitted, and no infrared radiation is let loose, these light bulbs are safe for everyone in your family. Flexible use- just like regular light bulbs, LED flame bulbs can be made to fit any light socket and used for many different purposes.
  • Withstand extreme temperatures- LED flame bulbs can be used in extremely cold weather or very hot summer night
  • Uses little voltage and wattage- LED light chips do not require a lot of power to bring you the light you need to work under.
  • Instant on- LED flame bulbs do not need any warm-up time to start casting their healthy glow. Flick the switch and you got light.

Some final words

NO matter how you like your home to look, one of the top 10 best-led flame bulbs in 2019 can enhance its look and upgrade your lifestyle. They do this by saving you a lot of money without sacrificing any light.

Give your home a cozier feel to it by switching out the regular light bulbs for an LED flame bulb. You get a more romantic and old-fashioned look to your modern house. Plus, you save money while doing it. That makes these light bulbs worth the price you paid for them.