Top 10 Best Nose Hair Trimmers in 2019 Reviews


You may have a very attractive face but no one wants to stare at your unkempt nose hairs. When you take pride in how you look, you cannot overlook the small details. That means you have to trim those nasty looking nose hairs when they get too long.

Using one of the top 10 best nose hair trimmers in 2019 is one way to make sure you look your best. People will be looking at you instead of your nose hairs. Nose hairs have their place in the human biological system. Yet, you certainly do not want them taking any attention away from your outfit, your hairstyle or your overall beauty.

Using one of the best nose hair trimmers on the market today will help you complement your style and keep you looking your best all the time.

The importance of nose hairs

You may not like the fact that you have hair growing out of your nose. They seem awkward, hard to manage and they do not add to your beauty. Yet, nose hairs do play an important role in your health.

What nose hairs do is protect your repository system from airborne contaminants. Those pesky little nose hairs serve as a frontline defense for your breathing health. They protect you from germs, bacteria and other airborne particles that are not healthy for your lungs or nasal passages.

Of course, that still doesn’t mean that you want them sticking out and making a nuisance of themselves. You can trim those nasty nose hairs and still maintain that great protection they provide.

List of Our Nose Hair Trimmer Review on

10. ToiletTree Professional Nose Trimmer

ToiletTree Professional Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel Nose Trimmer

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This heavy-duty nose trimmer is made with steel blades to make sure you get all the nose hairs that need trimming. An LED light lets you see what you are doing and light up those hard to see hairs that the naked eye often misses.

The rotary style blades allow nose hairs to enter from the top and sides, so they get cut evenly and with little irritation. You can work freely as this unit does not use power cords. One AA battery is all it takes to get your nose hairs trimmed effectively.

Another plus is that this nose trimmer is water resistant. You are able to use this trimmer in the shower, so you can wash away those cut hairs with ease.

9. Panasonic Nose Trimmer

 Panasonic Nose Trimmer and Ear Hair Trimmer

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This unit does 2 jobs in one. Besides trimming those pesky nose hairs, you can also trim those ear hairs that pop out from time to time. The unit’s hypoallergenic blades keep you safe as the trimmer cuts those hairs down to size.

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The blades are also curved for comfort and to reach all the contours of your nose. One AA battery is all you need to keep your personal grooming habits up to standard. Then clean up is a snap as the trimmer is completely washable.

The thumb power button and dial feature are both easy to use and makes operating this trimmer easy. You can also use it to trim your mustache and beard if you want. You get a lot of service with his little unit.

8. Philips Norelco Nose hair trimmer

Philips Norelco Nose, Ear, and Eyebrow hair trimmer NT1500/49 - comfortable

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Get all of your unwanted facial hair trimmed with one easy to use hair trimmer. Besides trimming your nose hairs, this unit will tackle your ear hair and eyebrows with no extra hassle. An eyebrow guard is included with your purchase.

Then you can expect little to no pain as you trim. The blades are shielded so they do not touch your skin. Its advanced trimming system also promises not to pull your hair as it cuts. To get power to all of these features, you only need one AA battery. Unlike other brands, the battery is included with this trimmer.

All it takes to get your face in shape ready for the public is a few minutes with this easy to use nose hair trimmer. A 2-year warranty covers most issues.

7. Conair Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

Conair Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer

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It may look small, but it is up to the task of grooming your nose and ears without complaint. This compact and very lightweight nose trimmer is easy to use and hold. It will not tire out your hand as you cut those hairs away.

Then the cutting system is both powerful and effective. It claims to not pull your hair as it slices them away. A protective cap allows you to take this unit anywhere you go. You never know when you need them when you are on a business trip.

To keep it clean, just blow out the loose hairs, then run the blades under water gently. One AA battery provides the power and it may be a little noisy for some people.

6. Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer

Wahl Lithium Micro Groomsman Trimmer

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Nose hair trimmers do not have to be large to get the job done right. This compact trimmer will work in just about any nose. Its self-sharpening blades keep them sharp enough to trim your hairs effectively.

An additional trimming head provides the flexibility you need when you have more than your nose hairs to trim. You even get flexibility with the type of battery you use to power the unit.

A lithium battery is included with your purchase, but you can replace it with another lithium battery or a regular alkaline one. It is your choice. The aluminum body keeps the weight down and makes the trimmer easier to handle. A protective cap allows you to take with you as you travel the globe or city.

5. Liberex Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

Liberex Electronic Nose Ear Hair Trimmer for Men Women

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Both men and women can use this nose hair trimmer with ease. It is a painless way to remove unwanted hair from your nose. The water-resistant unit uses double edged blades to make sure you get every hair you want out.

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The rotating blade design spins the blades in a 360-degree direction, so you can use any angle to get all those nasty hairs out of your nose. This unit is flexible enough to handle a beard, mustache, eyebrow and ear hair as well.

Then the blades twist off making cleaning so much easier. Also, you get an LED light to light up those dark areas, so you do not miss any hairs that try to avoid being cut. This small and lightweight trimmer works with one AA battery.

4. Cleanfly Nose Hair Trimmer

Nose Hair Trimmer 4 in 1 Eyebrow Sideburn Ear and Nose Hair Trimmer

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You get 4 options in one unit. Not only does this unit make your nose look great, but it will also tackle those tough sideburn, eyebrow and ear tasks as well. This rechargeable unit is made for men only, but we are sure women can use it also.

An included USB cord recharges the battery and allows you to take this trimmer basically anywhere you go. The battery is built in and shouldn’t need replacing. Plus, its lightweight and compact size ensure that it will only take up a small corner in your suitcase or travel bag.

Then the 360-degree rotation cutting system makes sure you can use any angle to trim our unwanted hairs. The waterproof unit also sports stainless-steel blades for better cutting surfaces.

3. Philips Norelco Nose, Ear, and Eyebrow hair trimmer

Philips Norelco Nose

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This nose hair trimmer brings lots of friends with it. Not only can you trim your nose hairs, but you can take care of those other hairs you do not like. Ears, eyebrows and so on does not matter, this unit will handle all those unwanted hair chores.

When you purchase this set you get a protective cap, 5 shaving heads, battery, and a nice carrying bag. There will be no excuse for you if you own this set and look unkempt.  The skin-friendly cutting system uses dual cut technology to shave your hairs nice and close to the skin.

Also, the cutting system protects against scratches, nicks, and pulls. Its water-resistant design makes cleanup a snap. All you need to do is rinse it under running water.

2. Conair Satiny Smooth Precision Trimmer

Conair Satiny Smooth Ladies Lithium Ion Precision Trimmer

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Designed for women only who want to be treated gently by their nose hair trimmer.  Besides the nose, this trimmer can be used by women to address hair issues all over their body. From nose to bikini areas, women can look great every day.

The wide blade design ensures that the cutting surface is gentle and covers larger areas than the nose. Women also receive two eyebrow combs to help them style their eyebrows. No power cords are needed. All it takes is one AAA lithium battery to make this nose hair trimmer run.

This nose hair trimmer will bring you satisfaction as it is made to reach those hard to reach places found on a woman’s body. Use a brush to keep it clean.

#1. Vimdiff Nose Ear Hair Trimmer

This battery-operated nose hair trimmer includes a mini vacuum system to help clean away those cut nose hairs. Its rotating cutting system operates in a 360-degree manner giving you the flexibility to use any angle you need to.

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The quiet motor operates under 50 DB and spins the blades at 6500 RPM. More than enough to give you a close cutting experience. To keep clean, just twist the blade and remove. The waterproof design makes washing the unit quite easy.

A dustproof cover helps keep the unit and blades in top shape when you are not using it. Also, this trimmer can be used to keep beard, ear and eyebrow hair neat and good looking. Its\ dual-edged blades handle all cutting tasks with ease.

How to Trim Ingrown Nose Hairs

While trimming nose hairs can leave them sharp and little irritable, ingrown nose hair can be painful. You need to take care of ingrown nose hairs fast before they become a bigger problem.

Here are a few steps to take in order to free yourself from the pain and inconvenience of nose hairs:

  1. Moisten the skin in your nose with a warm to hot damp cloth Repeat if necessary
  2. Reheat the cloth and place it over your finger. Then gently place your finger in your nose and rub. When you find an irritating spot, rub it to loosen the ingrown hair. You want it to get through the skin.
  3. Use a Cotton swab or stick and apply disinfectant to the irritated area. Hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol should do the trick.
  4. Apply medicinal ointment to further protect yourself and soften any sharp nose hairs

How to use nose hair trimmers

You are not going to be a professional nose hair trimmer overnight. It does take a little practice to make sure you cut all those unwanted hairs the way you want them cut. Here are four tips on how to use your nose hair trimmers effectively:

  • Even if your nose hair trimmer comes with an LED light, you still need good lighting to see what you are doing
  • A good but small magnifying mirror will help you spot those hard to see nose hairs. Once you can see them, you can cut them
  • Cleaning your nose before you cut is a good move. Not only does this help you spot hairs, but you also do not have to look at a bad sight.
  • Wet the hair to keep the frizz down. Also, wetting your nose hairs will help separate them making cutting a lot easier.

Some final words

Technology has made personal grooming a lot simpler and easier to do. You get powerful motors, sharp blades in small easy to hold units. Your nose and other unwanted hairs do not stand a chance when you use one of the top 10 best nose hair trimmers in 2019

They are the right tool to keep you looking your best all day and every day. You can go out in public in confidence knowing that you have no pesky hairs attracting the wrong type of attention.