Top 10 Best Piggy Banks For Kid in 2019


Everyone has saved money as a child and almost everyone has had a piggy bank or two in their lives. But not everyone has had a top 10 best piggy banks for kid in 2019. These banks are special and not everyone has had one.

When you use a piggy bank to save money, you are showing how responsible you are. Also, you can teach your kids how to save money and make their allowance last. That is one of the pleasures of a top 10 best piggy bank. It lets you have good money teaching moments with your kids.

You can’t get those times back, so make the most of them by using one of the best to help your child save their money. You will provide your kids lessons they can pass down to their children as well.

List of Our Top 10 Best Piggy Banks for Kid Review on

10. JYPHM Ceramic Piggy Bank for Kids

 JYPHM Ceramic Piggy Bank for Kids Boys and Girls Unique Gift Nursery Décor Keepsake Porcelain Piggy Bank Orange

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This ceramic piggy bank has a rubber stopper to make sure your child’s coins do not fall out and get lost. With its 4 non-slip rubber feet, it would be hard for the piggy bank to move over the edge and fall.

Also, the ceramic construction materials are hand painted to make this bank more special.

Plus, its smiling face lets your child know it has a money friend. Then the money slot on its back should be large enough to handle those largely sized coins your child gets from time to time. It is a cute addition to your child’s room.

One drawback that comes with this piggy bank is that it is a bit small. Plus, because it is made of ceramic, it is very fragile. Your child would have to learn how to handle it with kid gloves.

9. Black Forest Wooden Piggy Bank

 Black Forest Wooden Piggy Bank with Bark Handmade in Germany

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Being unique is one way to stand out. This all wood with bark piggy bank is unique and it does stand out. Made from real Black Forest wood, it sports a pig’s twisted tail for an added touch of realism. Besides coins, your child can slip paper bills in the slot on its back.

Also, the rear end of the piggy bank opens up allowing your child to count his or her riches from time to time. Measuring roughly 6 ½ by 5 ½ by 6 inches, your child should have enough room for their allowance.

One negative aspect that comes with this piggy bank is that your child could get splinters from handling it. It is made from real German wood. Another is that the fragile features could break off quite easily. Finally, there may not be a lot of room inside to hold a lot of coins.

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8. Personalized Ceramic Kid’s Font Piggy Bank

 Personalized Ceramic Kid's Font Piggy Bank

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Adding your child’s name to their piggy bank is one way to get him or her to treat saving money more seriously. It is their bank and theirs alone. The 6 ½ by 5 ½ by 6-inch piggy bank stands on 4 ceramic legs and uses polka dots to brighten its look.

Also, felt tabs on the feet help keep it still and stable. This piggy bank should not slide that far.

All your child has to do to get their money out, is to remove the simple rubber stopper on the bottom of the bank.

One disadvantage of this piggy bank for kids is that the lettering may be very small. Also, the name may fade after a little time has passed. Finally, the ceramic construction while nice to touch, can be a bit fragile and break on an accidental drop.

7. Encore Transparent Cute Piggy Bank

 Transparent Cute Piggy Bank, Makes a Perfect Unique Gift, Nursery Decor

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With the see-through construction, your child can watch their savings grow. You can watch their eyes grow big as they realize how much money they have saved up. With 3 colors to choose from, your child has a little choice in how their piggy bank for kids will look.

In addition to that, the piggy bank measures 6 by 9 by 6 inches in size. This should give them lots of room to store their treasure. Plus, made from durable PVC plastic, this bank should be strong enough to handle accidental drops. Your child should have fun saving their money in this piggy bank for kids.

One drawback that comes with this piggy bank is that its feet may not be slip proof. Another would be that anyone can see inside and be tempted to take the money.

6. Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank

Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank

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Saving money can put a smile on any child’s face. As they see their savings grow, their face should match the pigs. The approx. 5 by 6 by-inch piggy bank should hold a lot of small coins and maybe even some dollar bills.

Like all piggy banks, this one has a slot on top for money going in and a rubber stopper on the bottom for money going out. Plus, it is the right size to fit on a child’s dresser or bookshelf.

Easy access means your child can save money easier. Made from ceramic for a nice look.

One disadvantage to this piggy bank is its size. It may not hold a lot of money at one time.

Another is that the face and polka dots are only stickers and not part of the pig. Last, the ceramic construction material can easily chip if bumped wrong.

5. Child to Cherish Large Daisy Pig Bank

Child to Cherish Large Daisy Pig Bank

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Giving a piggy bank as a gift to a child can turn into a lifetime cherished memory. Not only does your child learn how to save, but he or she can also save it for their adult years and pass it on to their grandchildren.

Plus, this ceramic piggy bank is hand painted to give it an added touch of specialness. Also, the daisy design brings out the color of the pig’s eyes. This piggy bank measures 8 by 6 ½ by 7 inches in size. That should be enough room to get your child on the right path to saving.

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One negative feature was the expression on the pig’s face. It isn’t seen as smiling. Next, the rubber stopper may be a bot hard to remove and get the money out. Finally, the feet are hollow making them more fragile than they should be.

4. Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Girls

Child to Cherish Ceramic Piggy Bank for Girls

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Yes, this is a piggy bank designed for girls. Not only do they need to learn how to save money, but they also need something pretty to look at. The color on this piggy bank is nice to look at. The little bow on top and the butterfly accentuate the ceramic construction material.

Measuring 8 by 7 by 7 inches your little girl will be able to stockpile a lot of money inside. Then when she needs to use that money, the rubber stopper comes off and lets her have it. Your little girl won’t know what to do with all the money she has saved.

The first drawback is that some of the paint on the ceramic is scratched. Another is that the feet may not be non-slip or the felt bottoms are too small to be effective. Last, like all ceramic piggy banks, it can be quite fragile.

3. Burton & Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank

Burton & Burton Girls Pink & Green Circles Pig Piggy Bank Green Bow Ceramic Personalized Baby Nursery Decor

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The little green bow adds a touch of cuteness to this green and red polka dot piggy bank. Plus, the polka dots set off the nice pink nose on the face of the bank. This is another piggy bank designed for those girls who like to save money.

Also, the hand-painted ceramic bank stands on 4 ceramic feet. Each foot has a felt pad to keep it from slipping accidentally. In addition to these features, a dry erase pen lets you add your daughter’s name to the bank. It is a nice touch to make the piggy bank a personal one.

One disadvantage to this piggy bank is that shipping issues tend to remove different pieces of the bank. Another is that the pig’s legs may be hollow and very fragile. They may not hold a lot of weight.

2. Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank

Schylling Rubber Piggy Bank

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Rubber is not bad construction material. You drop it and it bounces right back. This piggy bank for kids is basically child proof with its rubber construction. The blue polka dot scarf offsets the all pink color and makes this piggy bank very attractive.

Measuring approx. 11 by 8 by 6 inches in size, this piggy bank can hold a lot of allowances.

Plus, its rubber feet should not let the pig slip and fall. To put money in your child just needs to use the large slot on top. Also, it is a safe piggy bank for kids to use.

One drawback is that this is more of a candy machine and bribes your child to save money.

Another drawback is that it is hard to remove the coins once they are inside. Last, the legs are hollow, adding to its instability.

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1. Luckies of London Ltd Ceramic Chalkboard Piggy Bank

Ceramic Chalkboard Piggy Bank – Perry the Capitalist Pig Message & Doodle Savings Bank Cash Box -Piggy Banks For Kid

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With the chalkboard surface, your child can add up their savings or place their name on this piggy bank for kids. He or she can also practice their drawing. Your child gets to decide how their piggy bank will look.

In addition to this, the all black surface has a large slot to handle coins and folded bills. Plus, its ceramic construction keeps the bank lightweight but durable. All your child has to do to get their money out is to pull the rubber stopper off and let the money flow. Then to collect the coins again, they just replace the stopper.

One negative aspect to this piggy bank for children is that the chalk does not write that well on the surface. Another is its small size. It may not hold as much money as your child would like.

The advantages of a piggy bank for kids

Everyone knows the main reason for a piggy bank. Yet there are a lot of advantages that come with using one of the top 10 best piggy banks for kids in 2019. Here are some of those advantages:

  • Teaching moments- these piggy banks let you have great quality time with your children teaching them important facts about money.
  • Organizes coins- loose change can easily get lost or picked up by someone else. These piggy banks make sure your child knows exactly where their money is
    Helps with goals- your child learns how to set goals and work towards those goals. Saving money is just one part of achieving that objective.
  • Provides life lessons- your child can learn how to save, a lesson they need to learn and will use the rest of their lives.
  • Teaches them finance- once your child saves enough money, they can lend some to their siblings. This teaches them how to work with money in a positive way and lets you correct any bad behavior on their part.
  • Provides a solid foundation- your child earns ho to save and when they are old enough they know how to set a little money aside from their paycheck.

Some final words

If there is one gift that keeps on giving, it is one of the top 10 best piggy banks for kids in 2019. The lessons they learn as a child saving in their personal bank will stay with them the rest of their lives.

Your child becomes prepared for adult life by learning their money lessons early. That is one great advantage you can give to your children. You give them a gift that is a positive influence and a friend no matter where they live.

Using the best piggy banks for kids in 2019 is one way you prepare your children for the future.