Top 10 Best Projector Mounts in 2019 Reviews


You bought a new projector but you don’t want to place it where it can be easily damaged. You would like to elevate it, but you are not sure which mount is best. That is where the top 10 best projector mounts in 2019 come in handy.

These accessories help make your mounting decision a lot easier. They have flexibility, versatility and they can fit in with your budget. When you want to protect your expensive equipment, it pays to use the best mounts around.

If you are not sure which are the top 10 best projector mounts in 2019. Just continue to rea dour review. It is filled with the information you need to make the right decision for you. After all, ruining an expensive projector is not the place want to waste your hard-earned money.

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10. QualGear Pro-AV Projector Mount Kit

 QualGear Pro-AV QG-KIT-CA-3IN-W Projector Mount Kit Accessory Single Joist Ceiling Adapter

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This projector mount is very flexible. You can install it on flat ceilings, vaulted ones, those with false ceilings and even hook it to a truss. Your mounting options are almost unlimited. But those are not your only options.

With this unit, you also get the pitch, roll, swivel adjustments along with a quick release function. The quick release is handy in an emergency or maintenance issues.  The mounting kit uses 1 1/2” piping to attach the mount to your ceiling.

Once installed, the projector mount will hold up to 70 pounds of weight. Presorted hardware and a color instruction book aid your installation and are included in your purchase. You are also covered by a 5-year warranty.

One drawback is that the projector mount is not a universal fit. It won’t adapt to all models of projectors. Another is that the screw holes may not align up perfectly with you ceiling design. Then the pipe may be too short for some applications.

9. CAMO Projector Ceiling Mount

 CAMO Projector Ceiling Mount, Fine-tuning Extendable Height-Adjustable

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You get about 20 cms of pipe length when you purchase this projector mount. Plus, the mounting holes range in distance of about 8 ½ inches to 13 ½ inches. The good news is that the arms of the mount are adjustable to fit your projector.

The arms also come off if you need them to. Made from top quality steel, this projector mount will hold approx. 15 pounds. Along with 360-degree rotation, you also get 15-degree tilt and swivel. This makes sure your picture is free from glare.

Installation is easy as all you do is twist the knob. The cable management system hides the cables from sight. Its white color should complement your room’s décor.

The only drawback is that it might take some time to install correctly.

8. VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector

 VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector/Projection Mount

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This projector mount comes with universal settings so that it should be able to hold the projector you own. The mounting holes start at 12 ½ inches and go down from there. After installing the mount and projector, you get 15-degree tilt & swivel as well as 360-degree rotation.

Made from top quality steel, this mount should hold up to 30 pounds. Also, the mount extends only about 6 inches from your ceiling, leaving you with plenty of headroom. It also has a quick release function.

Installation is not that difficult, though you may need an extra pair f hands to help you. All the hardware you need is included in the box.

One drawback is if you have high ceilings. Other drawbacks is that it is hard to adjust and is vulnerable to vibrations. It is also hard to keep still when tightening screws.

7. VIVO Universal Ceiling Projector Mount

VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector

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You can get up to about an extra 23” of extension using this projector mount. If you have low ceilings this may not fit for you.  But it is a universal mount and you can hook up almost any projector to it.

The standard 360-degree rotation, 15-degree tilt, and swivel are a part of the features that come with this unit. It will also hold up to about 30 pounds of weight. The adjustable arms make it easy to attach your projector and you get 12 ½ inches or less for mounting screws.

With the telescoping pipe, you will need lots of room between the floor and ceiling for this mount to work effectively. The quick release is also included.

One drawback comes with the mounting hardware. The anchors and washers are small and made of plastic and the screws may be too long. Also, the quality of the screws is not up to par.

6. Cheetah Universal Projector Mount

Cheetah Mounts APMEB Universal Projector Ceiling Mount

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The black color may be a bit overpowering, but it won’t clash with your room’s décor. This universal projector mount comes with 4 adjustable arms. They provide plenty of space to maneuver your projector into place.

You have a little flexibility as the mounting plate can be used with flat or vaulted ceilings. You also get to adjust the distance from the ceiling where your projector sits from 7 to 27 inches in length.

A metal safety tether is included to further protect your projector. Plus, the cable management system keeps your cables out of sight and out of mind. This mount will hold up to 65 pounds of weight and is made from top quality steel.

One drawback is that the instructions may call for more holes than needed. Another is that the third mounting hole may not align properly. The included HDMI cord can’t work well with 4K/60 HDR feeds.

5. Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount

Universal Projector Drop-in Ceiling Mount

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This projector mount is designed to work with false ceilings. Its drop-in panel replaces a complete standard ceiling tile. It also comes with 2 by 2-inch reinforcement plates to help keep everything stable and strong.

The surface of the panel discourages heat build up and works to disperse any heat that comes its way. You also have multiple mounting points for better viewing. The adjustable mounting arms will work with smaller projectors. Just use 3 instead of the normal 4.

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Plus, this drop-in pane will hold up to 30-pound projectors. You also get 180-degree pitch and 360-degree rotation with a lockdown feature. All hardware and tools you need for installation, are included in the box.

One drawback is that it takes patience and time to install this unit. Also, it does not fit every model of projector. Plus, there may be too much flexibility in the system to keep the projector straight all the time.

4. QualGear Universal Ceiling Mount

QualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount Projector Accessory

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With this universal projector mount, you get up to 60 degrees of tilt and swivel action. Then you also get the standard 360-degree rotation that comes in handy. Its top-quality steel construction provides the strength t for those functions as well as being able to hold up to 30 pounds.

A snap on and off design tries to make installation and attachment easier. You also get about 6 to 16 inches of length to work with when mounting the unit. For best results, attach the ceiling plate to your ceiling first. Then attach the adjustable arms to your projector. Finally put the projector and arms on the mount.

All hardware for installation should be included in the box when you purchase this ceiling mount. One drawback is that while the mount is universal, the screws may not be.  Also, the vertical adjustment may not work as planned. Then installation may be more difficult than expected.

3. Mount Factory Ceiling Projector Mount

 Mount Factory Universal Low Profile Ceiling Projector Mount

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It is a low-profile projector mount designed to save you ceiling space and head room. The universal nature of this projector mount should work with your projector with ease. As long as your projector doesn’t weigh more than 30 pounds.

The standard 15-degree pitch and roll and 360-degree rotation are part of the features that come with this projector mount. Then quick connect hooks make attaching or removing your projector simple and easy.

Installation is simple, and the mount comes with complete instructions to follow. All the hardware should be in the box when you bring this unit home. Just make sure you install it where the sunshine won’t interfere with the view. Or the glare of the lamp doesn’t get in the way.

One drawback is that the instructions may be a little bit off in their descriptions. Attachment bolts may strip as well. Plus, the adjustable arms may not work with all projectors.

2. V LED Warehouse Mini Projector Wall Ceiling Mount

 V LED Warehouse Mini Projector Wall Ceiling Mount -Projector Mounts

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Not every projector is large size. Some come in very small sizes which may not fit the standard or universal projector mounts. This mini mount solves that issue. It is made to work with very small projectors.

You can mount this unit to the ceiling or your wall and it is made of aluminum, so it is very lightweight. Easy to work with and install as only a few screws hold it in place. It may be small, but it still can rotate and adjust like the big projector mounts do.

Depending on the type of screws you use, this munt can hold a variety of projector weights. Once mounted, it is easy to use and adjust.

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One drawback is that the mount has a fixed length and no adjustment is possible. Then the screws holding the arms to the projector may come loose. Also, the swivel ball may arrive unattached. It is not easy to attach it.

1. DYNAVISTA Universal Ceiling Projector Mount

DYNAVISTA Full Motion Universal Ceiling Projector Mount Bracket

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If you have high ceilings you may like this ceiling mount. Its telescoping pipe extensions reach as far as 43” in length approx. The 12” mounting holes allow for great flexibility for the arms to move. Once installed the mount will hold up to 30 pounds.

Along with 360-degree rotation, you get 25 degrees of tilt and 90 degrees of swivel. If you do not need a lot of length, the arms will collapse to roughly 23 inches in length. Most of the assembly work has been done for you. It just takes a few steps to mount the unit to your ceiling.

The high-quality steel tells you that this mount will last you a long time and it is strong. One drawback is that it may swing from side to side after install the projector. Another is that it is not a mount that can be used on all ceilings.

What to look for

To find one of the top 10 best projector mounts in 2019 you need to know what to look for. Here are a few guidelines to help your search:

  • Mounting hardware- you got the right screws ad tools inside the box.
  • Weight capacity- most mounts hold 30 pounds. This is good but if you can get a heavier weight capacity, the better it is.
  • Universal- most projector mounts claim to be universal but there are some that do not hold all models. Make sure it will hold your projector before you buy it
  • Extensions- not all mounts are made for all ceilings. Make sure you know your ceiling height before you buy. You do not want a mount that is too long or too short.
  • Design- colors are limited so this will be up to your preference
  • Warranty- check your coverage and its length. You do not want any surprises.
  • Price- make sure you do not break the budget when you order your projector mount

Some final words

Projectors have many uses. They come in handy when you are teaching, watching movies or lectures. They provide a crisp, clear image on the screen and make viewing a lot easier and better.

When you use one of the top 10 best projector mounts in 2019, you know that your projector is safe and secure. These units have the weight capacity to hold most projectors with ease. They also have the tilt and rotation functions to get you the optimum position.

When you use the best equipment, you will have fewer worries.