Top 10 Best Pry Bars in 2019 Reviews


There are those tasks that require you to stop what you are doing and pick up a pry bar. The best way to get these tasks done is to use one of the top 10 best pry bars in 2019. These tools are made to handle the tough jobs.

Whether you are pulling out nails or separating pieces of wood, it pays to use the best equipment possible. Using one of the top 10 best pry bars in 2019 is using the best equipment possible and it is the right tool for the job at hand.

Before you buy there are some other pieces of information you need to know about pry bars. This article will fill you in on those pieces of information. Just keep reading to get all the information you need to know about pry bars

What are pry bars made from

There are several different material manufacturers use to make pry bars. Here is a list of the more common materials:

  • Iron- this is the simplest to use and the cheapest material to use. Iron is very plentiful and easily accessible. It is also the easiest for rust to ruin.
  • Carbon steel- with the added carbon to the ingredients, this type of pry bar is stronger than iron. It has a very high yield strength meaning it is hard to break.
  • Stainless steel- their rustproof nature makes these pry bars very attractive to construction workers. They take more ingredients and longer processes to make so their cost is a little higher than other pry bars
  • Titanium- the optimum pry bar even though it is the most expensive one around. These pry bars are lighter but stronger than the other varieties. They can be very flexible as well making them very difficult to break.

Our Pry Bar review

10. Mayhew Pry Bar Set

Mayhew 61366 Dominator Pry Bar Set

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This 5 pry bar set comes with a curved head to make prying objects a little easier. You can get a lot of leverage when using one of the 8” to 31” pry bars on any construction task. Its ergonomically designed handle is easy on the hands and resists oil, heat, and solvents.

If you need to strike the pry bar to get a better grip, that is okay. The strike cap is attached to the metal shaft and any hit shouldn’t hurt the handle. Its shaft is made from tempered steel, so you know it is tough enough to handle most jobs you come in contact.

A black oxide finish is applied to the shaft to help protect it against rust.

9. GearWrench Extendable Pry Bar

GearWrench 82248 48-Inch Extendable Pry Bar

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Flexibility is what you need when prying apart wood or other objects. This extendable pry bar provides that flexibility by adjusting up to 19 inches. You get 14 locking positions to choose from to match any complicated position you are in.

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For easier storage and if your too box is long enough, you can collapse the pry bar down and put it away until it is needed the next time. Also, its grooved head helps you get the leverage you need when you need it.

The head also can move up to 180 degrees, so you can get the pry bar into difficult corners and still get the job done quickly. The push button adjustment feature is easy to use and makes any job a snap to complete.

8. Titan Tools Pry Bar

 Titan Tools 17007 3-Piece Pry Bar and Scraper Set

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This 3-piece pry bar set does double duty. When you are finished with your prying tasks, you can flip it over and use it to scrape paint or whatever needs scraping. Made from stainless steel, these pry bars measure between 5 1/2 and 9 ¼ inches in size.

Each pry bar can also be used as a chisel and have a hole near its head to pull nails or tacks from objects. These pry pars do 4 jobs in one making your workload a lot easier. Their size also allows you to store them easily when not in use.

They may look too thin, but they are the right width to get the job done. Their looks do not take away from their strength or abilities.

7. TEKTON Pry Bar Set

 TEKTON Angled Tip Handled Pry Bar Set with Striking Caps

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Their angled heads are one of the secrets to their great prying prowess. You get great leverage form this set of pry bars, even when using the smaller sizes. Measuring between 12 and 25 inches you have a pry bar for just about any prying task that comes your way.

Its comfortable handle is easy on your hands and helps block any vibration that comes when you strike the top. The strike cap is attached to the iron bar shaft, so the handle won’t be damaged when you strike the bar.

You get constant leverage from these non-flexing non-twisting pry bars. Plus, their shafts are coated with black oxide to protect them against rust and the damage rust causes. They are also oil, heat and solvent resistant.

6. GearWrench 3 Piece Pry Bar Set

 GearWrench 82301 3 Piece Pry Bar Set

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Why buy one when you can get 3 good pry bars for the same amount of money. With this set of three, you do not have to waste time going out to buy a pry bar you need. You already have it in your toolbox.

Each head moves up to 180 degrees and has 14 locking positions. This gives you lots of flexibility when you have tough prying jobs. Then their long handles provide you with a lot of leverage. This makes prying boards or pulling nails simple and easy.

Made from steel, these pry bars meet the ANSI requirements governing their manufacture and strength. You can safely use these pry bars anywhere. There is no carrying case, but that is okay. They are small enough to fit in your toolbox.

5. ABN 4 Piece Pry Bar Set

 ABN 4 Piece Pry Bar Set – 8, 12

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The pry bars that come in this set measure between 4, 12, 18 and 24 inches in length. You have a pry bar for any situation you face. You can get into small corners with this set and have the right tool for the job.

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Made from tough steel, these pry bars are designed for the tough jobs and last you a long time. The handles protect your hands as you work with the bar and come with an over-sized no-slip grip to fit any size of the hand.

The beveled and angled head help provide a great grip on the object you are prying and give you the strength and leverage you need to get the job done right. The standard black oxide finish provides the rust protection.

4. Sunex Rolling Head Pry Bar Set

 Sunex 9804 Rolling Head Pry Bar Set

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You get 4 pry bars measuring between 6 and 20 inches in length. No matter what prying job you are assigned, you will have a bar to match. The rocker style heads allow you to get the bar in the position you need for maximum leverage.

The rounded tip allows you to do other tasks as well. It is not sharp, but it will still help you make a dent in any construction job needing a rolling head. These solidly built pry bars are made from steel and are tough enough to last you for years.

These simply designed pry bars do not come with protective handles, but they are solid and strong enough to handle most prying jobs that come your way.

3. Dicfeos Pry Bar Set

 Pry Bar Set, Heavy Duty Pry Bar 4-Piece Mechanic Hand Tools By Dicfeos

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Another set of pry bars that come with 4 tools to handle all your prying job needs. Their no-slip grip and extra long size make sure that the pry bars stay in your hand as you work. The bars measure 4, 12, 18 and 24 inches so you have the right tool for most pry jobs.

Then the chrome vanadium steel shafts are hardened and tempered for strength. They are also made to last you for years. Like other pry bar sets, this set has the strike cap attached to the shaft, so you don’t damage the handle.

You can give it a whack or two to get it into place and not worry. A lifetime warranty protects your investment and your pry bar set.

2. Craftsman Curved Pry Bar Set

 Craftsman 3 Piece Curved Pry Bar Set With Strike Cap Handle

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Craftsman is a trusted name in home tools. They have built a good reputation over the years and this 3-piece pry bar set won’t ruin it. The three bars measure 12, 17 and 25 inches in length and are ready to tackle any tough prying job.

Their angled head provides you with good leverage and the strike cap is designed to protect the handle. These ergonomically designed handles provide comfort and a secure grip. There is no flex or twisting when you use these pry bars.

Your investment is protected with their lifetime guarantee, standard protection with most Craftsman tools. They are also made in the US, so you know you are getting top quality for a reasonable price.

1. Vaughan 15-Inch SuperBar

 Vaughan B215 15-Inch Long Original SuperBar-Pry Bars

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The leverage is found in the rocking style head. You can get enough leverage no matter where you are by placing the head where you need it. The 15-inch shaft will give you enough length to apply the pressure you need on tough, hard to pry jobs.

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You can also pull nails with the 3 beveled slots provided by the manufacturer. Just fit the slot to the nail and push away. It should come out nice and quick. Made from steel, this bar is strong enough to handle most pry jobs that do not require a longer bar.

A super bar is a great tool for the do-it-yourself handyman you have around the house. It is strong enough for most household chores that come up.

Some safety tips for pry bar use

It is always wise to apply some safety rules when you use a pry bar. You do not want to hurt your back, arms or eyes when working on difficult or simple prying task. Here are a few safety features to help protect you as you work:

  • Secure the object first so it doesn’t fly around when you pry it pen
  • Bend your knees away from the object and use your arms more
  • Do not twist your back as you push on the pry bar
  • Look for breakable objects nearby and either move them to a safe place or you move with the object to where you can’t hit them
  • Make sure the object you are prying does not go beyond the weight capacity of the pry bar. Breaking the bar can lead to injury or other damage
  • Pry the object away from you. If you use your right hand, position yourself and the object so that it will fall to your left.
  • Make sure the area is clear of debris.

The many uses of a pry bar

Pry bars have many uses. Just make sure you use the right pry bar for the job. You do not want to go over their strength capacity. Here are a few of them so you know which pry bar to use for which prying task:

  • Pulling nails of all sizes
  • Separate layers of walls
  • Removing baseboards and door or window trim
  • Remove bathroom and kitchen tiles
  • Loosening and removing slats
  • Removing studs from walls
  • Loosen those rusty hard to turn screws
  • Pulling up old carpet tack strips
  • Pulling out carpet pad staples
  • Scraping off the carpet and other adhesives

Some Final Words

Pry bars have their place in your toolbox. You never know when you will need one. When you purchase one of the top 10 best pry bars in 2019 you know you have the right tool to meet those pry jobs that come your way.

These tools have the strength and design to make any pry job simple and a lot easier to handle. When you are doing construction jobs, cheap, inexpensive tools are not the answer. You need one of the top 10 best pry bars in 2019.