Top 10 Best Rolling Computer Desks in 2019 Reviews


Working on a computer or laptop has now become common. Whether for personal use or professional use, an individual may need to work on the computer for hours. Also, the need may arise to frequently shift the entire computer setup from one place to another. If this is the case then you may consider buying the rolling computer desk. Equipped with smooth gliding wheels and lightweight yet durable construction, the shifting of this desk is a piece of cake. In addition to excellent mobility, most of these desks are ergonomically designed. Such arrangement let you solely focus on your work without getting distracted. With the gradual advancement in technology, the modern day rolling desks are made highly sophisticated. They are now prepared in chic designs to entice you towards their use. Discard your confusion about which rolling computer desks to go for; just read below:

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10. Adjustable Height Computer Desk:

Table Computer Desk for Writing Reading and More Poarmeey

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Once you begin using this height adjustable desk for computer or laptop, you would perceive that it is exactly what you need. Made perfect in every possible way, it is extremely easy to assemble. Being extra sturdy, you will not find issues of a break.  The choice regarding the presence or absence of the wheels is on you. It is fine if you do not wish to include wheels.

Whether you are a student, working professional or adult, this computer desk is a highly suitable furniture piece.  It suits to the person of any age and any height due to its height adjustable functionality. Its surface is sufficiently large to incorporate all the essential items. For instance, it is possible to neatly organize mouse, keyboard, CPU, books and other items you may need. Besides, you may put a 17″ laptop on its surface.


  • The table tabletop is manufactured from fiber nature environmental protection MDF material backed with PVC. This material indicates safety while using.
  • With the assistance of the included ABS mute wheels with locking feature, it is convenient to move the desk from one room to another.
  • During the movement, there would be no scratches on the floor.
  • The sheet is made up of steel to make the surface stable and sturdy.

9. Rolling Computer Desk by Generic:

 Rolling Computer Desk Glass and Silver Colored Metal Home Office Computer Workstation

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There are some computer users who frighten to purchase the corresponding desk just because of its complex assembly. Going for this Generic rolling desk would alleviate you from the complex assembly hassles. Based on your preference, you may conveniently move it from one place to next. Taking a close look at its structure, the perforated back panel is the most beneficial one to showcase chic design. This panel assists the desk to appear contemporary. Trouble-free movement is facilitated through the included rolling casters.

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  • Important components incorporated in this rolling desk are the keyboard panel, printer shelf, and CPU shelf. The CPU shelf utilizes MDF with a PVC laminate material to make sure moisture does not penetrate inside.
  • The desktop is made up of 10-mm safety-tempered frosted glass. This glass desktop is capable to hold a computer monitor with great stability.
  • Its structure is supported by a steel frame possessing a silver-colored, powder coated design. This kind of exceptional design keeps away the issues of scratches.

8. ZENY Rolling Laptop Desk Table:

 ZENY Rolling Laptop Desk Table Angle & Height Adjustable Laptop Stand Cart Computer Desk Delux Mobile Lap Desk Workstation Notebook Cart Over Bed Table

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What make this rolling laptop desk highly convenient to use is the adjustable height and the tilt. Based on your prevailing needs, you may attune the height. It is commonly observed that this desk table is utilized for use over a bed, sofa, on the floor or any other surfaces where you want to operate your computer. Superb versatility is conveyed through its flexible and compact design. Its movable functionality assists a lot while conducting a presentation.


  • The tilted table top option is conveyed for comfortable writing or typing.
  • You may make this desk table mobile or stationary by the use of the 4 lockable omni-directional casters.
  • A safety edge-stopper is available to deter objects from sliding off while the panel is inclined.

7. ONKRON Mobile Stand Up Desk:

 ONKRON Mobile Stand Up Desk Height Adjustable Computer Workstation Rolling Presentation Cart

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For business, educational premises or for home use, this stand up desk works excellently. Its overall construction would enhance the aesthetic of any office or commercial environment. You can comfortably lift or lower down the working surface to attain an ergonomic position. What makes the entire construction durable is its durable frame prepared out of steel. Furthermore, its table top is prepared from E1 board with a powder finish.

Superb ergonomic design is conveyed through its height adjustable desk. In this way, you can conveniently focus on studying or writing. To enhance convenience while using, this workstation is furnished with a keyboard tray and 2 utility shelves. On the desired site, the desk will be firmly fixed with the help of the 2 lockable wheels.


  • The desk’s height can be manually attuned within the range from 37” to 54 inches.
  • For smooth gliding, a total of 4 caster wheels of size 1.5” are available. Out of these 4 wheels, two of them are lockable for the stable setup of the desk.
  • The maximal load capacity is 132 lbs.

6. Tangkula Laptop Cart:

 Tangkula Laptop Cart Home Rolling Over Bed Sofa Side Table Height Adjustable Wood Mobile Laptop Stand Desk Laptop Holder

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Significant traits of this laptop cart are multifunctional and practical design. This laptop stand desk would allow the users to neatly organize their laptop or computer, documents, files, books, mouse, keyboard, etc.  Being a multi-functional table, you may use it in the form of a computer desk, side table, writing desk, etc. There are no constraints for the place of its setup. This is because you may set it up in the living room, bedroom, study room, office, etc. The contemporary style is emphasized by its metal design and the classic L-shaped legs.


  • The cart is made user-friendly by its height adjustable functionality and smooth gliding wheels. You can vary the height from 21.5’’ to 35.5’’.
  • This laptop cart’s pack is equipped with scroll wheels; they can be transferred whenever and wherever you want.
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5. Techni Mobili RTA-B003-GPH06 Rolling Cart:

 Techni Mobili RTA-B003-GPH06 Rolling Adjustable Laptop Cart

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Generally, all offices or homes cannot afford to provide more space for the setup of a rolling computer desk. If there is limited space, you may go for this Techni Mobili rolling laptop cart. It will save space and yet look elegant in your office. You may study, write, or work on your laptop by using this cart. Its main panel can be inclined; therefore, you could easily adjust it to the greatest ergonomic working angle.

Any objects placed on it would not slide off since the cart boasts safety edge-stopper. There would be no effects of corrosion since the steel frame is powder coated. Besides, this frame is made scratch resistant to remove the issues of scratches on the floor. Smooth gliding is assured through the double-wheel non-marking casters. These casters are furnished with locking mechanisms.


  • The entire construction is made ergonomic with its heavy-duty MDF wood panels. Moreover, the appealing look is conveyed through a moisture resistant PVC laminate layer prepared in a graphite finish.
  • Using a dual knob system, you could effortlessly adjust the height from 30″ to 35″.
  • Presence of 4 legs makes sure the entire structure is highly stable.

4. Tatkraft Like | Rolling Laptop Stand:

 Tatkraft Like | Rolling Laptop Stand | Very Sturdy and Adjustable

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Representing the contemporary, elegant design, this rolling laptop cart would enhance the aesthetic of the space where it is set up. To boost the comfort while writing or typing, the tilted table top option assists a lot.  Since this little table is lower, you can keep your essentials in easy reach. You may gain easy access to mouse, keyboard, snacks or drinks while working on a computer or laptop. Eliminating the issues of wobbling, this rolling stand is extremely sturdy.

You will be pleased to note how smoothly the wheels roll on your carpet. It is also observed that the edge that holds the laptop is perfect and would not shift. It is extremely sturdy and adjustable. With the setup of this swiveling laptop stand, you may access your tablet, laptop, computer or notebook in complete comfort. For instance, you may set it up near your sofa, in couch, armchair, and in office.


  • The height can be varied in the range of 27″-39″. Besides, this rolling stand possesses inclination angle ranging from 0-30° for added convenience.
  • Its laptop tray can incline 30° and swivel 360°.
  • Hassle-free sliding is facilitated through its 4 casters.

3. Mount-It! Mobile Stand Up Desk:

 Mount-It! Mobile Stand Up Desk/Height Adjustable Computer Work Station Rolling Presentation Cart

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The Mount-It! mobile stand up desk is extensively used in many different places like office, home, classroom, presentation hall, etc. Its cautiously designed platforms offer sufficient space to incorporate your keyboards, mouse pad, monitors, and a printer. To attain an ergonomic layout, you are free to use this stand up desk with or without a monitor stand.

In addition to utilizing it as a portable stand up desk for a computer, you may use it in the form of a speaker’s podium.  Extraordinary reliability and durability are guaranteed through its premium quality steel frame with a powder finish. It is quite easy to transfer this mobile desk from sitting to a standing position by its height adjustable benefit.


  • All the laptop or computer accessories can be neatly organized through its ample room. This is because it comes with 4 spacious platforms to appropriately store laptop, monitor, printer, keyboard, printer, PC tower, CPU, and speakers.
  • The included 2 shelves’ height is optimized for ergonomic placement of laptop or keyboard or monitor.
  • Easy movement is benefitted through the 1.5-inch casters.
  • If you need to use it in a stationary position, you may lock into place using the 2 locking brakes.
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2. Seville Classics WEB162 Mobile Laptop Computer Desk:

 Seville Classics WEB162 Mobile Laptop Computer Desk Cart Height-Adjustable from 20.5" to 33", Slim, Walnut

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Without swayed away by distractions, now you can solely focus on your laptop or computer by using this mobile desk. The Seville Classics rolling desk facilitates smooth gliding through its built-in four 1.5-inch casters. Whether you want to move your laptop or study workstation or writing workstation, these casters are highly beneficial. It is convenient to adjust the height of the desktop by hand so that supreme comfort in any alignment can be obtained.

The overall design is capable to fit almost any laptop, portable computer or tablet.  In all the cases, there would be no difficulty while assembling because all the necessary tools are included. Following the detailed instructions would let you assemble all the included parts. For any professional environments like offices, classrooms, libraries, and any commercial places, it is perfect to set up this mobile computer desk.


  • The size of the single-piece table top is 23.75″ x 16″ and it offers a smooth surface to let you write, draw, work on the computer, etc.
  • By its height adjustment feature, it is quite easy to lift or lower the desk, so you may adjust the height from 20.5 to 33 inches.
  • It would slide smoothly without any obstructions with the help of its four 1.5-inch caster rotatable wheels.

1. SHW Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Stand Desk:

 SHW Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Stand Desk Rolling Cart-Rolling Computer Desks

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Being highly stable and functional, this SHW laptop stand desk justifies your investment. It is up o you whether to use it with wheels or without the wheels. When you wish to set up a table to use with your recliner, this standing desk is an ideal choice. Its angle enables it too fit around any seat. The brand SHW is highly prevalent when it comes to furniture products and this furniture piece is one of the most superb creations from SHW.


  • Hassle-free mobility is conveyed through its 4 wheels; out of these 4 wheels, two are locking wheels.
  • With the locking knob mechanism, the height can be adjusted from 28” to 33”.
  • The width of the desktop is 26” to let you conveniently organize different accessories on the surface.
  • The entire assembly is simplified by the included tools.

Concluding Note:

The adjustable nature of these rolling computer desks benefits tremendously when there is a need to shift the computer setup. Their excellent stability, wide surface, flawless rolling, and sleek design entices the attention of most computer or laptop users.