Top 10 Best Rolling TV Stand And TV Stands With Wheel in 2019 Reviews


The revolution in the field of television manufacturing has greatly streamlined the life of mankind. The use of cutting-edge technology and advanced functionalities are intended to make sure the people benefit uniquely. When you are investing a considerable amount of money into the TV purchase, you may also need to focus on the purchase of its accessories. For attaining a stable TV view from a far distance and to make sure the TV unit does not fall off, the TV stand is widely used for the same. In your home, office, seminar halls or other places, it may be possible that the need to shift TV unit is frequent. If these are the cases then the rolling TV stand assists a lot. Equipped with smooth rolling wheels, these kinds of stand facilitate hassle-free movement. You will get a better idea about the same when you go through some of the best rolling TV stands below:

List of Top 10 Best Rolling TV Stand And TV Stands With Wheel in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

10. ABCCANOPY Mobile TV Cart with Wheels:


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Any media contents can now be enjoyed with full delight when you mount your TV on this cart. In addition to viewing, you can play your favorite video games with your family on a computer or desktop. The application of this TV cart is not limited to TV only because you may mount computer, desktop or gaming console unit over it. At your own comfort, you can conveniently watch TV or use the computer in your living room.

If required, you may just roll it off to take it to your bedroom. The entire TV unit can be moved freely without scratching the floor. Since the included wheels can be easily locked, this TV cart presents the utmost safety. Its spacious construction is capable to hold your laptops, streaming devices, DVD players, and other similar equipment.


  • This ABCCANOPY movable TV stand possesses a standardized screw place for the mounts. So, high stability is ensured.
  • It is completely simple to assemble and all the vital tools are included.
  • There is the availability of an adjustable front metal shelf that is proficient to hold a maximum load of up to 30 lbs.
  • Its configuration depicts a clean cable management system and there is a zip that ties a surge protector with an elongated cable to it. This kind of arrangement indicates that everything is neatly plugged in.
  • The included mounting brackets enable -15 degree screen tilt in order to boost the viewing angles.

9. ONKRON Mobile TV Stand with Mount Rolling TV Cart:

 ONKRON Mobile TV Stand with Mount Rolling TV Cart

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The versatility of this mobile TV stand finds its application in fields like marketing, streaming, telecommuting, and teleconferencing. It is easy to just connect and display the specific information without concerning about the space. Generally, this rolling TV cart is found practical for use in gaming and home entertainment. It showcases an easy approach to prevent permanent TV wall installation and make sure the TV set is handy where you want it. When you wish to organize a conference, arrange a party or simply enjoy home theater experience, this movable cart is perfect. The reason why it is termed universal TV stand is that it appropriately fits the majority of the TV models like LED, LCD OLED, and flat & curved TVs.

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  • The TV viewing height can be adjusted from 47.2’’ to 59 inches above the floor in the 2-inch increments.
  • During the construction, the stable metal alloy frame is used which is capable to hold up to 100 lbs screens.
  • Effortless movement is guaranteed through the included 4 caster wheels.

8. EZM Mobile TV Cart Rolling Stand:

 EZM Mobile TV Cart Rolling Stand

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The installation of well-built, high-quality TV stand will make sure the TV unit does not fall off. Prepared in the ergonomic design, this mobile TV cart from EZM with shelf is capable to fit the majority of the 23”-55” LED, LCD flat panel and plasma displays. Glancing at its appearance, EVM prepared it in an elegant, classic black finish. Besides, its construction is accomplished using the heavy-duty steel structure to guarantee durability.

It is usually observed that this mobile TV rolling stand is perfect for classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, home theaters, digital signage, merchandising displays, and much more. It presents an impeccable solution for fulfilling the mobility needs. Besides, it eliminates the clutter from the audio/video stations and delivers comprehensive flexibility to relocate the displays. Therefore, the optimum viewing at your own comfort is now facilitated.


  • With the special inclusion of the 4 locking casters, this version of TV stand unit rolls off easily. It can be made stationary when needed.
  • The height of the TV and the shelf are adjustable. These heights are effortlessly adjustable by shifting the mounting brackets vertically along the poles.
  • It includes mounting heads that can be tilted up or down by +/- 15°.

7. Husky Mount Mobile TV Stand with Wheels:

 Husky Mount Mobile TV Stand

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Representing the heavy-duty steel construction, it is still easy to move this Husky mobile TV stand. It is extremely simple to assemble all the included accessories and hardware without extreme efforts. The incorporated smooth swivel caster wheels are equipped with a brake. This gives an assurance that they can be rolled off in the desired manner. It is observed that this rolling stand would fit most 32” – 70” LED LCD television units.


  • The maximum load capacity is up to 132 lbs.
  • The dimensions of the included base are 36” x 30” and this size indicates extra stability. Moreover, the included poles are 60” above the floor.
  • The TV arms would glide side to side in order to accommodate a broad range of sizes.

6. Universal TV Stand for TV with swivel and height adjustment:

 Universal TV Stand for TV with swivel and height adjustment

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Mentioned in the name itself, this sliding TV stand comes with the universal stand design. So, it is easy to gauge that it would fit most TV units. Due to the implementation of smart design, this rolling stand supplements an exceptional potential to swivel. It is possible to direct your TV up to 45 degrees in a particular direction towards the viewing area. There is no requirement to bend the base with it. It is observed that the stand would usually mount the TV at sufficient height to make sure the video game sensor or soundbar is available on the front. This also guarantees that there would be no obstruction of view.

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  • This swivel TV mount measures 24 inches tall from the base to the top portion of the column. The width of the base is 21.5” and the depth is 13”.
  • It can withstand the maximum TV weight of 80 pounds. Since the stand unit just weighs 18 pounds, it is easy to move.
  • Implementation of the classic black piano finish supplements a sleek look which appears elegant in any room.

5. Yaheetech 32 to 65 Inch Mobile TV Cart:

 Yaheetech 32 to 65 Inch Mobile TV Cart Universal Flat Screen Rolling TV Stand Trolley Console Stand

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Yaheetech devised this model of the mobile TV stand to make it suitable for the majority of the TV models. For instance, it can accommodate TV models like LED, LCD, OLED flat panel and curved TV LCD, as well as a plasma TV. Its size is found convenient for accommodating a diagonal TV of size from 32- 65 inches. The reason why it is termed a protective stand is that its safety bolts to make sure the television does not fall off.

It is easy to utilize it in your homes, offices, conference rooms, hospitals, tradeshows, classrooms, gyms, hotels, and bars. There is no point to worry about the messy cable look since its stable two-columns design conceals the wires inside. Inside its storage rack, you can mount laptops, DVD players, cable boxes, and Xbox, etc.


  • The maximum load carrying capacity is up to 110 lbs.
  • It comes with the adjustable TV bracket along with pillars that ranges from 43.3″-63″ to convey optimum viewing experience.
  • The screen angle can be adjusted by ±15° to employ an enhanced viewing angle.
  • You may fix or move the TV stand based on your needs by using the 4 locking casters.
  • High durability is conveyed with the use of powder coated metal.

4. suptek Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Mount Stand:

 suptek Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Mount Stand

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The prime specialties of this rolling TV cart from suptek are flexibility and versatility. The ML5073 TV stand model has become a popular choice among people due to its tons of features. The presence of the 4 universal wheels allows hassle-free movement of the stand and they allow the stand to fix if needed. This benefit proves to be useful for mounting this stand for outdoor activities, commercial use, educational use or trade shows. It is significant to note that this TV cart possesses a seamless and rolled steel construction. The same is accompanied by a well-built powder-coated finish to resist corrosion.


  • Without feeling bulky, you can easily bring this compact TV cart to the required place.
  • It seamlessly fits flat panel TVs ranging from 32″-60″ and can withstand a maximum load of up to 100lbs.
  • Hassle-free movement is implied by its 4 universal brakes wheels.

3. Mount Factory Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Stand:

 Mount Factory Rolling TV Cart Mobile TV Stand

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Prepared out of the premium quality materials, this rolling cart owns the ability to shift your TV or PC to a different place in home or office. Its design is made unique to perfectly fit the majority of the LCD, LED, Plasma TVs and several other flat panel displays ranging from 40″ to 65″. You need not concern about the height of the display since it can be adjusted from 40″ to 60″ in the 2″ increments. Included four wheels are made up of heavy-duty casters and they are capable to roll off smoothly.


  • Long-lasting use and high durability are conveyed with the use of heavy-duty steel in its construction.
  • It can bear the maximum load capacity of up to 100 pounds.
  • It comes with an easy-to-use, height adjustable component shelf which is prepared to accommodate a game console, cable box, DVD player, or similar other devices.
  • There is the inclusion of some safety features like an extra wide base that measures 33″ x 29″. This base presents utmost stability and the stand comes with the security bolts to lock your TV in a fixed place.

2. VIVO Black Rolling TV Cart:

 VIVO Black Rolling TV Cart for 32" to 65" LCD LED Plasma Flat Panel Screen | Mobile Stand

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Presented from the acclaimed brand, you will find that this mobile TV cart excellently rolls off the TV unit. Its design is made exceptional to hold screens 32” to 65”. Now you could seamlessly optimize your viewing angle through the +/-15 degree tilt. All you need to do is just loose and tight the bolt to fine-tune flat screen angle.


  • It comes with a maximum weight of up to 110lbs.
  • Its configuration showcases a neat internal cable management system and 4 locking casters to either fix or move the cart.
  • There is the special availability of an adjustable front metal shelf to hold up to 30lbs.

1. 1home Mobile TV Cart Floor Stand Mount:

 1home Mobile TV Cart Floor Stand Mount Home Display Trolley-Rolling TV Stand And TV Stands With Wheel

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1home focused on flexibility and versatility while designing this TV cart mount unit. Due to its flexible configuration, its mount bracket could seamlessly fit the majority of the LCD, LED, Plasma and LED Flat screens whose size range from 23 to 55 inch.  It is extremely convenient to move your TV or desktop in home, office, classroom and other commercial places.


  • The supreme load bearing capacity is up to 55 lbs.
  • At the bottom, 4 heavy-duty casters are included to effortlessly glide the TV cart to different places.
  • Use of superior quality steel frame along with a fashionable gloss finish guarantees high durability and stability.
  • The built-in locking mechanism enables the unit to be either mobile or stationary.
  • An integrated cable management system is showcased to perfectly hide the cables.

Concluding Note:

Contrasting the wall mounts for TVs, these discussed portable TV stands remove the hassles to drill holes on the walls. Now it is highly convenient to move your TV unit or desktop wherever you want through the easy gliding mechanism of rolling TV stands.