Top 10 Best Scratches Off Maps in 2019


Keep track of your travels Traveling is a lot of fun and it does create a lo to f good memories. One way to keep track of your visits is to use one of the top 10 best scratches off maps in 2019.

These maps bring your interstate travels alive in vivid color

Once you visited a state, you just scratch off the overlay to remind you of your good time. Soon, if you travel enough, you will have a wall full of great colors to remind you how lucky you are that you got to see your great country.

Use one of the top 10 best scratches off maps in 2019 to make sure you do not forget one moment of your travels. They are handy to have and take up a little bit of space on your wall.
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10. Scratch Story Maps Of The United States

 Scratch Off Map Of The United States In STUNNING WATERCOLOR Poster

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Relive your adventures with this 12 by an 18-inch scratch-off map. Once you visited a state, just scratch off the gold foil to reveal the vibrant colors underneath. You can use the included pick to reveal those colors.

Also, a magnifying glass lets you see that state up close and personal. Then you or your child can use the stickers to make the map look even better. All 50 states have some sort of brilliant color waiting to be unveiled as you travel. A handy accessory bag can hold your stickers, pick or magnifying glass or other important items you already own.

One drawback to the map is that some of the states may not scratch off easily or at all. Next, the box may arrive slightly damaged, but the contents should remain untouched. Finally, it may be a bit on the small size.

9. Sojourney Scratch Off Map of the World

Scratch Off Map of the World – World Scratch off Map

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There are many wonders of the world to see and you can keep track of them all by using this nice scratch off map of the world. After you visited a country just remove the foil overlay and each country appears in a different color.

Also, you can learn about the geography of the world as the foil overlay includes geographical points and elevations. Plus, the 35 by 24-inch map is designed to give it a vintage look for a more interesting effect. Most countries’ states and provinces are identified on the map as well.

One negative that comes with this map is that some states or countries may be too small to scratch off effectively. Another is that there are no instructions included with your purchase. Finally, the cylinder packaging is a bit fragile and can crack quite easily.

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8. MyMap Gold Scratch Off World Map

 MyMap Gold Scratch Off World Map Wall Poster

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If you have space, you can put this 35 by 25-inch map on a bare wall. Then you can scratch the foil overlay off every time you come back from your holidays. Plus, to keep it safe, you can slip it into a frame.

In addition, 11 countries have very detailed destinations. Their states or provinces are outlined so you can see exactly where you were in each country. Made from thick material, this scratch-off map is tear resistant. When you scratch you get nothing but foil. The black and gold coloring help the map to stand out and look good.

One negative that comes with this scratch off map is how some countries are out of proportion compared to other countries. Next, some countries are hard to scratch off because of their small size.

7. Landmass Scratch Off World


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See the countries of the world and learn about their individual flags. This gold and black colored map not only reveals a vibrant color for each country, but it also has the real colors of each country’s flag. This scratch-off map is highly educational.

Plus, an included scratch tool makes scratching the foil a little easier. In addition to these features, you also get stickers to highlight the better vacation times. Then a drawstring pouch can hold different items including the stickers and scratch tool. Everything you need to have a colorful travel memory is inside the box.

One drawback is that a lot of scratching can ruin the whole map. It is a bit fragile. Next, uncurling the map is difficult as it comes rolled up in a tube. Finally, it is a little smaller than expected.

6. Innovative Maps Scratch Off World Map Poster

Scratch Off World Map Poster + Deluxe United States Map

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Learn a few details of the different countries you visited. On this scratch off map, you can learn about the different flags of the world. It is tempting to just leave the good looking black and gold coloring on as they look so good. But resist the temptation and unveil the vibrant colors underneath.

But that is not all. With this scratch off map, you get a pick a wiping cloth, magnifying glass an accessory bag and more. Your adventure is only just beginning when you turn to this map to keep track of your vacation memories.

One disadvantage this scratch off map has is that Taiwan is not listed on it. Another is that most countries do not have separated regions for better detail and identification. Finally, some of the parts that should be included are not there when the map arrives at your door.

5. Earthabitats Scratch Off World Map Poster

Scratch Off World Map Poster - Travel Map

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Only Canada, America and Australia have their states and provinces outlined on this map. But that is okay as the rest of the map highlights geographical locations to help you understand the world better. You also get to scratch off the flags of each country as you go.

Plus, the accessories make recording your travels much easier. An eraser, pick and magnifying glass all work together to help you scratch off each country you have been to. Made of thick art paper, this black and gold map should resist tearing while looking good on your wall.

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The first drawback is the color selection. The colors do not match up very well. Another drawback is the weird drawings that are a part of the map. They do not make sense. Finally, the flag designs are not consistent and do not appear to be given much thought.

4. Newverest Scratch Off Map of The World

 Scratch Off Map of The World, Detailed Travel Art Poster

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A compass lies on the heart of the Pacific Ocean to help you learn directions. In addition to that feature, you get a bucket list to mark off as you travel. It is located at the bottom of the map. Plus, different images help to spice up the look of the map.

On top of all this, the 17 by a 24-inch scratch off map comes with push pins to help you detail your travels. Also included are a scratching tool and a handy carry bag. Special insets help you locate and identify the smaller countries of Europe and South-east Asia.

One major negative is the shipping issues that come with this map. The map may arrive but nothing else is in the tube. This seems to be a fairly common problem with this scratch off map kit.

3. My Map Antique Edition Gold Scratch Off World Map

 Antique Edition Gold Scratch Off World Map

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The initial gold and blue coloring are quite stunning. They highlight the insets covering most of Europe and Mexico. You get to see all the small countries of the world on this map. In addition to the country names, you get 10,000 city names as well.

Its big size, 35 by 25 inches, lets you see each country’s color with ease. Plus, insets let you get a very close look at both poles. Also, the accessories help you mark your favorite spots or the places you had the best time. Push pins and more are part of the accessory pack.

With this scratch off map, the difficulty in scratching off can be a major issue and drawback. It is possible to scratch too hard and go right through the paper if you are not careful. Also, it is not designed to be scratched off with your nails.

2. Luckies of London Ltd Scratch off Map World Poster

Scratch off Map World Poster Deluxe Edition-Scratches Off Maps

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Besides the vibrant color lying underneath the black and gold exterior, the most interesting part of this scratch off map would be at the bottom. You get a lot of information packed into a small space at the bottom of the map.

Also, you can use this map to help you teach geography. Just scratch off a country or region you are studying and let the kids learn as they go. With different states and provinces from 3 countries, you can do a little in-depth study and learn more about a country. Vibrant colors make each country stand out.

One negative about this map is that the gold overlay may be a bit difficult to remove. Another negative quality is that there are no hints on how to scratch the gold off. Many items did not work.

1. Jetsettermaps Scratch Your Travels

 Jetsettermaps Scratch Your Travels United States

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A simple coin should rub off the gold overlay and reveal the vibrant colors used to identify the different states underneath. This 12 by 18-inch map covers the United States only but it uses great watercolors to make each state stand out.

Plus, the cursive writing style puts each state’s name in an attractive pattern. Painted by an American artist, you should be able to fondly remember where you traveled during your vacation time with ease. Like another scratch-off aps, this one comes in a tube and needs to be flattened before scratching.

One drawback is that this map contains no accessories to help you scratch off the overlying layer. Next, a lot of white shows through which can ruin the color effect. Finally, some of the states’ names can be scratched off when you are revealing the underlying color.

Why use a scratch-off map

In this day and age, it may not make sense to some people to use a scratch-off ap. With cell phone cameras and other ways to remember your travels, this seems the least likely way to keep track of your vacations. But one of the top 10 best scratches off maps in 2019 still have their uses.

Here are some reasons why a scratch-off map is still useful:

  • Easy access- you just need to look at your wall to see where you have been. There is no charging a phone and flipping through hundreds of pictures before finding the right memory. The map has them all right there for you.
  • They can be fun- you get to have a little hobby and do a little scratching when you return home. Plus, the scratching lets you think about each place as you reveal its colors.
  • You learn something- you can get great geographical information as well as other bits of information from the map. No pulling a book out and struggling to find the right chapter. It is there on the map.
  • They look good- the initial colors enhance your home’s décor, plus the revealed colors add a touch of variety and color to your room. Also, they are nice to look at.
  • It makes for a great gift- you can surprise someone and help them keep track of their travels with one of the best scratch off maps on the market.
  • It helps you plan- when it comes time to plan an upcoming vacation, you can see where you have been and where you haven’t at a glance. This map can save you time as you prepare for your next holiday trip.

Some final words

In a technological world, the top 10 best scratches off maps are not very technical. But as you can see, they do have their place in the scheme of things. Not only do you get to remember where you have been, but you can also use the map to plan your next exotic getaway destination.

The best scratch of maps have a way of making a good contribution to your travel life