Top 12 Best Sewing Baskets in 2019 Reviews


The credit of the well-stitched clothes you wear to create a stylish appearance goes to the hours of sewing efforts. Gone are the days when people use to manually sew clothes. In recent times, with the wide use of sewing machines, the manual effort has reduced a lot. While deciding to purchase a sewing machine, it is important to consider the purchase of related accessories as well. The sewing accessories hold prominent importance to provide high effectiveness and satisfactory results. One of the functional sewing accessories is a sewing basket that is generally used to store materials for making clothes. Moreover, it can safely hold a thread and a needle. You will be stunned to perceive how all the sewing materials are neatly organized inside such baskets. So, it becomes easy to find the required one without consuming much time. Taking a look at the below sewing baskets will acquaint you with the details about the best ones:

List of Top 12 Best Sewing Baskets in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

12. Vintage Sewing Basket Organizer Box Kit:

 Vintage Sewing Basket Organizer Box Kit with Hand Sewing Supplies and Notions, Oval Shaped, 13 x 9 x 6 Inches

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A professional sewing kit is this sewing basket organizer.  The manufacturers prepared this sewing box kit with exceptional versatility. So, it is highly useful for all beginners, hobbyists and experienced seamstresses. Besides, its manufacturing is done keeping in mind portability, so it is suitable for carrying to travel trips on-the-go. Along with this chic sewing basket, there is the inclusion of a complete supply of all the essential items to mend and sew.


  • The crafting process of this sewing basket is made using the ornately designed fabric. This fabric material is vintage chic through a touch of contemporary flair.
  • Presence of a button fastener securely holds the basket lid in the closed position.
  • Inside this stylish sewing basket, there is the inclusion of a removable plastic tray. This tray offers expansive storage for measuring tape, spools, thimbles and more. Most of the sewing supplies will be effectively organized through this internal plastic storage tray.

11. Sewing Basket with Rose Floral Print Design:

 Sewing Basket with Rose Floral Print Design

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The importance of appealing design on the surface of the sewing box is immense. This is because the enticing designs will lure you to use the box and thus, it will indirectly keep all the supplies organized. Implementing the quality design, you would observe the elegant rose floral print design on its surface. Now you can be more creative with the help of this user-friendly sewing box organizer. The design seems convenient to use and it utilizes superior quality materials. You will be benefitted with the optimal storage since the basket easily stows your scissors, thread, needles, buttons, measuring tape bobbins, and so much more. The facility of a huge interior offers ample space to accommodate all the sewing supplies.


  • Its structure showcases an easy to open snap closure as well as a padded exterior.
  • Execution of a spacious, easy to hold the handle as well as the lightweight design allows you to carry the box easily.
  • A classic look is conveyed to represent an enticing charm. Its exceptionally textured floral print fabric is complemented by gold trim details in order to offer a beautiful finish.

10. D&D Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories:

 D&D Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories, Small Sewing Box for Kids, Sewing Theme White

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The D&D sewing kit comprises of all the essential tools that are needed for accomplishing basis stitching and repair. For instance, the kit includes threads of different colors, assorted hand needles, needle threader tools, seam ripper, compact pin cushion and measuring tape. Due to the special inclusion of the convenient handle and sleek design, this sewing basket is conveys portable design and let you use anytime, anywhere. It is commonly found that this mini sewing kit is ideal for children, travel purposes and emergency sewing.


  • Measurements of this storage basket are 7.8 x 5.1 x 3.9 inches, so it is convenient to carry along.
  • Throughout is manufacturing, durable wood material is used. The exterior is lined using soft polyester fabric.
  • Its preparation is done using an ergonomic handle and a magnetic snap for hassle-free carrying.
  • It comes with a removable plastic tray so that you can keep all the sewing items organized.

9. SAXTX Large Sewing Basket with 99Pcs Sewing Kit Accessories:

 SAXTX Large Sewing Basket with 99Pcs Sewing Kit Accessories

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Representing the handmade craftsmanship in the design, this large sewing basket utilizes superior quality and chic fabric material. The use of this type of material conveys pretty design and high convenience to use. Taking a look at the items contained in the pack, there is a total of 99 pieces of sewing notions included. Ranging from needle to measuring tape, all the needful sewing accessories are included in the pack.


  • The spacious, smart storage boasts easy-to-fasten magnetic closure as well as the collapsible handle. Its interior lid possesses a pin cushion and also an elasticized pocket for convenient storage.
  • It contains a removable tray along with multiple compartments inserts to neatly organize all the sewing supplies.

8. Home-X Polka Dot Sewing Basket:

 Home-X Polka Dot Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories

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The polka dot sewing basket kit is identified as a perfect sewing kit since it comprises of all the essential tools. These included tools are highly useful for fulfilling all the fundamental repairs. Names of the accessories contained in this stylish basket are 8″ sewing scissor, total 10 assorted hand needles, 10 mini spools of thread, 100 dressmaker pins, pin cushion, needle threader, 60″ tape measure, seam ripper,  and thimble.


  • The basket is equipped with the secure storage for accommodating all your sewing needs right from threads to measuring tape.
  • When you open the basket, the items would not fall off and inside needles are stowed in a distinct closed box for the purpose of safety.
  • Due to its compact design, it is extremely convenient to carry wherever you go.

7. Large Wooden Sewing Box 30 x 15.5 x 19 cm:

 Large Wooden Sewing Box 30 x 15.5 x 19 cm For Sewing Supplies Fold-Out Box

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Important traits of this wooden sewing box are its compact design and quality craftsmanship. With the assistance of this handheld sewing box, the users would be able to neatly organize all the sewing supplies. In total, this sewing box possesses a total of 5 huge compartments on 3 levels. Sufficient space is offered for including your needles, scissors, thimbles, buttons, threads, measuring tape and several other accessories. There would be no hassles to lift this box.


  • All the sewing items are neatly organized with the assistance of its 5 spacious compartments. Besides, there is a compartments organizer capable to arrange all your necessities on top.
  • Ample space is provided to aptly organize sewing accessories of different sizes.

6. Hobby Gift Owl Design Sewing Box:

 Hobby Gift Owl Design Sewing Box on Natural Large (23.5 x 31 x 20cm)

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Now you could uniquely lighten up your workroom through the use of the Owl Design of this sewing box. All the included sewing accessories will be safely contained through its magnetic covered front fastening.  There is the inclusion of the color coordinated plastic inner tray in order to arrange tiny sewing accessories.


  • Overall dimensions are 23.5cm (D) x 31cm (W) x 20cm (H).
  • It comes with the spacious internal compartment along with internal color coordinated lining and accessible side pocket. This kind of arrangement keeps all the sewing supplies organized.
  • With the assistance of an easy-to-use, well-built carry handle, you can take this sewing box almost anywhere.

5. Michley Sewing Basket with 41-PC Sewing Kit:

 Michley Sewing Basket with 41-PC Sewing Kit

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Recognized as a handmade sewing basket kit from Michley, this kit proves to be an outstanding addition to your sewing workroom. There are various reasons that adhere to its multipurpose use. It’s the appropriate size and the lock on the lid functions superbly. Moreover, the handle is well-built for easy portability. It is known that the build quality is sturdy and constructed is intended to last longer. Names of the supplementary accessories included are 16 metal bobbins, 16 thread spools, a measuring tape, 3 hand needles, 2 sewing machine needles, a seam ripper, a thimble, and a needle threader.


  • This 41-pc sewing basket possesses a latch, a carrying handle, and a detachable plastic tray for stowing sewing accessories.
  • There is a space beneath the plastic tray that can stow fabric scraps, patterns, and garments in progress.

4. Wooden Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories:

 Wooden Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories,Sewing Box

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All the most essential and finest sewing tools are contained in the sewing kit to let you find them when needed. It is possible to find the required sewing supplies in a blink. It came to know that each and every notion inside the kit is prepared out of supreme quality materials to get assurance that they are useful when needed.


  • Inside the kit, there is the presence of a scissor which could effortlessly cut across garment of any thickness.
  • It comes with a needle which could conveniently stitch on a wide range of garments.
  • Being an all-in-one kit, it assimilates all the needful tools that are needed for accomplishing all the basic repair tasks. For instance, the kit incorporates a scissor, 24 colorful threads, collection of sewing needles, seam ripper, shirt buttons, needle threader tools, thimble, and a foldable tape.



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Implied by the name, this sewing basket is prepared in a medium-size to accommodate perfectly in a room. The adorable soft polyester fabric outlines the exterior with a well-built wood bottom. All fundamental sewing notions are included to make sure you find them when required. There is the special inclusion of a package of tiny sewing accessories that are useful for fundamental mending purposes.


  • The handy organizer tray is capable to hold all the essential items at the top part.
  • Its corresponding poly wrapped handle seamlessly folds down, enabling the user to carry the organizer wherever you go.
  • It possesses a snap button fastener with a view to guaranteeing that all the sewing items are stored securely.
  • Below the tray, there is ample space to stow scraps, patterns, and sewing tools, etc.

2. SINGER 07276 Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories:

 SINGER 07276 Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories, Pink & Black

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Including all the essential supplies you may require for accomplishing your sewing projects, this sewing basket appears fashionable. Most people have admired its enticing design and high-quality construction. There are few sewing baskets utilizing the high-quality materials and this is one among them. Taking a look at the colors used in the design, it utilizes the adorable pink & black fabric to represent an exciting look. The accessories contained in this SINGER sewing kit are 8 ” all-purpose scissor, 60″ tape measure, total 10 assorted hand needles, total 10 compact spools of thread, pin cushion, total 100 dressmaker pins, needle threader, a thimble and seam ripper


  • Evert sewing supplies will stay in place due to the included plastic tray.
  • It comes with the carrying handle and ample space beneath the plastic tray for securely stowing tools, scraps, and patterns.

1. SINGER 07281 Vintage Sewing Basket:

 SINGER 07281 Vintage Sewing Basket with Sewing Kit Accessories-Sewing Baskets

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If you are a beginner when it comes to sewing, this vintage sewing basket is highly useful. It proves to be a magnificent addition to the prevailing collection of tools. Through the spacious storage and the organization tray, this basket provides a locked fastener & drop down handle. So, it is easy to transport and store all the sewing supplies.

The unique fun design representing the vintage feel is conveyed to let you organize all the sewing supplies. Its smart design is suitable for the contemporary tailor seamstress.  Since it comes in a spacious size, generally, there would be no hassles to accommodate sewing accessories of different sizes. SINGER included scissors, 10 hand needles, 10 tiny thread spools, 100 dressmaker pins, pin cushion, needle threader, tape measure, seam ripper, and thimble.


  • Presence of the collapsible handle streamlines the problems faced during transportation.
  • It comes with the tray insert to make sure all the supplies stay in a place. Its smart storage lets you find the required sewing accessories without wasting time.

Concluding Note:

To save time and hassles while sewing, the need to organize all the sewing materials is crucial. This need is now fulfilled with the proper choice of sewing baskets. You will be surprised to find a noticeable boost in your sewing speed and overall performance.