Top 14 Best Shampoo Dispensers in 2019 Reviews


Shampooing your hair on a regular basis keeps them smooth and effectively clear away the dirt present in hair. While bathing under the shower, it is difficult to access shampoo with wet hands. Holding the shampoo bottle may occasionally slip off from your hands and would create a mess all around. In order to stay away from such incidences, it is best to use the shampoo dispensers. They are uniquely designed to make sure you access the shampoo with ease. Its versatility allows you to use it for accessing other items like liquid soap, lotion, and conditioner. Using the finest shampoo dispense would keep you away from the hassles of having several separate bottles. There are many diverse types of shampoo dispensers available currently, so it is possible that you may get perplexed.  Henceforth, go through the below section that highlights a few of the best ones:

List of Top 14 Best Shampoo Dispensers in 2019 Reviews on Amazon.Com

14. Better Living Products 76335-1 Chamber Dispenser:

 Better Living Products 76335-1 Aviva Three Chamber Dispenser

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The AVIVA series comprising of a shower and soap dispensers prove to be an effective solution for eliminating the messy issue of bottle clutter. This chamber dispenser represents an ideal blend of style, design, and functionality. You may choose it for your laundry room, kitchen or vanity. With a simple push of a button, the liquid will be dispensed off quickly and easily. The huge 10 oz. refillable chambers would save the money by purchasing your preferred liquids in bulk.


  • For repetitive use, it is extremely simple to refill.
  • The included pump would pre-measure the precise amount; thus, it indirectly eliminates spills and waste.
  • You can neatly identify your liquids by the Mylar coated labels.
  • In the absence of any tools, the installation is quick and easy. Within a few minutes, the installation can be fruitfully accomplished using two-way tape and silicone or screw option.

 13. YILOVE Plastic Pump Bottle Dispenser:

 YILOVE Plastic Pump Bottle Dispenser for Shampoo, 10 oz Liquid Soap Dispenser for Bathroom or Kitchen

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Offered at an affordable price tag, this bottle dispenser surely appears beautiful in any bathroom. Now you need not access the shampoo in a messy way by your wet hands.  With the exact amount of liquid being dispensed off from the bottle, this YILOVE dispenser saves time and effort. You will be able to save more money if you purchase the 3 pack bulk size pump bottle dispensers. Since such bump bottles are prepared from BPA-free plastic, they are extremely safe for use.

Generally, it came to know that this plastic bottle dispenser is widely used for preparing dispensers for many different items. These include shampoos, soaps, moisturizers, lotions, dishwashing liquids, detergents, and much more. For frequent use, these bottles are reusable. Besides, being eco-friendly, they are completely safe to use.

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  • The empty bottles come with the greatest capacity of 10-ounces each.
  • Dimensions of each bottle are 6.5-inches tall by 2.1-inches wide.
  • Availability of the free label on such bottles enables you to conveniently discern the content present in the bottle.

12. Better Living Products 76245-1 Dispenser:

 Better Living Products 76245-1 AVIVA Two Chamber Dispenser

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Without experiencing any mess in the bathroom, this AVIVA shampoo dispenser would let you effectively extract the shampoo. It is possible to perceive the precise extraction of shampoo or liquid soap.  Compared to other shampoo dispensers available presently, this one is simpler to use and would not create any mess while using. The installation of this 76245-1 dispenser can be completed in a snap without requiring extra tools. The included2-way tape and waterproof silicone adhesive assist you to flawlessly complete the installation.


  • Each chamber included in the pack is competent to hold up to 11 oz. The individual chambers elevate off the wall for hassle-free cleaning and re-filling.
  • Its entire housing is built from durable chrome plated ABS plastic which is water-resistant.
  • For mounting accessories and razors, the handy storage hooks are included.

11. Rail19 Clear Dish Soap Dispenser Set:

 Rail19 Clear Dish Soap Dispenser Set

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Now you can avoid the incidences of the mess by utilizing this kitchen soap dispenser set. You may use it in your bathroom for dispensing shampoo or you may use it in the kitchen for dispensing liquid soap.  This pair contains a dispenser for hand soap and a dispenser for dish soap.


  • Each of the dispensers is refillable so that you can use it repetitively.
  • Every dispenser in the pack comes with the 16 ounces capacity.
  • It is completely safe to use them since they are BPA-free and does not include harmful chemicals in the making.

10. GBW Luxury & Chrome Shampoo Dispenser Pump:

 GBW Luxury & Chrome Shampoo Dispenser Pump,Shower Gel

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The pump style dispenser from GBW Luxury lets you easily access the inside shampoo or liquid soap. Actually, there are 2 options for installation and you may use both of them simultaneously. In case you do not wish to use the glue and sticker, simply utilize the traditional screw and drilling apparatus. You will be surprised to know that the inside content would not leak and the dispenser pump would appropriately stay on the wall.


  • When needed, this soap dispenser is uniquely designed to let you fill and refill.
  • At 16 ounces capacity, the chambers are simple to refill; these chambers are more spacious than others.
  • Glancing at the level indicator windows would let you know the exact instant when you have to refill the chambers.

9. Drizzle 3-Chamber Soap & Shampoo Shower Dispenser:

 drizzle 3-Chamber Soap & Shampoo Shower Dispenser, Wall Mounted with Stainless Steel

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The triple chamber liquid dispenser from Drizzle benefits uniquely to discard the bottle clutter. This Drizzle product proves to be an ergonomic solution which lets you get rid of unwanted clutter during the shower. Due to excess moisture, it is generally observed that the bottles are either tipping over or they amass mildew.

In addition to generating more space, this Drizzle shower dispenser supplements to a sanitary washroom. Furthermore, it conveys convenience to the entire bathing process. For simplicity of installation, the dispenser pack contains double-sided tape along with adhesive glue. Also, the pack contains a mounting bracket option and screws to assist you with the installation.

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  • Each refillable chamber is capable to hold up to 12 oz. of content whether it is soap, conditioner or shampoo.
  • You may detach any of these dispensers from the wall mount so that you will perceive hassle-free cleaning. Doing this also assists to refill if needed.
  • With the assistance of the huge push buttons, the perfect quantity of liquid is dispensed off.

8. HARRA HOME Modern Gold Design Pump:

 HARRA HOME Modern Gold Design Pump Bottle Set 27 oz Refillable Shampoo

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It is a feasible idea to use those dispenser pumps that are completely safe. Keeping this thing in mind, HARRA HOME designed this modern dispenser pump using non-toxic materials. Besides, its body is made durable to ensure long-lasting use. These empty refillable pump bottles are prepared from durable plastic which is easy to handle and use. No adverse effects on health will be found since the dispenser is 100% safe and environmental-friendly. All the shower pump bottles contained in this pack benefits you to neatly organize and clean your bathroom. Thus, it indirectly eliminates the need for numerous bottles and presents an all-in-one set.


  • To upgrade the look of your bathroom or kitchen, this gold design dispenser pump would appear sophisticated and contemporary.
  • Its versatility proves to be highly beneficial for dispensing any liquid bath or kitchen items. For instance, it can hold hand soap, liquid soap, dish soap, hand sanitizer, DIY lotion, baby wash, aromatherapy essential oils, conditioner hair gel, shampoo, and massage oils.

7. simplehuman Double Wall Mount Shower Pump:

 simplehuman Double Wall Mount Shower Pump

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Capable to eliminate the bottle clutter, you will find the simplicity of bathing while using this shower pump. Based on your prevailing needs, you may fill these wall mount pumps with conditioner, shampoo, or body wash. You would succeed to dispense the appropriate amount of shampoo, soap, or conditioner because this product includes durable die-cast T-bar lever.


  • With the use of the double-sided tape, installation is a breeze.
  • Its wide opening allows the process of refilling to be simple, quick and spill-free.
  • There is a special availability of handy storage hooks. They would securely hold a loofah, razor, or other accessories.

6. Little World Soap Dispenser Wall Mount:

 Little World Soap Dispenser Wall Mount

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Representing the 100% brand new and high-quality components in the making, this wall mount dispenser would eliminate the mess of soap or shampoo. It’s cutting-edge, non-drip design removes off the waste and easily clears countertop mess. Its smart and elegant design appears great in any kitchen or bathroom. Looking at the details of its construction, this dispenser is built using plastic. Furthermore, it is found suitable for dispensing shampoo, shower gel, lotion, etc. During its installation, you will not face any hassles and when set up, I would be able to save the space. The corresponding pack includes screws and mounting brackets so that you may easily mount it on the wall.


  • Its see-through body lets you clearly view the inside content.
  • The soap dispenser cover is equipped with a lock to make sure children cannot access it.

5. Better Living Products 71450 Shower Dispenser:

 Better Living Products 71450 Classic 4-Chamber Shower Dispenser

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Now you may easily get rid of the shower bottle clutter in your bathroom if you use this 4 chamber dispenser. Each of the included chambers is equipped with a capacity of 14.5 ounces. Its entire housing is built from durable ABS plastic that is water-resistant. Its unique design makes sure you can handle it easily and can avail the right amount of shampoo. It is completely easy to install anywhere in your home, office, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

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  • For convenient refilling, the included lid lifts up and the chambers pop out.
  • You can precisely know the time to refill through its level indicator windows.

4. simplehuman Triple Wall Mount Shower Pump:

 simplehuman Triple Wall Mount Shower Pump

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Another shower pump product from simplehuman, this product is primarily intended to eliminate bottle clutter. The presented bottle can be occupied with conditioner, body wash or shampoo. Utilizing the double-sided tape, it is tremendously easy to install. You may install it using silicone glue or just screw into the wall. The bottle clutter will be eliminated while showering and the shampoo or soap will be made available in easy reach.


  • The broad opening simplifies refilling and makes it quick.
  • The entire body is made resistant to rust by using the rust-proof materials that are durable and long-lasting.
  • For straightforward cleaning or refilling, the dispenser could be lifted off the wall plate.

3. HotelSpa Curves Luxury Soap/Shampoo Dispenser:

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Avail clean shower experience by setting up these liquid-soap dispensers designed in luxurious style. Every dispenser bottle included in the pack is accomplished of holding soap, lotion, shampoo, or conditioner. Such contents will be stored inside its huge, clear reservoir. The process of dispensing is simple by the press of a button.  The in-depth, easy-to-follow installation manual is included to streamline the entire installation process.


  • Its huge liquid capacity chamber is beneficial to hold a sufficient quantity of shampoo, liquid soap, conditioner, or lotion.
  • Complete elimination of mess is guaranteed through its clog-free pump design.
  • You will perceive the time-saving installation since it does not need any tool for the same.

2. (3 Pack) 16 Ounce Soap Dispenser Bottles:

16 Ounce Soap Dispenser Bottles Clear Plastic Countertop Lotion-Soap Pump Bottles for Liquid Organic Soap Hand Dispensers Kitchen and Bathroom

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The reusable soap dispenser bottles included in the pack proves to be the ones that save your money. You may refill them when you need and they are eco-friendly too.


  • These 16 ounce soap dispenser bottles are BPA free and contain no harmful chemicals.
  • Entire construction is made up of plastic, so there are no issues of corrosion.

1. Better Living Products 76354 Euro Series Dispenser:

 Better Living Products 76354 Euro Series TRIO 3-Chamber Soap and Shower Dispenser, White-Shampoo Dispensers

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Whether you want to set it up in a corner or mount it on the wall, this Euro Series dispenser is a perfect product to eliminate shower mess.  With a simple push of a button, it precisely dispenses the liquids.


  • It is easy to refill when needed.
  • The filled liquids can be clearly identified by the Mylar coated labels.
  • Within a few minutes, the installation can be fulfilled with two way tape and screw or silicone option.

Concluding Note:

Discarding the shower clutter, these shampoo dispensers are dedicated to presenting a neat look to your bathroom. There would be great saving in time, money and effort since they dispense the right amount of liquid soap or shampoo.