Top 10 Best Smart Bike Helmets in 2019 Reviews


Being lightweight is part of cycling. You do not want to be overburdened with a lot of accessories that may get in the way of your riding fun. The lighter you are the faster and further you can go. One way to lighten your load is to use one of the top 10 best smart bike helmets in 2019.

These helmets benefit from years of technological advancement and bring you the ultimate riding helmet when you are on a bike. Each helmet on this top 10 list is made to keep you and your head safe from injury.

You want to get more out of your cycling hobby than just good exercise, it is a good way to catch up on all the music you have been missing out on while you have been at work. To find out which helmet made our top 10 list, just continue to read our review.

It is filled with a lot of interesting information.

Pros and cons of using a smart bike helmet

Smart bike helmets may look like the next best invention and a step into the future. But along with all the positive that comes with using a smart helmet, there are also some negatives. Here are w pros and cons of using a smart bike helmet when you are cycling:


  • Made hands free phone calls
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Catch up on podcasts and other lectures
  • Built-in speakers let you hear traffic noise
  • Powers lights to keep you visible
  • Provide protection from head injuries
  • Powers emergency alarm


  • Lacking in style
  • Uncomfortable to wear
  • Can still distract your attention from your surroundings
  • Can still block some traffic noise.
  • Batteries run out of power
  • Expensive

Our smart bike helmet review

10. LIVALL BH51M Smart Bike Helmet

 LIVALL BH51M Smart Bike Helmet Anniversary Limited Edition

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While meeting CPSC and CE standards, this smart bike helmet connects with Bluetooth equipped devices. This function provides you with great quality stereo sound while being able to make hands free calls.

Then the smart helmet powers both turn signals and other lights, so you remain very visible to the traffic around you. Also, if you have an accident, you can activate an emergency SOS signal to call people’s attention to your plight.

A wireless remote helps you access all the functions contained in this helmet. As an added bonus the helmet is aerodynamic, so you do not get much wind resistance. Plus, it is well ventilated to keep our head cool as you ride.

All the lights on this helmet are LED and top quality. The helmet will fit heads measuring between 54 and 61 cms.

9. LIVALL MT1 Smart Bike Helmet,

 LIVALL MT1 Smart Bike Helmet

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The wireless remote control gives you access to all the different features of this smart helmet. You can make hands free calls, listen to music or lecture through Bluetooth equipped device and much more.

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Also, you can stay visible through the LED light system built into the helmet. You can signal your turns without taking your hands off the handlebars. Besides hand free calls, you can also use the built-in microphone to do walkie-talkie communication.

You are in good hands if an emergency or accident takes place. This helmet is also equipped with an SOS alarm that will alert others to what is happening to you. On top of all this, your head stays cool with the great ventilation system.

A 1-year warranty protects your investment in this helmet.

8. Coros OMNI Smart Cycling Helmet

 Coros Omni Smart Cycling Helmet

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The technology this smart helmet contains uses bone-conducting sound to let you hear your music, phone calls or other audio communications. Made from polycarbonate and EPS foam, this helmet will stand up to a majority of accidents that can take place.

Even with all of the technology and protection, the helmet still remains lightweight. Also, when the sun starts to dim in the evening, you can stay visible with the Led lights built into this helmet.

You can take long rides and still remain in constant contact with family and friends. The battery life runs for 8 hours on a single charge. The handlebar remote control handles all the features and functions in this smart helmet.

The emergency alert is part of the technology included in this smart helmet.

7. Sena Smart Cycling Helmet

 Sena Smart Cycling Helmet, X1

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Even with Bluetooth equipped helmets, your head still needs to keep cool. This helmet is designed to give you maximum technology along with great ventilation. The built-in speakers and microphone provide excellent sound quality in both directions.

You can keep in contact with up to 3 friends over a ½ mile away, as long as there are no hills or other obstructions. The advanced noise control technology provides clear communication as you ride.

All the controls are on the side of the helmet above the ears. It takes roughly 3 ½ hours to get a full charge, then you can use the helmet to worry free for about 16 hours. Plus, you get a lot of Bluetooth and smartphone compatibility.

The helmet also does a good job of protecting your head in an accident.

6. Coros LINX Smart Cycling Helmet

 Coros Linx Smart Cycling Helmet

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Look stylish in this white with red highlights cycling helmet. Even with the cord chin strap, your head will never have looked better. Your head is protected with EPS interior foam and a polycarbonate shell.

A handlebar remote, which is easy to install, helps you access all the features that come with this nice-looking helmet. Along with taking incoming calls and listening to your favorite music, you can stay in contact with other riders with the walkie-talkie function.

The battery will provide up to 8 hours of smart technology use before needing a new charge. All the audio and communication devices use the through the bone technology, so you can hear without missing a note or word.

This system lets you hear what is happening as you ride down the road.

5. LIVALL BH60 Cycling Smart Helmet

 Livall BH60 Bling Helmet with Bling Jet Controller

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6 LED lights work to keep you visible to the traffic that surrounds you on an any given ride. Then when you turn, you have 8 LED turn signal lights to communicate your intention to the driver on the road.

A built-in microphone lets you speak clearly and lets your friends hear what you are saying without background interference. Plus, the Bluetooth speaker system lets you hear your music or your friends without missing a beat.

A walkie-talkie feature keeps you in contact with your riding buddies, while an emergency alert will contact your emergency number to let them know what has happened to you. The wireless remote control makes sure you are in control of the features included in your smart helmet.

An adjustable chin strap keeps the helmet in place as you ride.

4. Babaali Smart Cycling Helmet

 Babaali Smart Cycling Helmet

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With plenty of ventilation grooves installed in this helmet, you can keep your cool in any situation. A wireless remote control will give you access to the turn signals and other features included in this helmet. It should attach easily to your handlebars.

The helmet is made with your protection in mind. A tough outer shell combines with the interior foam to make sure your head is protected in case you have an accident. Then the remote control gives you turn signal options. You can have them flash left, right or double flash in case of an emergency.

Plus, if you need to change bikes, the remote control is easy to take of and put on the other bike. Its red and back coloring helps keep you looking good as you cycle down the street.

3. Babaali Smart Bluetooth Cycling Helmet

 Babaali Smart Cycling Helmet

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You can stay in contact with your friends and listen to your music with the Bluetooth compatible smart cycling helmet. Keep your friends from worrying when you answer their calls while connected to your smartphone.

The built-in Bluetooth speakers let you hear your friends and your music without missing any of the traffic noise around you. A microphone built into your chin strap lets you talk freely with little outside or background interference.

The bright red color of the helmet will keep you visible to traffic. But you may ant to have some lights installed on your bike just in case you are riding when the sun goes down.

The hard plastic outer shell works with the interior foam to protect your head in an emergency.

2. Smart Outdoor Mountain Cycling Helmet

 Smart Outdoor Mountain Road Cycling Helmet Bike Helmet

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Get the most out of your mountain biking experience by using a smart helmet made for mountain biking. The cross hatch design of the helmet provides good protection for your head while keeping it well ventilated.

Makes sure to download the emergency alert app so you can get help quicker when you have a problem. Once triggered this alert system will send a location message to your default contact person.

The EPC interior foam provides a good cushion that should help absorb impacts, protecting your head from injury. Built-in speakers let you listen to music and take calls with ease. A special microphone is included so that your voice can be heard clearly.

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You can also control the volume of your calls with this technology.

1. Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet

Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet-Smart Bike Helmets

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It may not be a smart helmet, but it deserves inclusion on this list because it is a very good cycling helmet. Made for both men and women, this hard outer shell combines with the interior foam to make sure your head is well protected.

This helmet also sports LED taillights and turn signals with a backup battery included in case the original runs out of life at the wrong time. You get 3 light modes to use- steady, turn and quick flashing.

Plus, you will look good wearing this stylish black, white, and red colored helmet. Your head will also stay cool as it had many ventilation slots to let the air flow through. It is large enough to fit those heads that fall between the 53 to 58 cm range.

Cycling safety tips

Everyone who has or will ride a bicycle knows that there are safety rules to follow. Even if you are using a smart helmet you still need to follow the basic safety rules to make sure your ride is successful and fun

Here are a few of those safety tips:

  1. Do bike inspection- before you ride, make sure your chain, brake, lights and bike are in proper working order and that there are no frame cracks
  2. Stay legal- wear helmets, use bells and other devices to make sure you are following the local bike laws
  3. Stay visible- wear bright colored clothing, have the proper lights and so on
  4. Be predictable- in other words, do not let your riding habits distract drivers. Ride in a straight line and try not to make sudden moves
  5. Learn hand signals- yes you have electronic turn signals, but you never know when the connection or battery will go down. Be prepared to use hand signals hen the situation arises.
  6. Follow the rules of the road- most places require cyclists to ride like a car and follow the same rules that govern driving
  7. Pass safely- like a car, cyclists are required to pass on the left only
  8. Watch for pedestrians- again like cars, cyclists are expected to slow down and stop for pedestrians. Do not ride on sidewalks
  9. Know the road and route you are taking- this helps minimize accidents and injuries.

Some final words

Cycling is great fun and good exercise. It becomes even better when you can utilize technology to maximize your fun and safety when on the road. Using one of the top 10 best smart bike helmets in 2019 is one way to do both.

Cycling can be dangerous, but you can take some of the danger out of riding down the road by being smart, using common sense, follow safety rules and using a good smart helmet