Top 10 Best Turkey Fryers in 2019 Reviews


The holidays are coming and your family is expecting your world-famous cooked turkey again this year. But you think that there are too many people coming over to properly cook enough turkeys in your oven. The solution is to use one of the top 10 best turkey fryers in 2019.

These units are designed to help you prepare your most desired meal of the year. From the simple to the more complicated you can meet your guests’ demands for a great turkey meal with ease?

Not every turkey roaster made it on this year’s top 10 best turkey roaster list in 2019. Keep reading to see which ones made it and are considered the 10 best. There are a lot of turkey roasters on the market but not all are of good quality or can handle the job you need to be done.

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10. Char-Broil Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

 Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-Less Turkey Fryer

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When you or your guests are watching what you eat and want to keep eating healthy meals, this oil-less turkey fryer may support that desire. Its infrared technology does not need the help of oil to fry your turkey to optimum levels.

You can fit up to a 16-pound turkey inside this fryer and still have it cook to perfection. The easy to use controls keep you on top of all the cooking action. Plus, clean up is a snap with the handy drain drawer at the bottom of the fryer.

Measuring approx. 24 by 21 inches you get a lot of space to fry your turkey. Also, included in your purchase is a basket, meat thermometer, and a cooking guide.

9. Bayou Classic Stainless-Steel Turkey Fryer

Bayou Classic 1118 32-Quart Stainless Steel Turkey Fryer

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Made of stainless steel, you not only get a fryer big enough to cook a large turkey, it is easy to keep clean and free from bacteria. This 32-quart fryer is the right size to handle cooking a turkey in 45 minutes.

It will also fry other foods and chickens should be fried to perfection in as little as 20 minutes. Measuring 14 by 14 by 18 inches, this fryer will handle other foods besides turkeys and chickens.

There are a lot of included accessories. For example, you get the basket, hook, hook plate, three skewers, injector and thermometer when you purchase this product. Everything you need to cook your turkey is in the set and ready for service.

8. Bayou Classic Aluminum Turkey Fryer

Bayou Classic 3025 30-Quart Aluminum Turkey Fryer Pot with Accessories

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You do not need a heavy pot to move about when the turkey is heavy enough. This 30-quart aluminum turkey fryer is lightweight and easy to maneuver. It will also cook your turkey in as little as 45 minutes.

This fryer will also help circulate the oil, so the turkey is cooked evenly in its 14 x 14 x 17-inch dimensions. If you are not in the mood for turkey, you can use the skewers to cook 3 chickens at once.

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A 20-pound turkey should fit inside the fryer with ease. Also, you only need about 3 gallons of oil to cook that delicious turkey meal everyone wants. The bigger the turkey, the longer it will take to cook.

7. Butterball XL Electric Fryer

 Butterball 23011615 XL Electric Fryer

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A digital timer works with you, so you do not overcook your turkey this year. Plus, the aluminum basket helps the maximum 20-pound turkey cook thoroughly. Indicator lights let you know what is happening throughout the frying process.

Plus, the dial thermometer keeps you in control of how hot the fryer will be. Just in case there is a problem, a magnetic power cord is part of this unit. It breaks away easily when an emergency arises.

Clean up is easy when you use the oil drain valve. Just drain and then clean. Simple and easy. The unit measures approx. 18 by 16 by 14 inches in size, so you need a little extra space on your kitchen counter when you use it.

6. Masterbuilt Electric Turkey Fryer

Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

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This extra-large turkey fryer will handle a 20-pound turkey with ease. But you cannot go any higher than that in weight. To help you watch the turkey fry you get a digital timer to count down the minutes as you make other meal preparations.

2 indicator lights keep you informed on what is happening throughout the frying process. Then the aluminum basket uses a drain clip to help you drain away the oil. A simple to use drain valve then empties the oil when it has cooled, and you are done using it.

You also stay in control of the frying temperature with the dial thermostat. Just set it and forget it. This fryer makes turkey cooking a lot simpler and easier.

5. Power AirFryer XL Air Fryer

 6 QT Power Air Fryer Oven

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If you do not want to cook a whole turkey at once as it takes too long, this fryer will handle turkey parts easily and cooks them evenly faster. This 6-quart fryer does not need oil and has 3 racks to fry more meat at the same time.

The extra-large rotating mesh basket works with the 360-degree circulation to make sure your turkey is cooked properly. A drip tray will catch the grease that comes when you are frying turkeys, chicken or other meats.

You can also dehydrate different fruits and vegetables to make more exciting turkey or chicken meals. All the controls are easy to use and easily accessible on the touch screen panel. A digital readout makes reading the display very easy.

4. Power AirFryer XL Air Fryer Elite

 6 QT Power Air Fryer Oven Elite

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You get 10 cooking devices in one when you buy this turkey fryer for your home. It only uses 1500 watts of power while reaching a maximum 400 degrees F heat. The heat circulates a full 360 degrees while cooking your favorite meal.

The control panel is a touch screen with 10 preset options to choose from. Its see-through window lets you keep an eye on your food as it fries. A round basket and crisper trays ensure that you can cook a lot of food at the same time, including turkey.

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Keeping the interior clean is as easy as the drip tray catches the grease that falls throughout the cooking process. No oil is needed so you become more environmentally friendly when you use this unit.

3. Aluminum Turkey Deep Fryer

30 QT Aluminum Turkey Deep Fryer Pot and Gas Stove Burner Stand

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This unit is built for gas or propane style stoves and can handle up to 30 quarts of food at one time. That means you should be able to fit a maximum 20-pound turkey inside and have it cook thoroughly with ease.

Made from aluminum you know that this pot will not be too heavy to maneuver. Then when you purchase this fryer, you also get a baster, meat thermometer, turkey hanger, and a basket.

Measuring 14 by 14 by 33 inches approx., there is more than enough room to handle all your frying needs. Including those non-turkey foods you like. One drawback is that the instruction manual may be missing from the set when you buy it.

2. Masterbuilt Butterball XXL Turkey Fryer

 Masterbuilt Butterball XXL Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

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When you have a lot of guests who require a lot of turkeys, this 2x extra-large turkey fryer will come to your rescue. It is large enough to handle a 22-pound turkey though smaller eights are recommended.

All the controls you need to control the heat are in front of the fryer. Plus, you can set the timer and see it countdown in the digital LCD display screen. Two indicator lights let you know where the turkey is in the frying process.

The fryer will reach a maximum of 375 degrees F when cooking at its top level. You can cook a 22-pound turkey at 4 minutes per pound with this 18 by 18 by the 21-inch unit.

1. Power AirFryer XL Air Fryer

 Power Air Fryer XL 5.3 QT Black Deluxe-Turkey Fryers

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There is no law stating that you must cook your turkey whole. It is also not wrong to cut up your turkey and fry individual pieces. It may be a faster and better way to cook your holiday turkey.

This unit holds just over 5 quarts of food and comes with all the accessories you need to make a delicious turkey meal. Its rapid air technology works at 400 degrees F. and uses only about 1700 watts of power.

Without the need for oil, you can make healthier more delicious meals for your family. The easy to use touch control panel gives you accuracy, timers, and pre-programmed options. You also save on calories when you use this oil-free turkey fryer.

What to look for

When it comes time to shop for a new turkey fryer, you can save a little time by reading reviews and doing a little research. Make sure you know what you need before going to the store. This will save you both time and money. It will also relieve you from any pressure the salesman may give.

Here are a few tips to guide your search:

  • Function- why do you need a turkey fryer? Wil it is for large gatherings or just family sized meals?
  • Capacity- usually the larger is the better. You can cook larger turkeys faster than the oven and feed more people. But if you are frying for a small group then a large one will be impractical
  • Simplicity- the easiest to use are the big drum turkey fryers. The controls are simple and they are easy to hook up. The smaller more compact ones have more buttons and features but remain 1 touch operations. This is up to your need and preference
  • Accessories- what kind do you need, and which ones come with the fryer you have in mind. Find the one that provides you with the most accessories.
  • Warranty- by the one with the best coverage and has a longer coverage period. Make sure to read the small print
  • Price- as always you want one that will fit your budget.
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Some turkey fryer safety tips

We now you know how to use a turkey fryer. But it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of some safety tips. The excitement of seeing loved ones again can over-rule a little common sense or good judgment.

Here are some safety tips to remind you to be careful this holiday season:

  • Location- keep turkey fryers away from wooded areas, wood decks, and other flammable materials
  • Thaw the turkey- then make sure it is dry before placing it in the hot oil. Ice, water, and oil do not mix and can cause you problems if they do
  • Weather watch- do not use a turkey fryer outside in bad weather. See above for the reason why
  • Make sure it is level- you do not want to have the fryer tip over during cooking. Spilled hot oil can cause you a lot of problems. Also, do not move it when it is in use.
  • Do not overfill- many people think that the extra space at the top means they can put more oil inside. That is not the case. That empty space is a safety margin for your protection
  • Don’t leave it alone- always have someone watching the fryer especially when kids and pets are running around having fun
  • Avoid stuffing- for some reason stuffing and water-based marinades do not work well inside a fryer.
  • Let the oil cool- when you are finished using the fryer, remove the pot from the burner and place on a level spot. Then let it cool
  • Oil-free- if possible choose to use an oil-free turkey fryer so you can avoid many of the dangers mentioned above

Some final words

The holiday season is full of fun and food. One way to make both better is using the right fryer for your cooking duties. Using one of the top 10 best turkey fryers in 2019 will help you achieve both goals.

They are made to last a long time, cook evenly, and quickly. This means that more people can have more fun because they did not have to wait for their turkey dinner