Top 10 Best Underwater LED Lights in 2019 Reviews


When you need to see underwater the water is not always sunlight friendly, so you need a little help in seeing beneath the surface of the water. Whether you are scuba diving or doing photography one of the top 10 best underwater LED lights in 2019 review will give you enough light.

These Underwater LED lights are made to withstand water depths. They are durable and easy to use. The light up the area so you can see what is going on around you or give you the best lighting for our photo opportunity.

If you are not sure which underwater LED lights made out top 10 best underwater LED lights in 2019 list. Just continue to read out review. We highlight those underwater LED lights we think to stand out above the rest.

When you need to light up the world under the water, it pays to use the best underwater LED lights possible.

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10. Suptig Underwater Lights

Suptig Underwater Lights Dive Light 84 LED High Power Dimmable Waterproof LED Video Light Waterproof

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This underwater LED lights uses 84 LED light points to illuminate the area around you. It works with Nikon, Sony, Canon, and more SLR cameras. Its waterproof technology is good for 164 feet, letting you get to the bottom of some parts of the ocean.

The rechargeable battery gives you between 2 ½ to 3 ½ hours of use although the SOS feature can function for about 9 hours. Its 4 light modes allow your creativity to capture the right shot you want for your photos of videos.

Its stainless-steel construction should not rust and provides you with the strength you want in an underwater light. The light measures approx. 4 by 4 by 2 inches in size.

One drawback is that there are no color filters for this light. Another is that some quality control issues may cause the light to leak at lesser depths.

9. Suptig Waterproof Light

 Suptig Waterproof Light High Power Dimmable 5200mAh Battery Waterproof LED Video

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This underwater light comes with all the accessories you need for great night time underwater work. The only extra piece of equipment you need to buy is the cold shoe mount that attaches it to SLR cameras.

The 3 LED lights provide about 300 lumens of illumination even when you get down to its maximum 147-foot depth. Along with lighting up the undersea world, you can charge your camera and other electrical devices with this unit.

The 3 light modes, normal, flash, and SOS give you options and allows you to send an emergency signal when you are in trouble. Plus, you get up to 17 hours, depending on the mode you use, on a single charge.

One drawback is the missing instruction booklet. Another is that the box displays a part that is not included with your purchase. Also, the buttons may be too sensitive for your activities.

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8. Lumitec SeaBlazeX Boat Light

Lumitec SeaBlazeX 101141, LED Underwater Boat Light, Surface Mount

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Not all water activities require a camera. You do need an LED underwater light even if you are just boating. There are a lot of obstacles that can’t be seen without an underwater light. This light puts out 4000 lumens to make sure you see what is happening under the surface of the water.

A simple switch changes your light modes and your color options. Made from grade bronze, one of the more durable sea compatible construction materials, you get a light that will withstand a lot of underwater action.

It is so tough that it should withstand over 2000 hours of continuous seawater use. You can also use this light above the surface by attaching it to your boat through a ½ inch screw hole.

One drawback to this light is that it may not be bright enough for some boating activities. Another s you need to be careful with installation as you are putting a hole in your boat below the waterline

7. Blob Underwater LED Lights

Blob Underwater 110 Volt Dock Fishing Light Dock-7500 Lumen

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When you need to attract fish to your night time fishing hole, this is the light for the job. Its 30-foot power cord provides you with a lot of range to light up your fishing hole. It puts out about 7500 lumens and uses the full 360 degrees to do it.

Then its 50,000 hours of life can attract a lot to fish. Minnows, shad and other baitfish that also attract larger fish. You can use this light in both fresh and salt water and keep it on 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The unit comes with a 110 adapter and 3-prong plug to make using this light easier. It is also self-weighted, so you do not have to spend more money to keep it at the right depth.

One drawback is that the light may not work well in murky water. It is also said to be not that bright. Plus, adding a timer would be more cost and use effectively.

6. Goture High-Power LED Fully Submersible Night Fishing Light

 Goture 12V IP68 High-Power LED Fully Submersible Night Fishing Light Deep Drop Underwater Lure Bait Fish Finder Lamp

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When you are not near a stationary power source, you can hook this light up to your boat’s battery. Or you can bring an extra one along as you fish the night away. This LED underwater light is rated to last for 30,000 hours.

Is water and corrosion proof and can be submerged up to 16 feet. The square light is made from top quality PC and SUS plastic and casts its light in all directions. Its 5600-lumen power lights up your favorite fishing spot, so you can fish without worry.

Any 12-volt battery will supply the power you need to light up your fishing hole. You should attract a lot of fish when you turn this light on.

One drawback to this unit is it may be too bright. Then there may be trouble with the remote feature as well as the power output.

5. Suptig High Power Dimmable Dual Battery Video Light

 Suptig High Power Dimmable Dual Battery Waterproof LED Video Light Fill Night Light Diving Underwater Light for Gopro

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The nice feature about this light is that you can control its brightness. The dimmer switch allows you to tone down the light or bring it up higher. Three LED lights bring 300-lumen to your underwater photo shoot.

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The 2 rechargeable batteries bring you between 3 and 12 hours of light depending on which function you use. You get three different modes- normal, flashing and SOS- with this underwater LED lights.

It is rated to reach depths measuring up to 147 feet or 45 meters. The lack of a power cord keeps this light extremely flexible in use and also out of your way. The only equipment you need to buy is the cold shoe mount adaptor if your camera requires it.

One drawback that may come with this camera is that the on and off button might get stuck in the on position. Also, there may be some issue as to how much you can dim this light. And it may be far too bright for its own good.

4. Pilotlights Waterproof Underwater Marine LED Pod Light

Waterproof Underwater Marine LED Pod Light - BLUE LED, Heavy duty

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The bright blue LED light casts a large presence when it is turned on. It uses 180 lumens to make sure your underwater area is well lit. Whether you are boating, fishing or just swimming underwater, this light is rated to handle al underwater activity.

To get it to work you need to wire it to an on and off switch. The wires are about 2 feet long and require roughly a 12-volt power supply. You can keep it under water for a long period of time as it is corrosion resistant and waterproof. Just do not go too deep with it.

Another plus is that it is very easy to install, and you shouldn’t need to put a hole is your oat to install it.

One main drawback is that you need to wire it to a switch yourself. Another is its longevity may not be that long. Some quality control issues that make the light weaker than it should be.

3. Gurmoir Waterproof Diving Light

Gurmoir Waterproof Diving Light 40m Dive Underwater 1000 Lumen LED Flash Ring Light

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You get 100 LED light pieces to light up your underwater area. The device is built as a ring, so it can surround our camera while not interfering with your picture taking. A universal adaptor is all you need to attach it to your camera.

Its three light modes use high, low and flashing but do not include an SOS feature. Depending on which mode you use the most your rechargeable battery should last for a few hours. The light is rated for about 131 feet or 40 meters under the sea.

You do get an orange light filter to add a little creativity to your photo or video work. Just make sure the filter is on tight or some leaking may take place.

One drawback that comes with this light is the battery compartment may not be completely water tight. Another is that the battery lead or protection may not be that strong. There may also be some power button issues.

2. ADIKA 40m Waterproof LED Underwater Light

ADIKA 40m Waterproof Light Wide Angle Light LED Underwater Light for Gopro Light Spot Flood Light

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You can take this light down to about 130 feet or 40 meters and light up your undersea experience. It puts out about 300 lumens, so you get a clear view of what life is like underwater. 3 LED lights bring you that illumination.

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The SOS mode can be used for under water talking with your friends as well as serve as an emergency signal. The high and low options fill out the 3 light modes that come with this underwater LED lights.

Its rechargeable battery will bring you up to 7 hours of life, depending on which mode you use the most. Make sure to read the instructions to see which camera this unit is compatible with.

Some of the drawbacks include power button not working, longevity issues, and the battery compartment floods. The light may not be as powerful as it should, and the batter takes a long time to charge.

1. Ulanzi L1 Versatile Mini LED Light

lanzi L1 Versatile Mini LED Light Waterproof Photographic On Camera Led-Underwater Led Lights

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The main attractive feature of this underwater light is that you can use it anywhere. Above ground, biking, or under the water. A built-in tripod mount lets you keep the light steady as you use it in your photography work.

A 60-degree angle prevents hotspots. Plus, when you take it underwater it is rated for roughly 33 feet or 10 meters. A USB port lets you charge up the battery or let you use the light as it recharges.

You get about 80 minutes per single charge depending on your use. The pocket size camera has 4 different light settings you can use as well. It puts out between 300 and 900 lumens depending on what setting you use and how far away from the light you are.

One drawback is that it does not com with a battery. You need to purchase it yourself. It is not compatible with every device you may own. Some faulty connections are another drawback to this light.

What to look for when buying Underwater LED Lights

Here are some features you need to look for when searching for one of the top 10 best underwater LED lights in 2019:

  • Brightness- the more lumens it puts out the better the light
  • Underwater capacity- the deeper the better but some light s are not made for deep water. They are designed for just under the surface activities like fishing
  • Construction- make sure the materials are top quality, rust and corrosion resistant
  • Warranty- get the one with the best coverage possible

Some final words

Doing underwater activities can be more fun when you use the right light to illuminate your patch of the sea. Whether you are attracting fish or taking photos, seeing what you are doing is always more fun.

Then using one of the top 10 best underwater LED lights in 2019 gets you the right action, the right amount of light and can last you a long time. Using the right equipment makes any water activity you do more enjoyable.

It pays to go with the best equipment as you get better consumer protection as well