10 Best Car Phone Holders of 2019


Best Car Phone Holders: For those who are constantly on the move, answering your phone every now and then happens to be quite a nuisance. Not only is it unsafe to answer a phone when you’re driving, it is also inconvenient to pull out a handset from inside your pocket even when you’re stopping at a signal. Car owners may still appear to have it easier over two-wheeler owners as some find it convenient to just keep the phone on the dashboard. But while that makes it easier to view calls or texts, it also makes it more dangerous. We all know what can go wrong when you are too busy with your phone while driving.

For this reason, many car manufacturers build a convenient car phone mount for added ease of use. But many users will find these to be either not sturdy enough, or having unsuitable builds that tend to plug up all the ports, making charging or other related use difficult. And what about those cars that don’t come with a mount dedicated to your smartphone?

Luckily for us, there is an answer in the form of dedicated car phone holders manufacturers, who understand what can go wrong with a wrongly mounted device, and know exactly how to build a holder to (nearly) perfect specifications.

You will find that some of these best car mount manufacturers even have special mounts that are made specifically for well-known flagship devices and their variants, like the iPhone. But not to fret, as you are most likely to find your match among these very easily as most smartphones adhere to some basic manufacturing nuances. So let’s take a more in-depth look at the best car phone holders 2019.

Best Car Phone Holders Reviews 2019

#1 ZiLu Magneto Air Vent Car Mount

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For those among us who have a preference towards air vent type holders, the ZiLu Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount is one of the best bets to go for. It comes with an easy click on set up procedure and places your smartphone within easy reach of your hands so that you can access the GPS function or any other function with convenience.

This device comes with a magnet oriented set up, and users can easily insert the included metal plate at the back of their smartphone case or adhere it to the back of their phone if they prefer to go without a case. Another big plus of the ZiLu Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount is that the mount is fully rotatable and free of any external cradles, making sure that your smartphone is clearly in your sight and that there are no obstructions to its ports.


  • Strong magnetic hold ensures your phone stays in place
  • Compatible with almost all smartphones
  • Fully adjustable rotation


  • Prone to scratches


The ZiLu Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount is one of the most favoured car phone holders among a varied user base. If your work demands that you stay behind wheels for long stretches and need to remain connected, then this car mount will offer you the best option to go with, thanks to its sturdy build and reliable construction.

#2 iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder (for iPhone 6s Plus 6s 5s 5c Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge S6 S5 Note 5)

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The car phone holders, the Easy One Touch 2 smartphone mount can easily be hailed as the best there is. This is because, as the Amazon listing points out, it can hold almost any smartphone of varying sizes securely without the fear of falling off. To start off at the beginning, the set up procedure is as simple as just placing it on to your dashboard, to which it will attach with the help of a single touch. After you install it, the iOttie Easy Touch One 2 lets you choose the distance at which you want your smartphone to be placed. This is courtesy of its telescopic arm, which is capable of extending up to 6.5 inches.

You can secure the angle you want it at as well, making sure that you get the most amount of customization available for your height or position. It is arguably one of the best iPhone 6 car holders of 2019 for sure.

Coming to the locking mechanism of the iOttie Easy Touch One 2, it can be done simply by the press of a button. And as for width it offers a secure hold for, this car mount can hold any smartphone up to 3.2 inches in width securely in place.

However, keep in mind that the clamping mechanism attaches parts of the device to the sides of your phone, so you might not be able to access some of the functions as easily as you might on a magnetic car phone holders (for instance, adjusting the volume for a phone that has the rockers on the side).


  • Easy installation
  • Can hold a wide range of smartphones


  • May cause damage to your dashboard if you decide to remove it after installation.


The iOttie Easy Touch One 2 car mount is one of the most secure car phone holders that your money can buy, but the dashboard damage factor has left a lot of users unhappy. Make sure you know if your car’s dashboard is right for it. Otherwise, in terms of installation ease and security, it is one of the very best.

#3 WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount Holder

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There’s a lot to like about magnetic car phone mounts, and air vent holders are some of the easiest options to set up and have the least likelihood of causing serious damage to your vehicle. The WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Phone Holders brings the two together in a combination that aims to offer the best of both worlds. The prongs of the WizGear mount are tight enough to fit into most air vents. But what makes it one of the best in its class is the strong set of magnets that come along with it. You have the option to either slip one of the magnets into your phone’s, or stick it directly to the back of your device if you prefer to go caseless.

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The magnets are strong enough to hold most smartphones in place without the risk of falling off, but you should be careful if your smartphone or tablet is on the bigger or heavier side. But in addition to being a secure phone holding option for your car, it also lets you swivel or move your device in the direction that you please. No surprise, then, that the WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Car Phone Holders have left so many users happy.


  • No compatibility issues, can fit a large number of smartphones
  • Easy to install
  • Uses strong magnets, making the hold very secure


  • Fit may vary based on your air vent


As we have said before, this is one of the best magnetic air vent car mounts that you can buy for this price. Amazon also has a sale going on right now, so tyou can grab it for a steal.

#4 Koomus Pro CD-M Smartphone Car Mount Holder

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For those who prefer to go for CD slot mounts, you can take a look at the Koomus Pro CD-M Smartphone Car Phone Holders. One of the greatest factors in its favor is the sturdy build that it has, and if you have used a CD slot holder before, then you are certainly aware of just how easy to install these can be. The Koomus CD-M only takes a push of a button to install it into the CD slot, and you’re good to go.

This car phone holder comes with a magnetic head installed on the device itself, and there is an additional adhesive metal plate provided that can be inserted inside the case of your smartphone or stuck to the backside of your device directly.

The magnet provides a good, strong hold to your device for security, so you do not need to worry about impact resulting in your phone falling off while driving on a rough stretch. The cradle less design also keeps all of your ports free. For a magnetic holder, the Koomus Pro CD-M Smartphone Car Phone Holder can safely hold a number of devices of varying sizes, so even if your phone or tablet is on the heavier side, there is no need for worries.


  • Simple push button set up
  • Designed to prevent scratches on your smartphone
  • Small in size, yet effective


  • Might not work with slimmer CD slots


While many vehicle owners do not prefer to go for a CD slot holder, the Koomus Pro CD-M makes installation look like a breeze. In addition, the fact that it is strong enough to hold bigger smartphones and tablets makes it a winner among magnetic holders.

#5Wuteku UltraSlim Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

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The Wuteku UltraSlim Magnetic Cell Phone Holder is a favorite among most drivers in the US, and for very good reason. If you take one looks at it, you will notice that it looks very different from traditional dash mounts. That is because of its minimalist design and the stainless steel ball joint, which makes it pleasing to look at and very convenient to use. The Wuteku UltraSlim looks good on all dashboards, courtesy of its aesthetics, and unlike most dash mounts, it does not incorporate a suction mount, so there is less risk of your device falling off.

Installation is pretty easy, but even more impressive is the fact that you can have your device in any orientation when stuck to it.

Be warned that the adhesive on the metal plate that it comes with will not have a very good hold on a rubber case, but for anything else, it works like a charm.

Another big plus is that the metal plate that you have to stick to your phone or the case is so slim that it will not create an unsightly bulge on the back of your device. Overall, a very good option for a dashboard mount for any car. This must be your choice if you are searching for “best car phone holder magnetic” keyword again and again.


  • Good to look at
  • Stainless steel ball joint makes it easy for users to orient their smartphones
  • Ultraslim plates for easy hold.


  • Does not work well on rubberized surfaces


The Wuteku UltraSlim Magnetic Cell Car Phone Holder is a great dashboard mount that will hold your device securely in place at any angle that you might prefer. If you have a slim, less heavy phone or tablet, you can easily go for this one.

#6 EnergyPal HC84K Car Smartphone Holder with Dual USB 2.1A Charger

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This one is a winner of an option for those who are on the move for the most part of the day and don’t want to carry any extra charging equipment for their smartphone. For many users, the EnergyPal HC84K Car Smartphone Holder is an unbelievably convenient option for combining the twin roles of a smartphone holder and a charger at the same time. What’s more is that this holder is equipped with two USB chargers, so in case your partner rides with you, you don’t have to worry about either one of you being able to put your phone on charge at a given time.

Coming to the holder itself, this can be mounted in your car’s cigarette lighter, so a lot of the convenience will depend on where it is located. But once you have that worked out, this car phone holder allows for ample customization options along with a strong and secure hold. The goose neck and the 360 degree swivel makes it easy for your phone to be located somewhere close to you so that you don’t have to reach out constantly to get access to it. The only downside is the limited compatibility, but if you’re an iPhone owner, then this should work fine for you.


  • Charger cum holder
  • Flexible goose neck and 360 degree rotation
  • Has two USB ports for charging two phones at the same time
  • Scratch resistant rubber grip
  • Good buildGood build


  • Not compatible with a large number of Android phones


The EnergyPal HC84K Car Smartphone Holder is a great option worth considering if you own an iPhone. The build ensures it doesn’t damage or scratch your phone even on impact.

#7AVANTEK Universal Cell Phone Air Vent Car Mount Holder

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Considering that air vent holders are the most popular options around, this is another one that you can take a look at. Most of the air vent holders we have listed up top use a magnetic hold, but if you are averse to the idea of sticking an adhesive plate to the back of your smartphone, then you can take a look at this cradle holder. The AVANTEK Universal Cell Phone Holder will fit into most air vents with ease, and its sturdy prongs ensure a tight fit. The AVANTEK Universal Holder has a cradle lock mechanism which will hold most smartphones and phablets in place.

We were a little worried about the fact that there is no support at the bottom, making us fear that the phone might slip off in the case of an unexpected impact. But to out surprise, it kept held pretty good. And thanks to the rubber grips, you don’t have to worry about scratches forming on your device. Besides, it can attach itself easily to any kind of air vent, whether vertical or horizontal. All in all, we think this is a very good car phone holder that does not involve the risk of leaving nasty marks on your vehicle or phone.

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  • Compatible with a wide number of smartphones
  • Sturdy prongs can fit securely into any vent measuring 2-3 mm in thickness
  • Clamp grip instead of magnetic grip
  • Prevents marks or scratches from forming on your device


  • The phone holder is way too tight to make up for the absence of a base support. This makes it difficult to pull the phone out.


The AVANTEK Universal Cell Phone Holder is a great option for those looking for a secure car phone holder that is compatible with most devices.

#8 Upgrade Second Generation IPOW Car Silicone Pad Dash Mat Cell Phone Mount Holder

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If you have grown tired of clip on, stick on, or suction cup holders that might prove to be a threat for your vehicle, then the Upgrade Second Generation IPOW Car Silicone Pad Dash Mat Cell Phone Holder is something that you can go for with your eyes closed. It might at first be confusing about how to set this one up as the holder does not really come with detailed instructions. However, if you have a little patience and look at the installation procedure provided by tons of users, you’ll soon see that there’s no better holder in its class.

The Upgrade Second Generation IPOW Car Silicone Pad Dash Mat Cell Phone Holder does not use any adhesive to hold on to your dashboard. Its skid free silicone mat only requires you to place it on top of your dashboard (or any other flat surface, for that matter), hoist your phone atop it, and forget the need to worry.

Like all the best car phone holders, this one is compatible with a large number of smartphones, thanks to its twin types of holder grips that let you adjust according to the thickness of your phone. It acts as a horizontal stand for your smartphone on any surface, so you can use most of your phone’s necessary functions. You also have the freedom to adjust its position any which way you like and even change it frequently. The only downside is that you don’t get much options in terms of the angle, but otherwise, this one is safe, secure, and totally great sans the risks associated with ordinary holders.


  • No adhesive, suction, or magnetic holds
  • Just place it and forget
  • Hooking your phone in is easy
  • Hassle free design
  • Offers a secure hold


  • No clear instructions about setting it up


We love the Upgrade Second Generation IPOW Car Silicone Pad Dash Mat Cell Phone Holder for its portability and versatility. Go for it if you are a frequent traveler and need a holder to use in any car you might be using in different locations.

#9 Z-Edge 3 in 1 Universal Cell Phone Car Mount Cradle Holder

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The Z-Edge 3 in 1 Universal Cell Phone Car Mount finds a spot on our list of the best car phone holders because it offers a really good deal. To clear the risk of misleading, let us say right here that it is not one “universal” car phone mount, but really a pack of three different kinds of holders that you can get for the price in the same pack. In reality, the box comes with one dash mount, one windshield mount, and one air vent mount, so you really get a good bargain.

The mounts themselves are great, offering good, strong hold and can be compatible with big, bulky smartphones without any fear of accidental fallouts. The grip is pretty strong, so remember that you can’t take out your smartphone using one hand only.


  • Three in one set, offers a good bargain
  • Good utility
  • Secure hold


  • Grip is too strong, inconvenient to take it out with one hand


Go for this set if you’re looking to strike a good deal.

#10 LiKee Universal Car Mount Windshield Dashboard Cell Phone Holder with Clamp

Car Phone Holders

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The LiKee Universal Car Mount Holder is great for the sheer amount of options it gives its users. Set up is really easy, thanks to the super sticky gel pad at the bottom of the holder that allows it to set securely on any flat surface. The best part about it is the clamping mechanism. Firstly, you can rotate it fully and set your phone up in any way that you might prefer, whether horizontally or vertically.

Another notable thing about it is the clamp. It uses a clip style closure that can open as wide as 4.2 inches, which makes it possible to hold even some of the widest of tablets that are in use today. Ultimately, however, what makes it beat everything else is the price point and product quality. It does not budge or break with prolonged use, and nor is it affected by elements like heat or humidity. Go for it if you’re looking for a budget piece, or simply have a preference for bigger devices.


  • Great price
  • Good build
  • Strong clip mechanism to hold wide devices
  • Sticks well to surfaces


  • Removing your phone from the clamps is a bit of a struggle


Really good product all around that offers security and style.

What are Car Phone Holders?

Simply speaking, a car phone holder makes your life on the road much easier by affording a perfect mount for your device while you’re behind the wheel. These products are really handy, and the best ones provide stable protection for your precious smartphone so that they don’t go flying out when you need to hit the brakes a little too hard (those who just dunk our phones on the dashboard have surely had a similar experience). The best part about a well-built car phone mount, however, is that it allows the user to place it in such a way so that it can be seen or viewed conveniently without having to reach out.

This reduces the risk of fatal road accidents and at the same time reduces your work for you. Besides, the best car phone holders are minimalistic, yet sturdy devices that does not give in to excessive heat or other conditions. The lack of too much body on some of these also make them more accessible and that in turn makes it easier for you to answer your phone on speaker when you absolutely need to. So, to wrap it all up, in this day when most of our work is done on cell phones, the car phone holders can be pretty much of a lifesaver for those who drive their own vehicles.

Who needs a Car Phone Holder?

Like we said in the last section, anyone who needs to tend to their smartphone for important business and yet have to be behind the wheels of a vehicle for a significant part of the day should consider investing in a car phone mount. And that makes this nifty little gadget a great necessity in the lives of most people. So even if you think you don’t need a phone holder for your car, chances are that at least one or more people in your family is in dire need of one. While the most obvious among these people would be those who work in commute, like delivery services or truck drivers, it is a safe bet to invest in one to stay connected in the most secure of ways when you’re on the road.

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Why Use a Car Phone Holders?

Because as important as staying connected sounds, avoiding accidents and being safe on the road are way bigger priorities for anyone among us. If you’re someone who needs to constantly use your phone while on the go (for instance, use GPS to get someplace), then having your smartphone mounted on a holder is far more convenient than having it in one hand while steering with the other. If you resort to using one of the best car cell phone holders, then you’ll see just how much safer your life on the road has become.

Best Car Phone Mount: Perfect Buying Guide

When you take the trip to your nearest car accessories store, you will find out that there are many options that are on offer. And while you may think that buying a car mount will be an easy affair, you will soon find that you’re confused by all that you will see. This is because in today’s date, smartphone or cell phone mounts are hardly about their most salient feature- holding your phone safely when you’re on a bumpy ride.

The best car phone holders do that alongside putting the device safely within your view and reach so that you can still be privy to its most basic and necessary functions like hearing map instructions and answering calls on speaker without any glitches. Moreover, you will find that many of these car phone holders come with widgets and extensions of their own as add ons. You may or may not find these useful, and that is entirely up to your personal preferences. And this is why you need to take a look at a few things before you find the best phone holder for car.

Attaching options: We weren’t kidding when we said that there are multiple types of car phone mounts available on the market. That starts with the many number of ways that you can fix up your holder inside your vehicle. Among the options that are common, the most preferred one is setting it up at a convenient place on your dashboard. But based on your requirements (for instance, your job may require you to reach out for voice-guided navigations more often), you may find it more convenient to have it closer to you. So try to get an idea about where you want your phone to be placed.

Best Car Phone Holders Types (Most Important Aspect)

Before you take the plunge and buy a mount, it is necessary to know the kinds of products you can find. Doing a little bit of research beforehand will save you the time and money that you might otherwise end up wasting. So take a brief look at all the different kinds of car phone mounts there are. These are: Suction Cup Mounts (these are the trickiest to get right, though they’re also the most popular kind.

If the suction is too strong then it may damage the surface, and too loose a hold might prove hazardous for your phone.

This is seen in most of the dashboard type mounts.); Mounts that rely on Adhesive (the next most widely used type Just stick the mount in position and you’re good to go.); Cup Holder Mounts (one of the most convenient kinds of mounts on the market.

You can use your in-vehicle cup holder easily as a mount for your smartphone.); Mirror Mount (these can be easily stuck to the bottom of your rear view mirror, but you need to exercise care in using them.); Vent Mount (another one among the most popular car mounts, these can be clipped on to the AC vent on your vehicle. Considering the number of air vents there are in a vehicle, this gives you a lot of options in terms of placement).

Each kind of car phone holders comes with their own advantages. Make sure you do a bit of research and know which one will suit you the best.
Other Important Points…

Ease of Set Up: This point goes hand in hand with the last one. You should get a clear idea about what kind of mount will be the best option for you in terms of set up. Some set ups may be more convenient for you than the others; like for instance, some users say that they find vent holder mounts to be the easiest to put in place compared to, say, dashboard mounts.

Budget: The best thing about choosing the most suitable car phone mount for you is that you don’t have to shell out an arm and a leg. While these nifty little devices come in a lot of different price options, most of them will come well within your budget. All you have to do is settle on a tentative figure that you may want to stay within but we’d also recommend keeping a leeway.

So after taking all of these into consideration, let us move on to some of the best smartphone car holders you can take a look at.

The list below has been compiled keeping all the above factors in mind, and is also based on extensive customer feedback. You can rest assured knowing that you might just find the best car phone holders for yourself right here. So you should check out these car phone holders reviews first before making your final call.

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Final Words

This concludes our list of the best car phone mounts that you can find. We stuck to online versions as that’s where you can find some really good deals and all you really have to do is to do your research before buying the best car phone holders 2019, take your pick, place your order, and forget about it.

The list above has been made by including all the most popular holder types in use today, and we have also tried to put together mounts of all price ranges. We hope that we have helped you find the best phone holder for your car from among the products listed above. Reach out to us in the comments below if you have any questions for us.