Top 10 Best Gel Pens For Coloring in 2019


The coloring isn’t just for kids are not the only people who like to draw and make colorful pictures. Adults can continue using their creative side by turning to one of the top 10 best gel pens for coloring in 2019.

These gel pen sets provide adults and teens with a wide assortment of colors and ink styles. Your creativity can be unleashed when you see all the ink options at your disposal. Let your imagination help you create some fine works of art.

There is no embarrassment when family and friends catch you coloring. They are probably jealous that you found an adult tool to continue to create wonderful pictures. Don’t let your creative talent go to waste. Use the best of the best gel pens for coloring hen you feel the urge to draw.

List of Our Top 10 Best Gel Pens For Coloring in 2019 Review on

10. Tanmit 240 Gel Pens Set

 Tanmit 240 Gel Pens Set 120 Colored Gel Pen plus 120 Refills for Adults Coloring Books Drawing Art Markers

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120 pens and 120 refills are at your disposal with this set. You get glitter, pastel, fluorescent, and even metallic ink to draw your masterpiece. Plus, using these pens are completely safe. The ink inside the gel pens is non-toxic and acid-free.

Also, you get a selection of tips to use. From fine to medium, you can select how thick or thin your lines are going to be. In addition to this, you get a handy see-through storage container to keep your gel pens organized. Selecting your next gel pen color is simple and easy.

One drawback is that the plastic pens are numbered but the refills are not. Another is that the gel pen caps are a little tight and hard to remove. Finally, the variety of colors is lacking. Some different ink styles simply are repeats of other included colors.

9. Smart Color Art 160 Colors Gel Pens Set

 320 Pack Gel Pens Set, Smart Color Art 160 Colors Gel Pen with 160 Refills for Adult Coloring Books Drawing Painting Writing   Get it now on

With 160 colors and refills to choose from, you can create and color excellent drawings. Astound your family by using each color in their own unique way. Then the non-toxic and acid-free ink should flow freely through the .8mm pen tip making coloring easy.

Also, all the standard ink styles are a part of this set. You get the usual metallic, glitter and other ink styles to enhance your drawings. Plus, the clear storage case lets you pick the next gel pen color without hassle. You shouldn’t lose any gel pens with this case on the job.

The first disadvantage to this gel pen set is that the colors may not last as long as you would like. A second disadvantage, to write properly, you cannot store the pens with their tips up.

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The third is that there are some smudging and bleed-through issues.

8. Shuttle Art 360 Pack Gel Pens Set

 360 Pack Gel Pens Set, Shuttle Art 180 Colors Gel Pen Set Plus 180 Color Refills Perfect for Adult Coloring Books Doodling Drawing Art Markers

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With this gel pen set, you get more than enough colors to create a beautiful picture. Plus, breakage shouldn’t be an issue. The double packaging makes sure these gel pens are protected from damage when not in use.

In addition to this feature, you get 180 refills to keep you drawing when the original ink has run out. The variety of colors and ink styles should keep you drawing for hours. Then a durable tip should be strong enough to handle all the drawing you will do when you use these gel pens. Durability, the variety of colors and imagination work together to produce great pictures.

The main drawback is that the ink does not last. The pens will run out faster than you think. Next, the ink colors are not marked on either the pens or the refills You are left to guess where a refill goes.

7. Aen Art Glitter Gel Pen

 Glitter Gel Pen, 100 Neon Glitter Gel Pens Art Marker for Adult Coloring Books Bullet Journal Crafting Doodling Drawing

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To use this set of gel pens, you really need to love the glitter look. With acid-free and non-toxic ink, your hours of drawing fun should be completely safe. You can use the 100 glitter colors with confidence as you create the finest picture possible.

Also, a comfort grip keeps your hands from getting tired. Your hands can wield the pens and maneuver the .8 to 1.0 tips for hours without feeling any fatigue. Plus, the ink should go on smoothly without smearing or fading. 20% more ink gives you more coloring time and a good way to relax.

A major drawback is that some of the gel pens come dried out and impossible to use. Another is that there may be some duplicate colors and the ink color doesn’t match the cap color. Finally, there are no color labels to help you out.

6. Smart Color Art 140 Colors Gel Pens Set

 Smart Color Art 140 Colors Gel Pens Set Gel Pen for Adult Coloring Books Drawing Painting Writing

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When you want to be creative you need a good set of gel pens with lots of different colors. This set has 140 of them so you shouldn’t run out of color options too quickly. With the standard glitter, metallic and other ink styles, you get ink options to last you all day.

In addition to this, the ink is toxic, acid, and lead-free. There is no way you can be harmed by using these gel pens. The easy to use storage container keeps your gel pens organized and within easy reach. The pens are also safe inside when not in use.

The first disadvantage to using this set is that you cannot buy refills. When you run out of ink, you need to buy a new pen. Another is that the ink will smear if not given the time to dry.

5. ColorIt Gel Pens For Adult Coloring Books

 ColorIt Gel Pens For Adult Coloring Books

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What sets this gel pen set apart from the rest s its exquisite carrying case. The fabric case organizes your pens and keeps them safe when you are not using them. A handy middle page makes sure there is enough room for all the pens in the set.

Plus, a comfort grip ensures that your hands should not get tired as you draw. Then 48 refills are a part of this set. There is no need to delay your coloring work when you run out of ink. Just put in a refill and continue to draw.

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One drawback is that if your left-handed the color may smear as you work. Next, some of the ink styles duplicate the colors of the others. Finally, the pens do not come completely filled with ink.

4. Fiskars Gel Pen 48-Piece-Set

 Fiskars 12-27457097J Gel Pen 48-Piece-Set

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There are those times where only a few colors will satisfy your creative need. This 48-piece set may be just right for those who do not want to use a lot of color in their artwork. In addition to this, the .8 to 1.0 mm tips help the ink to flow smoothly as you work.

Also, the fine tips help you fill in those intricate coloring patterns that adults use to create wonderful pictures. The standard ink styles use acid-free ink to help you get the best picture possible. Plus, the ink should not bleed through the paper as you work.

One disadvantage is that the gel pens are not consistent in color quality. Another is that the ink flows so smoothly that you need to refill them quickly. The last disadvantage is the caps. They do not snap into place very well.

3. Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors Gel Pen Set

 Shuttle Art 120 Unique Colors

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No duplicate colors and no refills. This site provides you with 120 unique colors to make sure your creative urge is satisfied. Plus, the unique packing system takes up a little space while still making it easy for you to grab the next gel pen color.

With the standard array fink styles, you can create some of the finest pictures your family has seen. Also, the durable tips write smoothly letting the acid and toxic free ink out in style.

These gel pens are good for sketching, drawing and other fine artwork you want to use.

One drawback is that all the gel pens come with half the ink missing. Also, they do not draw with any consistency. One pen will draw one way and another a different way. Finally, the glitter style of ink, do duplicate the other ink style colors.

2. Smart Color Art 160 Colors Gel Pens Set

 320 Pack Gel Pens Set, Smart Color Art 160 Colors Gel Pen with 160 Refills for Adult Coloring Books Drawing Painting Writing

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With 160 gel pen colors to choose from, you can have a lot of color variety in your pictures. From neon to milky to metallic and more, there should be an ink style to make your picture perfect.

Plus, you can use the see-through storage container to hold your gel pens. Or you can use one of your own. Either way, you get an easy way to grab the pens when you need them. Then the .8 mm tip on these gel pens should have the ink flowing nicely and smoothly. Gel pen coloring is a great way to relax.

One disadvantage is that gel pens are not made of top-quality materials. Another is that the thin tips may not get you the designs that you want to see on paper. Finally, the pens may leak a little if not stored correctly.

1. Reaeon Gel Pens for Adult

 Reaeon Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Book 200 Colors Gel Pen Colored Markers Set for Drawing Painting Writing Art-Gel Pens For Coloring

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There are 100 colors to choose from when you purchase this gel pen set. Then with 100 refills, you do not waste time finding new ink to use. Everything is there waiting for you to select it. Plus, the unique storage tray houses the pens in an easy to grab fashion.

The most numerous pens are the glitter ink style but that doesn’t mean you do not get enough of the other ink styles to use. You can create wonderful pictures with a variety of gel pen ink styles in this set. The ink is also acid and toxic free for safe use.

One drawback to this gel pen set is the lack of standard colors. You are limited in what you draw. Another is that some of the pens may stop flowing as you color. Finally, refill colors are not marked.

The advantages of using gel pen sets for coloring

Gel pen ink is the result of fusing water-based and oil-based inks together. This provides you with a unique quality of ink that is just right for coloring. The top 10 best gel pens for coloring in 2019 contain this quality of ink.

You get top quality ink with a lot of advantages. Here are a few of those advantages:

  • Unique writing experience- your writing style can be enhanced by using a gel pen for letters, notes and so on.
  • Water-resistance- the gel pen ink is resistant to water. This means your artwork is protected from any damaging moisture can cause.
  • Smoother writing- or coloring style. The ink flows better so you can create delicate lines or thick bold ones. The choice is up to you.
  • Better shading- with the different styles of ink and tips, you can shade your artwork a lot better and have it look like a professional did it.
  • User-friendly– the smooth flow of ink makes these pens easy to use and get the job you want to be done better.
  • Anti-smearing- one advantage that comes with using gel pens is that your coloring should not smear that easily. Although left-handed people may not have the same experience.
  • Brighter colors- the gel pen ink should appear much brighter on your paper than you would think. That makes your picture pop or stand out.
  • Professional quality- gel pens help you get the best look to your artwork.

Some final words

Being creative is a lot easier than it used to be. You have far more tools to work with than ever before. One of the top 10 best gel pens for coloring in 2019 is part of the new breed of tools.

With their wide range of colors, their handy refills, their different ink styles, you can let your imagination design very creative images. Plus, the different sized tips lets you select how thick or thin your lines will be.

You get a lot of creative control over your artwork and still have it look great.