Top 10 Best Portable Outdoor Folding Chairs in 2019 Reviews


Roughing it does not mean you have to leave all the comforts behind at home. You can enjoy roughing it while still sitting in a nice, comfortable outdoor folding chair. To get the most out of the outdoors and still have comfort, you should use one of the top 10 portable outdoor folding chairs in 2019.

These chairs travel well, are easy to pack and make camping a lot more fun. You do not have to sit on a log or the ground anymore but enjoy the great sunsets or sunrises from a comfortable folding chair.

Depending on which chai you buy, you will get different extras that make being outside in the open air a lot better and a little more comfortable. Choosing one of the top 10 best portable outdoor chairs in 2019 is the smart way to bring a little luxury and comfort to your camping experience.

Not sure which folding outdoor chair made our top 10 list? Then continue to read our review, it is filled with interesting information just for you.

The health benefits of camping

It may surprise you that camping is more than just roughing it. You can gain some health benefits while you are taking time away from city life. Here is a short list of those benefits:

  • Clean air– fresh air has a way of helping your digestion, blood pressure, as well as your immune system. You get a lot of clean oxygen into your system when you camp in the right spot
  • Meet new friends– socializing with others helps lengthen your lifetime and it also works to prevent any memory loss
  • Plenty of exercises– picking up firewood, chopping it, walking and more. You help your body stay in shape by going camping regularly
  • You get plenty of suns– the sun s a good source for vitamin D. By spending large quantities of time out in the sun you help your body get vitamin D which in turn helps it absorb calcium and phosphorus
  • Better sleep– everybody needs a good night’s sleep and camping provides that. Your body is well rested and it can fight inflammation better
  • Stress relief– you relax more when you go camping which is a healthy habit t get into
  • You eat better– your food section is different when you are out roughing it. No microwavable or fast food in this diet. Just healthy food that is good for your body
  • Fights depression– being the great outdoors perks people up and makes them feel better about life.

Our portable outdoor folding chair review

10. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

 Coleman Cooler Quad Portable Camping Chair

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Made from polyester and steel, this folding outdoor chair has the capacity to hold up to 325 pounds of weight. The construction materials also keep it durable and long lasting. You won’t miss out on any comfort with the cushioned seat and back support included with this chair.

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To keep your favorite beverage cold and close to you, the chair comes with a built-in cooler. This cooler will hold up to 4 cans. But if you want to do more than just drink in the chair, there is a side pocket to hold books, magazines and cell phones.

A mesh cup holder will hold your open beverage can with ease. The chair measures roughly 27 by 27 by 8, giving plenty of comfort and room for the average person.

9. Timber Ridge Camping Chair

 Timber Ridge Camping Chair Ergonomic High Back Support 300lbs

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Measuring 22 by 24 inches in the seating area, you get a lot of comfort from this oversized but fully padded outdoor folding chair. The metal armrests are covered to provide your arms with a little extra comfort as you relax.

The chair is rated to hold up to 300 pounds due to the top-quality polyester and metal legs that are a part of this portable folding chair. Also, the chair comes with a movable cup holder. You slide it out when you need it and then slide it back out of the way when it is not in use.

The chair folds up nice and easy, making it very handy to take on your next camping adventure.

8. CORE Equipment Hard Arm Chair

 CORE Equipment Folding Padded Hard Arm Chair with Carry Bag

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To make transporting this chair a little easier, it comes with a handy little carrying case. Getting to the campsite from the car and back again is easy and convenient. Once at the campsite, you can unfold it and relax.

The steel frame holds the padded quilted polyester seat and back while a plastic cup holder holds your drink for you. A side pocket holds your book, magazine or other personal items you want near you.

The 25 ½ inch seat will accommodate campers weighing up to 300 pounds. And if you need it, there is a hook to hang your camping lantern on. The hard arms have a little padding, so you get both comfort and support as you sit.

7. GCI Outdoor Portable Folding Rocking Chair

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair, Cinnamon

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The unique feature of this portable outdoor folding chair is its ability to act like a rocking chair. It uses spring action to let you rock back and forth gently adding more relaxation to your already relaxing setting.

The padded hard armrests provide a soft but supportive place to lay your arms. Also, the steel and cloth folding chair will support up to 250 pounds.  Its easy fold technology makes sure you do not have trouble folding or unfolding this chair.

Overall, the chair measures 24 by 25 by 35 inches in size approx. and it comes with an easy to use carrying handle. This makes transporting the chair where you need it to go conveniently. It also stores away in a small place.

6. Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Chair

Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair

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One size does not fit all when it comes to modern portable outdoor folding camping chairs. This unit is designed for those people who are a lot larger than the average person. The steel frame is rated to hold up to 600 pounds.

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Then, the extra-large feet provide you with great stability as you sit on the uneven ground. Also, this seat comes with a built-in set drains any rainwater or spilled drinks drain away quickly, protecting the chair from damage.

Besides a drink holder, you get a cell phone sleeve if you can’t leave your cell phone home for a few days. The soft armrests provide a little extra comfort as you relax the night away.

5. KingCamp Steel Folding Chair

KingCamp Heavy Duty Steel Folding Chair

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You can act like a movie director with this nicely styled portable outdoor folding director’s chair. It only takes a few seconds for the chair to unfold or fold up again. You won’t miss any quality camping chair trying to get this chair open.

The steel frame and padded moisture-resistant fabric provide comfort and can hold up to 330 pounds. The seating area measures roughly 21 inches by about 23 inches. On one side, you have a removable cooler to store sandwiches and cold drinks. On the other side, you get a little table with a cup holder inside.

The padded hard armrests just add to the luxury this portable camping chair brings to your camping time. When folded, it is only about 7 inches thick.

4. Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair

 Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

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A mesh designed backrest allows your back to continue to breathe and stay cool on those hot summer camp nights. You get no sagging with the dual lock technology included on this folding chair.

Each soft armrest sports a mesh cup holder in case you need more than one drink at a time.  Also, the steel and fabric design holds up to 300 pounds of weight in its 26 by 35 by 37-inch approx. dimensions.

A side pocket attached to the seat will hold those smaller items you want next to you as you relax and enjoy the evening. Weighing under 10 pounds, the chair is easy to carry to the campsite from your car. Just keep it in its handy carrying case till you need to use it.

3. ONIVA Portable Folding Sports Chair

ONIVA - a Picnic Time brand Portable Folding Sports Chair, Black

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You won’t have to leave your camping seat until it is time for bed. This folding camping chair has enough pockets on the left-hand side to hold everything you need for an enjoyable night sitting down.

Then on the right-hand side of the chair, you get a little table to use for food or other activities. The polyester fabric seat and aluminum frame are designed to handle up to 300 pounds of weight. With the seat measuring 19 ½ inches in size.

You can carry this chair by its handy shoulder straps or the 2 handles that are attached to it. A lifetime guarantee not only gives you confidence the chair is built to last, but you also know your investment is protected. That knowledge helps you relax even more.

2. Zerllaug Folding Camping Chair

Zerllaug Folding Camping Chair

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This chair is designed for those campers who do not like traditional styles or seats. Its unique design is supported by mesh oxford cloth and aluminum. This allows your body to continue to breathe and stay cool the chair holds up to 270 pounds.

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Weighing only 2 pounds, the chair is extremely light and easy to carry. Its non-slip feet provide some stability for you as you sit in the chair. Then when you need a cool drink, a cooler is attached to the seat right under your knees.

A mesh side pocket will hold your smartphone or maybe even a small book. There is no real armrests, so this chair may be the perfect camping chair when you need to fish for your supper.

1. LivingXL Heavy-Duty Portable Chair

 LivingXL 500-lb. Capacity Heavy-Duty Portable Chair-Portable Outdoor Folding Chairs

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Not everyone who goes camping is supermodel size, that is why this chair is so important. It allows larger sized campers to have the same comfort as smaller people when they are in the great outdoors.

Each soft armrest has a cup holder and a mesh side bag will hold those items like books, smartphones etc.. The 24 by the 22-inch seat and it’s approx. 24 by 20 backrest will accommodate those campers who weigh up to 500 pounds.

The fully padded chair provides the user with a soft-landing place and a great chair to get a little sun. The chair folds up nice and small. Plus, its lightweight makes transporting it to your desired location simple and easy.

What to look for

There are a lot of different camping hairs on the market today. To find one of the top 10 best portable outdoor folding chairs in 2019, you just need to follow a few tips.

  • Weight capacity- make sure the chair is strong enough to hold the weight of every member of your family. The higher the weight capacity the better
  • Construction material- steel is best, then aluminum. Polyester is the go-to fabric and is usually the best to use as it can be water resistant or waterproof
  • Accessories- coolers, cupholders, side pockets are what you need to look for. You want to get as many accessories as you can
  • Size- one size does not fit all. Check the set measurements to make sure you can and your family members can sit in it comfortably
  • Weight- when you are packing the chair, you do not want a heavy one. Lighter is good here.
  • Warranty- just make sure you know all the details and that the warranty is good
  • Price- make sure the cost fits your budget

Some final words

One way to make camping and other outdoor activities more fun is to have the right chair to relax in. Using one of the top 10 best portable outdoor folding chairs in 2019 is the intelligent decision to make.

These chairs are designed to positively contribute to your camping and outdoor experience. They are made to last and have the accessories to make sure that when you are roughing it, you still have some luxury.